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Top 10 Basement Bar Design Ideas in Canada

November 04, 2021 | Updated on: January 31, 2022

Planning on remodeling your basement? It’s the perfect way to make add another liveable space onto your property. Creating a room that is ideal for entertaining and hanging out might be just what you’re looking for. Building a bar in the basement can also help you host events and have a relaxing place for you to unwind. While making the decision to add a bar can be simple, not all bars are the same and there are many basement bar ideas out there. 

basement bar ideas

You might want to have a bar that is super modern like one that you find in a popular club or you might be interested in having a more rustic feel to your bar so that you can be reminded of a country cottage. In some cases, you might want to have more than just a bar in your basement. Look into some of the wet bar ideas for basements and dry bar ideas to cover your bases. 

Adding a bar in your basement is at the top of many renovation lists for homeowners. The basement is commonly an underused but very versatile space and remodeling it the right way can add value to your home as a whole. It can also provide a space that is ideal for entertaining in a unique way. 


When it comes time to plan your new basement kitchen bar, there are many things to consider. Whether you’re going for a man cave or an elegant wine bar to escape from everyday chaos, you can make the most out of your extra space with numerous stylish and innovative ideas. Even if you’re on a budget, there are all kinds of ways to design and decorate your basement bar to make it fun, appealing, and easy. 

Chances are that the space has huge potential and with just a little bit of effort and some careful planning, you can add a basement bar to your home and make it one of the most stylish spots on your property. From DIY homemade bars to custom bars, the basement ideas with bar are endless. No matter how big or small your space is, you’ll have a lot of flexibility with the design so that you can maximize the area and turn it into something worthwhile. 

basement ideas with bar

From adding trendy shelving to the bar tops to wall art, lighting, custom fixtures, and more, you can have the creativity to do it all. If you’re interested in exploring some basement bar kitchen ideas for inspiration, keep reading! You’ll find all kinds of ideas below to create the bar of your dreams in your basement no matter what your needs and wants entail. 

Basement Bar Design Ideas

Before you jump right into building, designing, or decorating your basement bar, you should think about a few different factors. Style is one of them and it’s something you should always consider. You can choose to have a modern look or one that is more rustic. Planning out your modern basement bar ideas is crucial.

modern basement bar ideas

Start off by creating a plan of how you’ll want the space to look. Don’t ever skimp when it comes to headspace in your basement. You’ll want to have a minimum clearance of 6’5”, but a comfortable height would be between 7’5”-7’8”. Be sure to also consider lighting and have fun with the design. If you’re thinking about displaying your alcohol bottles on shelves, think about using LED strip lighting to highlight them. Maybe even incorporate dimmer settings around the bar. 

Similarly to when planning your kitchen, think about the kind of material you’d use for your basement bar design ideas and any prep areas that you might include. There are some drinks that might stain worktops and even certain ingredients that should be used carefully on specific materials. If you want a durable, universal, and appealing worktop for your basement bar, choose granite or quartz since it’s less likely to stain.

When it comes to budget, be sure to determine whether you can afford a luxurious basement bar that includes custom basement cabinetry, countertops, and more or a more inexpensive option including more affordable decorating ideas. Despite your budget, you can incorporate many key elements that can set your basement bar over the top. 

 basement cabinetry

Here are 10 basement bar designs in Canada that you may want to consider when designing your own: 

  1. Choose a Bold Color

It’s normal for homeowners to want to have a more neutral scheme in order to match the other lying spaces in their properties. However, don’t be afraid to add a more custom look when it comes to the bar ideas for basement spaces. You can choose to have a bold color to make the room pop. This can be a darker color for an accent like navy blue or emerald green. To achieve a more dramatic look, you can add a dark quartz countertop. 

  1. Go for a Modern Touch

These days, many people want to have a modern look for their properties and while you might have an all-white kitchen or living room, you can continue the theme into your basement. With bright white walls, elegant marble countertops, and appealing pendant lights, you’ll get the illuminating space that you desire. This bright white theme will make the room feel welcoming, bright, and modern. Most basements don’t have windows so your mission might be to prevent making the room feel too dark. In order to do this, you’ll want to have a few touches of natural materials. Whether it’s a wood floor or light wood incorporated into the bar itself, the options are endless when it comes to basement bar decorating ideas

  1. Incorporate a Nature Theme

corner bars for basements

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, you can incorporate some kind of nature theme. From more plant or nature-inspired furniture to fruit-shaped wine coolers, coconut cups, and some funky tiles, you can make your basement bar into an art-deco bar. With corner bars for basements, you can dedicate a small space to be your nature corner and bar. 

  1. Choose a Rustic Design

A rustic l shaped bar for basement is one that many people go for. You can explore different wooden designs to achieve the rustic aesthetic or log cabin look. With blonde wood, you can still make the room feel light and airy. If your basement has exposed brick on the walls, you can have the ideal background for a rustic or industrial appearance. Natural stone and bricks can leave a comfortable appearance. 

Regardless of what you do to the room, the basement will always be a basement. However, you can capitalize on that despite it being underground. With exposed brick walls and some woodwork, your basement bar can get the farmhouse feel that you’re looking for or even turn it into man cave wet bars. Choosing the proper lighting can also drastically improve the look of the room. Adding some round-shaped stools can add to the rustic feel. 

  1. Wet Bar vs. Dry Bar

There is a pretty obvious difference between a basement wet bar and a dry bar. Most basement wet bar designs will have plumbing while a dry bar will simply be a stand-up bar where you can make and serve drinks. By adding a sink to your bar, you can easily wash glasses and more without having to leave the basement to do so. 

basement wet bar designs

It can be easy to add plumbing to your basement by positioning the bar under some existing plumbing in your home, like underneath the upstairs bathroom or kitchen. This can save time and money so that you don’t have to add brand new pipes. From basement corner wet bar ideas to standard dry bars, the options are endless.

  1. Incorporate Some Scandinavian Influence

Scandinavian bar

You might want to have your basement serve multiple purposes or simply use it for a space to relax in. However, when you want to have a small bar in the basement, you’ll want to add a few calmer tones. With white kitchen units, open shelving, and some bright tile, you can achieve a Scandinavian-style bar and one that has a modern basement bar design

  1. Choose a More Industrial Look

Industrial Look Bar

Similar to a rustic look, you can go for an industrial one. Try adding some low-hanging pendant lights, metro tiles, or even a metallic bronze countertop. An industrial style will work with most basements despite their shape and size. However, if you have a low ceiling, you'll be able to grasp the style easier since you can mix materials and styles without having an overwhelming feeling. You can finish off the industrial look with metal bar stools for an additional vintage look.

  1. Make the Bar Stand Out With Luxurious Materials

Your l shaped basement bars can have a luxurious feel to it by adding granite countertops or even marble-effect surfaces. These surfaces will not only elevate the appeal of your basement bar, but they’ll also make it easy to clean. Go even further by choosing quality luxury tiles for the floors, backsplashes, and more. Explore the different basement bar backsplash ideas that are available when using luxury materials like 3D marble stone and more. 

  1. Add Enough Lighting

Lighting. Lighting. Lighting. Especially in a basement, the lighting is crucial. There are many basement bar lighting ideas for this space and choosing the right kind can make all of the difference. The right lights in your basement can turn your basement bar layout from a dull and dingy spacer into one that is bright and delightful. Bar lighting can create your ideal atmosphere. Be sure to keep the bar lighting low and soft so that there are no bright lights shining on people’s faces as they drink their drinks. 

basement bar lighting ideas

If you choose to have a seating area on your bar, add some pendant lights or LED strip lights underneath to illuminate in a more appealing way. Dimmable lights can help you adjust the mood in the room so that you can incorporate some basement lounge ideas. Usually, basements don’t have any windows which means that there will likely be no natural light. This means that you’ll need to create your own well-lit space. 

Incorporate downlighters for use over the bar since they can illuminate best when preparing the drinks. Spotlight bars can be directed to specific directions in order to add light wherever needed. 

  1. Make It a Walk-up or Stand Up Bar

Walk-up Bar

When it comes to decor, you can choose low-maintenance options that will make your home basement bar into a stand-up bar. All you’ll need is a worktop so that you serve your drinks there and store all of your bar accessories. Glass basement bar cabinets can be used to keep your glasses on display. It’s also possible for you to have a mini-fridge added underneath the worktop.


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