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Toffee Kitchen Cabinets - the Benefits of Rustic Kitchen Style

July 28, 2022 | Updated on: July 28, 2022

kitchen interior with toffee furniture

The color toffee refers to a color that is part of the red color family. It is a mixture of red and brown which results in a soft brown or coffee-like hue. This color is a favorite among interior designers and homeowners because it is the right hue that stands between a traditional strong brown color and a beige or lighter tone that’s common in modern homes. Toffee color cabinets are a trend in many homes these days.

Toffee cabinets are seen in both contemporary and traditional interior styles. The color appears to be brown but not strong enough to be labeled rustic. Toffee-colored kitchen cabinets tend to be softer, lighter and have a more streamlined appearance. If you are still unsure of what color to paint your kitchen cabinets with, consider a toffee cabinets kitchen. Read this blog until the end to find out more about kitchen cabinets toffee ideas and why it is the right paint color for your kitchen cabinets.

Different materials’ features for glazed toffee cabinets

maple toffee glazed cabinets kitchen

Cabinet glazing involves painting your cabinets a different color. Toffee kitchen cabinets with glaze highlight architectural features like molding and corner detailing. Glazed toffee kitchen cabinets, like cabinet staining, are a terrific method to update your kitchen without spending money on new cabinetry. One of the best materials for glazing is 10'x10' toffee solid wood kitchen cabinets. Additionally, there are more cabinet materials that can be glazed for a better appearance. Here are some of them:

  • Maple cabinets with toffee glaze

Toffee maple kitchen cabinets are a good choice for kitchen cabinets because it is a versatile wood. The flat, smooth grain of maple makes it ideal for both painting maple toffee kitchen cabinets and staining because you obtain predictable results. Depending on your taste, finishing maple cabinets with toffee glaze kitchen gives them an aged or even washed-out appearance. If you have old maple toffee cabinets in your kitchen, give them a brand-new look by glazing your toffee maple cabinets. 

  • Oak toffee cabinets

Cabinets made of oak are considered a classic because they gain popularity way back in the 90s. Oak cabinets are durable and great for cabinetry. However, their appearance does not go well with today’s contemporary and modern settings. If you have very old oak cabinetry and you don’t know what to do with it, consider flipping it and refacing oak cabinets to toffee. Having oak toffee cabinets will give your kitchen a new and much more stylish look. Toffee stain on golden oak cabinets looks fantastic in kitchens of any style as well. 

  • Toffee on cherry finish cabinets

Cherry cabinets have been around for so long that’s why many homeowners wonder if they’re still in style. For many years, especially in kitchens, cherry cabinets have been a preferred option. Cherry cabinets are stunning when left unfinished, but they look much prettier when stained. You can give your cherry toffee with black cabinets a gorgeous makeover by glazing it and painting it with trendy colors like toffee, black, or shades of green. 

  • Toffee birch cabinets

Toffee stain birch cabinets is a smooth-surfaced, medium-density hardwood. It is a type of wood that is strong, weighty, and with a good resistance to wear. Painting, staining, and polishing may be done well on birch cabinets. Toffee stain glazed birch cabinets is a popular option for cabinets and furnishings among many individuals. They are resistant to dents and scratches. 

  • Toffee cabinets in beech wood

The tight grain of beech wood is similar to that of birch and maple wood, with broad rays and thin lines. It is ideal for many home projects since it is simple to stain. For strong furniture that must endure continuous usage, beech wood is appropriate.

  • Other toffee stained kitchen cabinets

Among other materials that can be glazed with the color toffee include cinnamon toffee cabinets and almond toffee cabinets. Toffee-colored hickory cabinets are also a thing aside from the popular and commonly used hardwood you can find on the market. Painted toffee cabinets will refresh your space and give it a brand-new, luxurious look.

Kitchen ideas to fit your toffee-colored cabinets 

l-shape kitchen with toffee cabinets

Toffee paint hue is not applicable in cabinets alone. They can also be utilized in different kitchen areas such as walls, ceilings, and other cabinets, furniture, and storage spaces found in your kitchen. Here are some of the common areas that you can paint in this color.

Areas to paint


Cabinet panels

Cabinet panels are the most common area to be glazed in a cabinetry. Go for toffee flat panel cabinets to highlight the details and design of your cabinetry’s panels. Toffee glazed raised panel cabinets are ideal in traditional and transitional interiors.


Toffee is a versatile hue. We’ve mentioned previously that it is part of the red color family and is a mixture of red and brown which creates soft brown toffee cabinets to ceiling hue. You can paint your kitchen ceiling in this color to complement your cabinetry.


Small pantry cabinets toffee is part of your kitchen cabinetry. To create a coherent and universal aesthetic in your kitchen, consider painting or glazing all your cabinetry in one solid hue such as toffee.

Toffee-colored cabinets in the kitchen interior

kitchen with toffee finish cabinets and granite countertop

The color toffee is used by interior designers when designing or creating rustic interior spaces. However, because of the versatility of this color, it has also been applied in more modern interior design styles such as contemporary, modern, and transitional style interior design. In this part of the blog, we’re going to be enumerating several designer tips on how toffee can be paired with other interior design elements and what color paint goes with toffee cabinets in your kitchen.

Wall paint ideas for toffee-colored cabinets

Maple toffee cabinets brown glaze with cooler neutrals kitchen wall paint. If you have a cabinet made of brown maple wood, you have probably wondered what kind of finish and stain will work best for its surface. Cooler kitchens colors with toffee maple cabinets are gaining popularity in the interior design scene. Maple wood works well with a variety of glazes, finishes, and stains. Blue-grey or sage green kitchen paint colors with toffee maple cabinets are top choices. They are also readily accessible in hardware and paint stores so you can easily buy one from a store near your area.

Mixing grey paint with toffee cabinets. Did you know that you can also mix toffee-colored cabinets with the grey color? Yes, that’s right. Grey is a versatile color and is one of the most commonly used colors in a kitchen space. Glazed toffee cabinets would stand out in a neutrally painted backdrop such as a grey kitchen wall, grey backsplash, grey countertops, and grey ceilings. Regardless of where you want to paint gray on your kitchen, rest assured that toffee cabinets will work just fine aesthetically.

Floor ideas for toffee-colored cabinets

Gray hardwood floors to go with toffee-colored cabinets. Many homeowners wondered what color floor goes with toffee cabinets. Since we just talked about gray and toffee color, did you also know that you can paint or go for a natural stone kitchen floor toffee cabinet in gray? Hardwood floors to go with toffee-colored cabinets as well as glazed toffee cabinets with a dark-colored floor. 

Kitchen Cabinets 

Countertop and backsplash color ideas

Green Marble Countertops With Toffee Glazed Cabinets. What countertop color for toffee cabinets? There is no definite rule that says what countertop colors should only be paired with toffee cabinets. However, certain countertop materials and countertop colors are recommended by professionals to coherently tie the look of the kitchen’s interior together. These include green marble countertops, gray granite countertops, and light-colored quartz.

Toffee cabinets with Granite. We all know that granite is a popular material used for kitchen countertops. Granite is a natural stone that is quarried, cut into thin slabs, polished, and then fabricated to produce countertop materials. Maple wood with toffee finish cabinets can be paired with granite countertops as well as black granite countertops. Toffee cabinets with black countertops and white grey floors are a great example of a classic interior with a modern luxurious touch. Such interior styles are often referred to as transitional and modern traditional. 

Color of backsplash for toffee cabinets. There are different backsplashes with toffee cabinets that sometimes, it’s challenging to narrow down the choices and really select the best that goes well with your chosen aesthetic. The key thing to remember when choosing a backsplash style to be paired with a toffee-colored cabinet is to always create contrast. Your backsplash should have a color that creates a stark contrast with your kitchen counter and cabinetry. This will add visual texture and a unique visual feature to your kitchen’s interior design composition.

Toffee cabinets stain with white island 

White and gray are the most utilized color in a kitchen among other colors. This is why toffee kitchen cabinets with grey islands and white islands are the kitchen island colors that designers go for when the cabinets are glazed and painted with the color toffee. White and gray are considered neutral and versatile colors. You can never go wrong with these hues when designing kitchen spaces.

Toffee corner sink base cabinets

If you’re wondering what color paint to bring out glazed toffee cabinets, toffee with black cabinets and toffee maple brown wiped glaze cabinets are homeowners’ top choices. Opt for glazed toffee sink base cabinets to make your under-sink cabinets stand out. Glazed toffee corner sink base cabinets allow kitchens to look cleaner, streamlined, and fit for a modern scene without being too sterile in appearance. Toffee cabinets with chrome handles make them sophisticated and chic.


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