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Tips to set up a laundry room to be functional and stylish

August 30, 2022 | Updated on: November 26, 2023

laundry room with cabinets and clothes rack

The average family does laundry once or twice a week depending and spends more or less 2-5 hours doing it. Many dread doing laundries because they find this task boring and tiring. However, it is not something that you can escape unless you prefer to spend a couple of bucks to get your laundry done. If you are going to spend this many hours doing laundry, might as well find a creative way to enjoy the task. One way to do so is to do laundry room makeovers. Renovating a laundry room is pretty easy and straightforward. You’ll find that you only need minimal materials because a laundry room size is fairly small and compact.

Before embarking on a laundry room renovation, determine the laundry room dimensions. Find the most efficient laundry room layouts that would suit your needs and demands. Consider an L-shaped laundry room if you have a square layout or a galley laundry room for narrower spaces. To make the room more spacious, bright, and airy, paint the laundry room with fun and interesting colors.

Laundry room designs

laundry room with white open shelf cabinets

As you plan your laundry room design, look for laundry room design ideas on the internet and come up with a unique laundry room design that you and your family will love. If you have children, it is best to involve them in the design process. It is a good way to teach them and get them excited to do their laundry in the room that they designed. They might prefer a colorful laundry room or a green laundry room. If you are into a minimalist aesthetic, think about having a black and white laundry room. Combine all of these and create a new laundry room style out of it.

Here are several laundry room design ideas that are common in nowadays interiors.

  • Farmhouse laundry rooms

Farmhouse laundry room ideas have the advantage of being appealing, comfortable, and frequently high-quality. Both closed paneled door cabinets and open shelves are options for storage. Moreover, the laundry room modern farmhouse offers a soothing visual effect that is provided by the combination of warm wood, neutral hues, and patterned tiles. 

  • Rustic laundry rooms

Ruggedness and letting the natural beauty shine are what rustic laundry room ideas are all about. By emphasizing the use of wood, stone, leaves, and other organic components, you can make your laundry room look warm and feel relaxing to the sense of mind. Rustic style lets each piece's unique individuality shine through rather than stressing about clean lines. If you want to create an interior style that blends contemporary with traditional, rustic laundry room design is the way to go.

  • Modern laundry room design

Another laundry room design idea that will always remain trendy and timeless is the modern style. Small modern laundry room design is popular in small apartments and condo units. A contemporary laundry room design can be spun off into a Scandinavian laundry room if you wish to add interesting elements and a little bit of character to the space. This style is considered practical, economical, and easy to incorporate.

  • Shiplap laundry room

If you watch any of your favorite design or home improvement programs, you're bound to see some laundry room shiplap ideas. Shiplap is nothing but adaptable, despite its inherent classic, understated, and endearing qualities. It also looks fantastic in contemporary and modern settings. A laundry room with shiplap and shelving in the laundry room is undoubtedly favorite feature for interior designers to incorporate. It offers a ton of extra storage for a very low price.

All type drawers

Laundry room ideas in the basement

The fact that you have greater design flexibility when you have a laundry room in the basement is one of its best features. Plumbing and electrical points can often be found in abundance in a basement laundry room. Moreover, walls and ceilings are frequently coated with drywall. Should a flood occur, basement areas' sturdy, long-lasting flooring concrete, ceramic tile, and cheap flooring make them simple to clean up.

If you don’t know where to place your laundry room yet, try to do a basement laundry room makeover. There are thousands of basement laundry room ideas so rest assured that you’ll be able to create your own concrete basement laundry room ideas you’ll love.

Laundry room bathroom combo

You can also place your laundry room in bathroom. A bathroom and laundry room together are more convenient and efficient, especially for bigger households. We’ve seen bathroom laundry room ideas that work in both small and big bathroom spaces. A laundry room with a bathroom tends to have bigger space to be able to squeeze in washing appliances and storage.

When should you consider a bathroom with a laundry room? A laundry room bathroom design is your best alternative if you don’t have an extra room or basement for a separate laundry room. Opt for half-bathroom laundry room ideas or a galley laundry where your storage is located in the hallway adjacent to your bathroom.

Laundry room in the kitchen

Don’t have enough space in your home for a laundry room? Create a kitchen laundry room combo. Making your laundry room near kitchen makes it simple to wash a load of laundry while cooking or tidying up. Clever kitchen and laundry room designs that many homeowners do is hiding the laundry room behind a set of doors. This helps the kitchen with laundry room appliance blend in with your kitchen. A spotless white washer and dryer kitchen cabinets for the laundry room set can blend in with the kitchen's color scheme even while the doors are open.

Stackable laundry room ideas

stackable laundry room in modern style

Now, let’s talk about laundry room designs with stackables. A set of stacked washers and dryers that optimizes vertical space and frees up floor space in a custom cabinets laundry room will help you transform compact custom laundry room cabinets into a high-functioning laundry station, regardless of the size of the laundry room you are dealing with.

Here are laundry room countertop ideas, and top load laundry room ideas that will give you more information on how to create a functional stackable laundry room.

  1. Make a laundry room countertop

Having a laundry room counter always comes in handy especially if you have a laundry room with very limited space. A laundry room countertop support can be used as a base cabinet to store laundry essentials, baskets, and cleaning kits. Laundry room countertops can be utilized in a variety of ways. You can hand wash your clothes there, brush your shoes, or rinse small clothes. 

  1. Designate a laundry room folding station

A laundry folding station will not only provide you with plenty of space to sort your clothes, but it will also make your laundry room neat and orderly, preventing the accumulation of heaps of unwashed laundry in your other living areas.

  1. Opt for a butcher block laundry room

Your laundry room will have much more personality if you install a wood countertop for the laundry room. Because of their strength, laundry room wood countertops are frequently seen in kitchens. They may be sealed and sanded so that you never have to be concerned about water or detergent spills. Butcher block counters are preferred for laundry room ideas top loaders because they act as a barrier that protects your washer and dryer.

Ideas for laundry room cabinets

Laundry room furniture


Cupboard for laundry room

The cabinets or storage spaces located above your laundry counters are called laundry room cupboards. Cupboards for the laundry room are used to store laundry room essentials such as baskets, towels, soaps, and detergents.

Laundry room shelving

Laundry room shelves ideas are used by many not to store laundry room stuff but to display accessories and décor. Of course, a laundry room won’t look fun and aesthetically pleasing without any decorations. Therefore, having shelves dedicated just for them is a great idea.

Laundry room vanity

A bathroom vanity with a sink on top can be useful if you don't require a particularly deep sink but do want some storage space. A laundry area would look great with a chic alternative like this a laundry room sink cabinet.

Laundry room accessories

laundry room with floating shelves and baskets

A laundry room is not complete without accessories. Accessories are what make a room look stylish and inviting. Since the main goal is to make doing laundry a fun and exciting task, accessorizing the laundry room is a must. What’s great about laundry room accessories is that they are not only meant for aesthetic purposes. They also serve a practical purpose. Here are several laundry room organization ideas.

  • Baskets

Baskets are basically the number one most used laundry room organization accessor. They can be used to store towels, folded clothes, soaps, and detergents. Baskets made of natural fiber like jute and sisal and ideal in minimalist and contemporary laundry rooms. Using baskets is an alternative for laundry room shelving ideas if you don’t have enough shelves for storage.

  • Drying rack

A laundry room with a hanging rod offers several advantages. A drying rack is laundry room solution for hanging clothes to dry after washing. It is also referred to as a clothes rack or a clothes horse. You can also have pull-out drying racks. It is typically found inside a home, taking the place of an outdoor washing line.

  • Closet rail

Another laundry room clothes hanging idea is a closet rail. To hang your clothes properly, you need a closet rod, which is a long metallic bar that fits in your closet at various heights. Additionally, since it keeps all of your clothes in one location, making them easy to access.

  • Hampers

Hampers, which are just big baskets for dirty clothes, may also sort things. Dark colors, light colors, and delicate clothes can be separated before being placed in the machine using hampers with larger units that are divided into two or more compartments.

  • Laundry cart

A person may effortlessly transfer huge loads of laundry to and from a washing room with the help of laundry carts, which are typically enormous, incredibly sturdy wire metal baskets with a handle, occasionally with a fabric lining, and mounted on wheels. If there is no room available for a base cabinet in your laundry room, a laundry cart would be your best option because you can easily tuck them away when not in use.



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