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Useful kitchen racks and shelves guide

August 23, 2022 | Updated on: August 23, 2022

kitchen counter rack with plates

With the many things that we store in the kitchen, it can sometimes feel like the storage space we have is never enough. You might be wondering why your kitchen always ends up cluttered and disorganized after every meal preparation. Maybe it is the lack of storage space such as hanging racks for kitchens, and kitchen racks and shelves. However, this may not be always the case. You can have many wire racks for a kitchen and still have a disorganized space. It is all just a matter of finding an organizing strategy and installing storage racks for a kitchen cleverly.

The thing about having kitchen racks in the kitchen is that they can be very convenient in storing and keeping kitchen utensils, cookware, and food condiments. Organizing stuff in the kitchen can sometimes be tiring. Having these efficient storage kitchen racks ideas can save you a lot of time and effort in keeping your kitchen clutter-free. Kitchens with hanging pot racks are convenient for cooking while kitchen cabinet racks of stainless steel are helpful in tucking away kitchen utensils that are frequently used.

Kitchen spice racks

stainless steel spice kitchen rack

Spice racks for the kitchen are used to store spices in cans, jars, or bottles. Racks like these help keep a kitchen organize and assist the cook in making meals efficiently. Large spice racks for a kitchen, on the other hand, can be utilized in various ways. They can be used to hang large pots and pans, ladles, and other utensils.

Racks with spices for the kitchen are common in traditional kitchens. Some homeowners opt for wall-mounted spice racks for a kitchen or hanging wall spice racks for a kitchen not just to store some cookware and spices but also for aesthetic purposes. If you want to add an extra storage area in your kitchen, installing a wall spice rack is a good idea.

Here are several kitchen spice rack ideas you can have to maximize the storage area in your kitchen:

  • Spice rack for kitchen wall

The walls in your kitchen can be utilized for extra storage. This kitchen style is popular in minimalist and traditional kitchens where you will often see open shelves and racks up on the wall to display kitchen utensils and cookware. This technique not only keeps the kitchen clutter-free but it can also serve as an aesthetic element in making a kitchen inviting and homely.

  • Kitchen cabinet spice racks

Did you know that you can also place racks inside cabinets? Yes, that’s right. Door spice racks for kitchen cabinets are common in pantries. This is often referred to as the kitchen door spice rack or kitchen door storage rack. Pantries are one of the areas in the kitchen that normally gets messy and cluttered. Therefore, features like a pull-down spice rack for kitchen cabinets or roll-out spice racks for kitchen cabinets are truly a must-have regardless of how small or big your kitchen is.

  • Kitchen spice rack drawer

Racks can also be installed inside drawers. Homeowners call these spice rack inserts for kitchen drawers. They are a good feature to have in drawers because they help in organizing and grouping together certain kitchen utensils such as spoons, forks, chopsticks, knives, and others. Aside from spice rack inserts, a kitchen island spice rack is also popular in kitchens with an island. They are often used to hold rugs and kitchen islands with spice racks and towel holders are almost always a great pair to have in the kitchen.

Kitchen dish racks

kitchen drying racks for dishes

Dish racks for a kitchen have advanced significantly over the past decades and may now become a focal point in your kitchen, whether you have a small space or want to make the most of it. The obnoxious plastic kitchen drying racks that held soiled water and rested on soiled towels are long gone. Kitchen dish drying rack stations may now be made into decorative elements in your kitchen with the help of sleek, gorgeous kitchen draining racks.

Different kitchen dish rack ideas



Stainless racks over the sink

For those looking to maximize space in their kitchens, kitchen dish rack stainless steel is perfect. To keep these small kitchen dish racks attached to the tabletop, they often contain suction cups on the foot. They are often quite stable. The majority do, however, offer alternative wall fasteners for greater stability.

Wooden racks

Due to its inherent resistance to rot, heat, and moisture, the wood kitchen sink dish drying rack makes for long-lasting kitchen dish drainer rack holders. Though only able to store a small number of dishes at once, these dish drying racks in small kitchen occupy a lot of counter space.

Sink dish racks

The wall-mounted kitchen sink racks are an additional alternative for kitchen sink drying racks. They can be utilized in any area of your kitchen, not just over the sink. Some folks might need to set their kitchen sink dish racks for a short time, for instance. They are able to do this thanks to these kitchen dish drying rack over sink solutions.

Wire racks

Even though they are typically less expensive than other alternatives, wire racks more maintenance and regular cleaning. They do not, however, occupy as much room as the wooden racks. In the event that you need to free up space on your counter, these may also be transferred to a cabinet quite easily and be utilized as plate racks for kitchen cupboards.


Hanging racks for kitchen

hanging wall rack for cooking tools

Now let’s go in-depth with kitchen hanging racks. While there are many rack storage solutions for the kitchen out there, not everything is suitable for every kitchen. Hanging kitchen racks, however, is versatile and can pretty much work wherever you put them. Take a look at these kitchen hanging rack ideas for more alternatives in case you’re looking for more unique and creative ways to maximize space.

  • Steel hanging rack for kitchen

Racks made of steel are perhaps the most popular type of hanging rack that you can find in the kitchen. Aside from the fact that these racks are affordable, they are also durable and versatile. Racks like these can be used to store food, hang pots and pans, ladles, store wine, hang towels, and many more. When buying steel racks, make sure to choose one that can handle and occupy the stuff that you’re going to be putting in there.

  • Wood kitchen hanging rack

We all know that wood is an interior design element that is almost always present in every kitchen. Whether you’re designing a modern kitchen or a traditional one, wood will always be suitable for the space because of its versatile and welcoming vibe. Hanging racks for kitchen backsplash is best when they are made of wood. Although kitchen backsplash wire racks are becoming trendy nowadays in Industrial-designed interior spaces, wood still remains the number one choice for homeowners and designers.


  • kitchen island with hanging rack

A kitchen ceiling hanging rack is commonly seen in rustic and farmhouse-styled kitchen spaces. The kitchen ceiling rack hanging are suspended right above the kitchen island and are primarily put there to not only serve as a storage rack but for decoration purposes. If you have ever been to a bar with a kitchen hanging wine glass rack, that is basically one example of how a ceiling hanging rack kitchen can be used as a décor element.

  • Kitchen with hanging pot racks

Pots and pans can be the most difficult cookware to keep organized. Most of them differ in size and shape and so sometimes, we are having a hard time finding the perfect storage space where they would fit. Good thing that there are hanging kitchen racks for pots and pans. Putting this cookware in the kitchen hanging pot racks makes it easier to access them when cooking and tuck them away once done using them. Hanging pot racks for the kitchen can also be placed above the kitchen island. Another good alternative is to go for kitchen pot racks wall mounted and kitchen pot racks hanging for kitchen on the walls.

  • Paper towel rack

Another rack that every kitchen must have is a paper towel rack. Having a paper towel rack comes in handy. We use paper towels in the kitchen very often and having them just scattered on the counter can really be a mess.  Kitchen cabinet towel racks are also used to hang towels so that air passes through them and they will dry easily.

Kitchen storage rack

storage shelf racks for the kitchen

The world of storage racks is not as simple as most homeowners think. Ever wondered why it’s difficult to keep all your things organized in the kitchen? It probably has something to do with how you utilize the storage and the kind of shelf racks kitchen you have. In this part, we gathered 3 of the basic racks that every homeowner should have in their kitchen.

  • Kitchen shelving racks

Whether it is for display or storing bulky items, having a kitchen storage shelf rack will undoubtedly make a whole difference. Kitchen utensil storage racks like other types of racks can be utilized in many ways depending on how you style your kitchen. You can have a kitchen plate storage rack, a kitchen appliance storage rack, or kitchen wine racks. You can also create customized racks if needed. The choice of having many racks in the kitchen does not come in the need for more storage space but from the need of wanting to keep the items organized. Therefore, before you decide to install a new rack, assess whether the problem is in the lack of storage space or the lack of organizing strategy.

  • Kitchen storage rack

A kitchen storage rack refers to the rack that is either placed inside a cabinet or wall mounted storage rack kitchen in upper cabinets. These types of racks for kitchen storage are specifically installed to keep things that are frequently used such as bowls, china plates, mugs, and other kitchen utensils. Most of the time kitchen storage racks from metal are used because they are lightweight and can be easily detached and mounted again when cleaning.

  • Kitchen baker racks

Kitchen baker's racks, are one of the most adaptable accent pieces of furniture or storage units for the home. Bakers racks for a kitchen are perfect for usage in tiny areas, rooms with little storage, or for people who just prefer open shelving to exhibit dinnerware or preserve an open space feeling.


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