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Classic Kitchen Design. Basic Things That Make Your Kitchen Look Classic

May 13, 2021 | Updated on: January 31, 2022

A classic kitchen interior design is both refreshing and timeless to have in your home. These kitchens typically have simple details, neutral color palettes, and they are ideal for those that want to have a style that won’t go out of style. It’s a safe design choice that you can lean towards and it’s kind of like wearing a t-shirt and jeans. It can be dressed up and dressed down to your liking. A classic kitchen can be dressed up with some more luxurious of specific detailing or dressed down with more basic detailing. 

classic kitchen interior design

To some, a modern classic interior design kitchen is transitional while also being a balance between heavy detailing and minimalistic styles. It was a style that was popular in the pre-war era, but it’s one that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Regardless of how much you dress the kitchen up or down, comfort is key. 

Despite all of the luxurious detailing that you add or the basic decorations, it’s important for a classic kitchen to have the ideal amount of comfort. This can be incorporated through the cabinets you choose to match the furniture or even the seating that is located on the island. It should be a modern classic kitchen design that is both comfortable and inviting at all times.


In order to make your kitchen feel like a classic style kitchen, it should have a range of personal touches. This can be ideal for those who are interested in the long-term value of their properties. Focusing on the backdrop of your classic kitchen style while also layering in different decor accents can perfect your design and give it that customized look. 

What’s also important in a classic kitchen design is simplicity and flexibility. Focusing on the minor detailing, timeless features, and neutral color palettes will help you ensure that the kitchen isn’t too bland or impersonal while also suiting a variety of different classic kitchen styles. In most cases, a classic kitchen will match all kinds of everyday decor. 

If you’re someone that’s interested in designing your very own contemporary classic kitchen, it’s important to know where to start. The following tips and ideas can help you perfect your design and ensure that your classic kitchen looks incredible and feels comfortable. 

Here are a few classic kitchen design ideas to consider: 

Choose a Neutral Color Scheme

A classic white kitchen seems ideal, right? When it comes to a classic kitchen design, most people think about incorporating white. White tends to be a popular choice, especially for the past few years when it comes to kitchen designs. It’s incredibly useful in natural color palettes due to the fact that it has timeless qualities. 

classic white kitchen

While white is a great choice that you can’t go wrong with, it’s not your only one. A classic kitchen doesn’t absolutely have to be all-white. In fact, you might want to think about incorporating some greys, blues, walnut colors, and blacks. These can be added as the classic kitchen cabinet colors and more.

Black and white is another timeless and classic color scheme for classic kitchens & cabinets that you can’t go wrong with as long as you have neutrally colored kitchen features. Another alternative color palette for your classic kitchen is brown and white. You can play around with the shades of brown that you have available to you and even add a few more elements to tie it all together. 

Incorporate Trendy Countertops

Both granite and marble stone countertops have been popular for their timeless appeal and they’d go great in a royal classic kitchen. Choosing to incorporate these trendy countertops will help you establish the classic design that you desire and also one that will last for years. You can either choose to go for the real thing or even choose a more budget-friendly option by purchasing a manufactured surface that will mimic the real thing. This option can include Caesarstone or Cambria. 

With natural stone, there are colors that you should stick to in order to maintain a timeless and classic look. These colors should typically be natural-looking shades like grey, white, and black. Aside from this, there is a wide range of colors to choose from. You should look out for countertops that have simple veining and subtle color movement instead of bold patterns. 

royal classic kitchen

Calacatta and Carrara marble are the two types of countertops that stand out the best in classic kitchens. They will help make the countertops the star of the room. 

Pick Out Simple Yet Elegant Architectural Details

As mentioned above, simplicity in a classic design is also important. You might notice that your kitchen has crown molding, toe-kick furniture in order to recline, a paneled hood, rounded countertop edges, island legs, and more. These minor details can completely change the look of the kitchen. 

It’s common for people to confuse traditional-style kitchens with classic-style kitchens. However, elaborate decorations are what define traditional kitchens whereas they’re not required for classic-style kitchens. With modern classic kitchen cabinets and finishing touches, you’ll get the look you desire.

modern classic kitchen cabinets

A classic kitchen will still have a few of the details and features that a traditional-style kitchen would have like paneled walls, crown molding, and more. However, in terms of kitchen classics, the elements will differ. 

Don’t Forget the Simple Details

Simple detailing can create the visual interest that your classic kitchen will need. In terms of cabinetry, trim, classic kitchen handles, and molding, the goal is to create a classic look that will include some traditional elements in a simpler form. You can also choose to use crown molding that has only a few transitions on the surface but still be noticeable due to size. 

classic kitchen decor

Overall, the functionality should be a huge consideration as the kitchen has to be practical. Once you have the functionality of the kitchen established, you can pay attention to the smaller details and classic kitchen decor that will help bring the kitchen the personality and customization that it needs. 

Single-style Backsplash

One of the classic kitchen backsplash ideas that you can consider is having a single-style backsplash. Choosing to have a single-style backsplash tile repeating on the wall can help bring together the classic look. While you might be tired of seeing the standard subway tile these days, there’s no denying that it creates quite the classic style that you’re going for. 

You can make the most out of your subway tile by looking into different tile styles that aren’t just the predictable white. Consider having stone subway tile, hand-glazed ceramics, or even colored glass for some character. This is your chance to capitalize on the timeless pattern. 

classic kitchen backsplash ideas

Aside from repeating subway tile as your classic kitchen tiles, you can also look into the different tile options when it comes to the shape. From oval tile to hexagon-shaped tile, the options are endless and they’ll give your backsplash a similar yet updated look while still keeping up the classic style. 

Choose Stainless Steel Appliances

A classic kitchen design will have many old-school touches, but in order to create a kitchen design that will withstand the test of time while still maintaining the classic look, you’ll want to incorporate some forward-thinking features. These include stainless steel classic kitchen appliances. Upgrading your appliances to some of the latest models will not only help modernize the classic style, but they’ll also help in terms of functionality. 

classic kitchen appliances

These appliances can be a smart refrigerator, convection cooking, classic kitchen urn, or even a techy dishwasher with voice controls. These appliances can have a long-term impact on your property. In terms of the finish, stainless steel is an adaptable finish that can help create a balance between the classic and traditional style. 

Go With a Simple Cabinet Door Style

classic kitchen doors

It’s important to pay attention to your classic kitchen cabinets and the cabinet door styles that are available. Having simple Shaker classic kitchen doors is ideal or you can go for the ones with bead molding. In classic-style kitchens, you won’t typically find raised panel doors like you would in traditional-style kitchens or flat-panel doors. 

Stay Flexible

A classic kitchen design should be adaptable and flexible like a chameleon. You can completely change a kitchen by simply replacing the stools by the island with modern ones or switching up the classic kitchen lighting. Your classic style can be quite broad and you can even mix it up with some vintage-style tables, classic kitchen chairs, or even industrial light fixtures. 

Choose One of the Classic Kitchen Layouts

A classic kitchen Calgary designer or contractor will typically discuss the following 4 layout options for your classic-style kitchen. It’s important to choose one that will help you keep things functional, comfortable, and complete your vision. 

Galley Kitchen Layout

If you have a limited amount of space for your kitchen, this layout will likely be the most ideal to work with. It might even be the only one that is possible. This design has 2 walls that face each other and it can be open on both ends so that there is a walkway in between the space. One of the ends can also be closed and have a wall, window, or even a door. 

The advantages of this kind of kitchen layout are that you can have counter space on both sides which makes the kitchen highly functional. It also allows for perfect use of the kitchen triangle. This design allows for more counter and cabinet space as a whole. 

Given this, there are also a few disadvantages with this layout that should be considered. These include that there is a possibility for crowning in between the two sides, especially if the aisle is a bit more narrow, which means that in most cases, two cooks can’t work at one time. Having limited space can also mean that there will be some difficulty finding a place to put a seating area and classic kitchen furniture

U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

This layout is considered to be one of the most functional layouts and it’s oftentimes used in larger kitchens. The advantages of a U-shaped layout for the kitchen are that you can arrange the appliances in a way that will maintain a good workflow as you focus on the kitchen triangle. There will be a closed-end wall which is ideal for extra cabinets and/or counter space. 

classic kitchen island

If you’re strict on having a classic kitchen island it’s going to be a lot harder to squeeze one in when you use this design. You’ll either need a larger kitchen or one with enough space in between the aisles. It can also be difficult to add a seating area with this kind of layout since you’ll have appliances on 3 walls and the 4th wall will likely be open for access. 

L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

As the most popular kitchen layout, the L-shaped floor plan is also one that can be ideal for both large and small kitchens. It has 2 adjoining walls that can have classic white kitchen cabinets, countertops, and kitchen services while the other 2 adjoining walls stay open. 

This layout can get the best use out of the kitchen triangle and it offers an increased amount of countertop space in comparison to the galley kitchen layout and one-wall layouts. It’s also one that is easy to have an island incorporated into since there will be no cabinets in the way. An L-shaped layout can easily have a table or seating area added to the kitchen. One of the drawbacks to this layout is that the distance from the range to the refrigerator or sink can be farther than in the other layouts. Blind corners can also be a problem since they make items difficult to reach. 

One-wall Kitchen Layout

With a one-wall kitchen layout, you’ll have all of your cabinets, appliances, and countertops on one wall of the room. It can be great for both small and large kitchens. This layout is one that allows for an excess amount of traffic flow since there are no barriers in the space. It’s also the easiest of the kitchen layouts to plan, design, and execute. You’ll have all of your electrical and plumbing classic kitchen equipment on one wall which means that you can also make designing the space quick and low-cost. 

classic kitchen equipment

On the other hand, the counter space with this layout can be quite limited. You won’t be able to utilize the kitchen triangle which can make efficiency drop when compared to the other layouts. With limited counter space, you’ll also find it hard to include a seating area. 

When you focus on planning out your luxury classic kitchen design, you’ll be able to create a design that incorporates all of your needs and wants. You’ll know that you have the perfect classic kitchen design when you avoid the complexity and include elegant yet simplistic details. Be sure to keep things uncluttered, light, and appealing in order to succeed with your design.


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