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Top Kitchen Sink Design Ideas in Canada

September 12, 2021 | Updated on: January 31, 2022

A kitchen sink is essential for any property, but have you ever thought about how necessary it is to style and design it? A sink offers a space for you to wash dishes and work with water while you’re in the kitchen while minimizing splashes and more. Whether you’re washing your dishes, utensils, food, or using the sink to thaw food, it’s a feature in your kitchen that you likely can’t go without. Aside from having a kitchen sink, it’s also crucial for you to pick one of the many types of sinks that match the style of your kitchen along with your needs and requirements. 

types of kitchen sinks

When it’s time to renovate your kitchen, you’re going to need to choose a sink. Whether you’re interested in a standard top-mounted sink or one that is more trendy with dividers, the options are endless. It’s important to consider a sink that will suit your needs in the kitchen along with your personality. Keep reading to learn more about the different types of kitchen sinks, their styles, and a few design ideas. 


Most Popular Kitchen Sink Styles in Canada

One of the first steps to choosing a kitchen sink is deciding what style will fit in your kitchen the best. There are a few main considerations that you should take into account when making your decision. 

kitchen sink styles

  • The Functions of Your Sink: The functions will be what serve you. If you tend to cook for multiple people on a regular basis and use bulkier dishes, pots, and pans, then you’ll want to have a sink that has enough depth. If you value countertop space more than kitchen sink depth, you might prefer to have a smaller sink so you end up with more counter space. 
  • The Style of Your Kitchen: Chances are you have a specific style for your kitchen that you’re going for. Maybe you’re interested in a more minimalistic approach or you want your kitchen sink top to be the focal point of the room, you’re going to have to take style into consideration. 
  • The Flow of the Kitchen: The flow and function of your kitchen as a whole are crucial. You’re going to want to be able to use your kitchen sink comfortably and that’s why it’s important to think of where the dishes will come from when it’s time for them to be washed. This is what can help you determine where you need to place your sink and how high the sink will need to be, etc. 

Here are some popular kitchen sink styles in Canada that you can choose from: 

Top Mount Sink

Commonly considered to be the most common sink style, the top mount sink is also inexpensive. It’s simple to install with most countertops and is quite standard to see in many kitchens. Another name for the top mount sink is “drop-in”. It’s an economical sink choice that is commonly available in a stainless steel material for maximum durability. However, other kitchen sink materials include cast iron and porcelain kitchen sink options.

Top Mount Sink

Top mount kitchen sinks are installed from above the countertop and the process is based on the sink manufacturer. A hole is typically cut into the countertop and the sink is installed from above. The rim is where the weight of the sink is carried and the rim is attached to the countertop and sealed with silicone. Continue reading for the pros and cons of a top-mounted sink: 


  • Requires a simple installation
  • Can be installed on top of practically any countertop surface including laminate and solid surfaces
  • Low-cost overall


  • The rim can make cleanup tricky
  • The rim will require a separate cleaning
  • Not as appealing as other sink styles with no rim


Undermounted Sink

You can always opt for a cleaner look when it comes to your kitchen sink. That would mean choosing an under-mounted sink. Under counter sinks are installed under the countertop and, unlike a top-mounted sink, it doesn’t stick out around the edges. Due to this, you can easily clean up your countertops and wipe away crumbs, water, and other messes right into the sink. There is no need to worry about the rim getting in the way because it’s underneath the counter. 


  • Cleaning the counters is simple and there’s no rim that will get in the way
  • A smoother and more appealing look
  • Oftentimes is higher quality when compared to other kitchen sink styles


  • Gunk can build up between the sink and counter
  • More expensive when compared to other sink styles
  • Sink size may be limited


Integrated Sink

An integrated sink is made using the same material that’s used for your countertops which gives it a truly seamless appearance, even more so than an under-mounted sink. However, this kind of sink can only be installed with flexible countertop materials that can be molded into a sink. These sinks are typically made by countertop manufacturers. 

Integrated Sink


  • Truly seamless look
  • Can be customizable based on your countertop material
  • Easy to clean


  • Can be expensive
  • The sink can be stained or scratched
  • Difficult to be replaced since they’re connected to the countertop


Low-Divider Double Sink

This kitchen sink style is a combination of a single and double basin sink. One side of the sink can be filled with water for it to work as a double basin sink. However, you’ll need some extra room if you’re going to be washing big pots and pans. Many people enjoy double sinks for kitchens because there is a second basin for food prep. 


  • Ideal for food prep
  • Various price points - some cheaper and some more expensive


  • Space can be limited
  • The height of the divider can be too high or too low for your standards 

Cost and Size of Kitchen Sinks

In most cases, the cost for a kitchen sink will depend largely on the size of the sink along with the body. A standard design can cost anywhere from $200 to $500. If you were to get quartz or cast iron kitchen sink, the price can go up. Some of the best stainless steel kitchen sinks will also range from $200 to $500 whereas a cast iron sink can go up to about $800. For a quartz sink, the cost can go above $1,000. 

single basin kitchen sink

If you choose to have customized features on your sink, the cost of the sink will go up. The additional features you choose can help you make your sink easier to handle and maintain on a regular basis. 

In terms of size, the standard sink is between 18 and 22 inches wide and between 30 and 35 inches long. On average, a single basin kitchen sink is between 20 and 24 inches deep. These sizes are standard so they’ll likely fit most kitchens; however, they are customizable and there is no real limit. You can have a sink the size of a bathtub if you so choose and if you have the room. 

The width of the cabinet interior is what is measured for the sink size and that’s the maximum dimension you can have for the sink. Common base cabinet sizes are between 33 and 42 inches in height and about 26 inches in width. In this case, if you have a 36-inch cabinet width, a 33 by 22-inch sink should fit perfectly. Then you can choose between a single or double bowl sink and get to the specifics of stainless steel sinks undermount or top-mount.

The standard depth of a kitchen sink can range from 8 to 10 inches in depth and it’s typically based on the needs of the homeowner. Most people prefer to have a 10-inch-deep kitchen sink if they tend to cook larger amounts of food since it makes soaking pots and pans easier. However, some might think that deep kitchen sinks are uncomfortable compared to a shallow sink where reaching dishes is easier. 

Large Kitchen Sink Design Ideas

When you choose your ideal kitchen sink style and determine your budget, it’s time to think about the design. There are quite a few options to choose from which when it comes to large kitchen sinks which is what can make the process a bit challenging. However, there’s no need to stress, especially when you have the following ideas to give you some kind of inspiration when choosing your kitchen sink design. Here are some big sink design ideas to consider: 


Farmhouse Sink

A classic kitchen designs styles. 

Farm sinks for kitchens

You can update your farmhouse kitchen with a bit of modernness yet still keep the charm of your design when you choose a minimalistic black steel material for the sink. Adding chrome features for the faucet and wooden countertops can really enhance the rustic flair of your country style sink

Wide Stainless Steel Sink

This is a no-brainer option and one that you can choose yet never go wrong with. A stainless steel sink can be the perfect contrast for your marble countertops and you can add a bunch of different sink faucets to keep things modern. This kind of sink is simple to maintain, will last a lifetime, and looks incredible. You can even choose a stainless steel kitchen sink with drainboard to make drying dishes simple.

Double Basin Sink

A sink with two basins will give you the opportunity to work on two tasks at one time. For instance, you might want to soak dishes on one side and rinse on the other. This is a traditional style option, just like the white sink kitchen

Luxurious Marble Sink

If you’re interested in more of a luxurious option, you can choose a marble sink that will exude elegance and style. It’s one of the more unique sinks for kitchens. The marble pattern, smooth corners, and luxurious style can be paired with a golden faucet and more. 

Party Sink

As an entertainer, you might want to have a sink that will help you keep the party going and a party sink is what you’ll need. This sink is ideal for a long island and can be fitted with different equipment for various cooking needs, washing, and even serving. You can incorporate strainers, chopping boards, racks, or even an ice tub so that you can keep drinks cold during your party. 

Party Sink

With a bar sink cabinet, you can transform your kitchen into the party zone by converting your kitchen island into a serving bar, all thanks to the kind of sink you have. 

Small Kitchen Sink Design Ideas

Not everyone has the space to incorporate a large kitchen sink, but that doesn’t mean that you get the short end of the stick with a small sink. There are still quite a few design ideas that you can choose from in order to still have an appealing kitchen and functional sink that will suit your needs. Here are a few small kitchen sink ideas you can consider: 

Covered Up Sink

A sink that can disappear when it’s not in use is ideal for small spaces. You can convert the sink into a countertop using a cover that can easily be inserted so that you have more room to work. This is suitable for small homes and apartments. 

Covered Up Sink

These kinds of sinks come in various design options and you can choose one that will match the style of your kitchen as a whole. Whether it’s a futuristic one with a bold color or classic stainless steel, the options are endless. 

The cover that you use for your sink can also double as a cutting board. This way, you can prepare various meals and do your cutting over the sink without having to worry about a lack of counter space. Having a couple of slots on the board can make cleaning up easy, too. 

Sink With Built-in Worktop

If you’re dealing with a smaller area, you might want to choose a sink that has a built-in worktop. It can come fully equipped with all of the cooking and food prep items that you’ll need including strainers, chopping boards, kitchen knives, and more. Plus, you can have an overhead rack that you can use to dry your dishes and utensils without having to take up extra counter space. A kitchen sink with drainboard can also be beneficial.

Circular Sink

Circular Sink

Make your sink stand out by choosing a less-standard shape. Modern kitchen sinks can be just the upgrade you need. You can even make the circular sink rotate with added sectional trays that can be used for chopping boards and more. This feature works similarly to a Lazy Susan and helps keep kitchen essentials within reach.

Food Preparation Sink

A food prep sink is smaller in size compared to a standard kitchen sink. These are typically located on the island or bar and are used for preparing food, drinks, and more. They tend to about 15-inches by 15-inches and can be just the addition your kitchen needs.

Corner Sink

Food Preparation Sink

You don’t commonly find kitchen sinks located in the corner of a countertop, but it’s not a bad idea if you don’t have much space to work with. Adding a corner kitchen sink Canada is a way for you to have two bowls, one for washing and the other for draining.



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