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The Best Coffee Cabinet Ideas - DIY Coffee Bar Furniture

May 06, 2021 | Updated on: January 31, 2022

Does your morning routine include making a fresh cup of coffee? Maybe you’re a regular at your local coffee spot. No matter what kind of coffee fanatic you are, it’s time to think about how you can incorporate a coffee cabinet in your own kitchen. You can brew your own coffee in the comfort of your own home and make your kitchen aesthetically pleasing. The true barista in you will come out and you’ll fall in love with the ideas for your own in-home coffee station. There will be no need for you to go out and get a fresh cup of joe when you can make it at home. 

coffee cabinet

There are numerous different kitchen coffee bar ideas out there. From space for your coffee maker to organization ideas for your mugs and of course, the coffee itself. The options are endless for creating a stunning home coffee station. While many people might have a coffee corner that is likely too crowded to use, it doesn’t have to be you. You can have a designated coffee station in your kitchen that will make the room feel like you are at your favourite coffee spot. 


The key to creating the ideal coffee station in your kitchen is finding the perfect spot for it all. You can incorporate the kitchen coffee bar cabinets into your kitchen design and make sure that there is room for all of your essentials. Your coffee cabinet or station doesn’t have to be too large, but it should be big enough for you to be able to make your favourite coffee comfortably and without it being cluttered. 

Here are a few coffee cabinet ideas that you can consider for your home: 

What You Will Need For Your Perfect Coffee Station

1. Begin With a Coffee Maker

One of the first and most essential steps of creating the ultimate coffee station is having a coffee machine so that you can make your cup of brew. There are many options to consider and they’re all based on whether you’re a fan of a simple espresso, a cappuccino, or maybe you simply prefer a pod-based machine. You should find a design that you like and a machine that suits your needs. 

Coffee Maker Cabinet

2. Don’t Forget the Coffee Bar Furniture

The furniture for your coffee cabinet is a crucial part. You’ll likely want to include shelving that will match the rest of the home decor in order to complete the look. It’s likely that every coffee station will require at least one shelf, but some will need more. It’s all based on whether you want a more cafe-style appearance or a coffee cabinet. You can decide your ideal style and choose the shelving accordingly. 

3. Include the Coffee Station Accessories

The final part of creating your coffee station is adding all of the accessories. A good coffee station should have cups or mugs. Be sure to use both your coffee bar furniture and your coffee maker as a guide so that you can find mugs that will match the overall design. This will make things more visually appealing and tie everything together. 

When you put all three of these steps together, you’ll be able to get the perfect coffee station and one that you can use on a regular basis without having to worry about it being overcrowded. 

Types of Coffee Bars and Coffee Bars Cabinets

In order for you to create the ideal coffee cabinet or bar in your home, you’re going to need some inspiration. Grab a cup of your favourite coffee and explore the following ideas for coffee cabinets and stations for your kitchen. With one of these ideas, you’ll be able to make your own coffee within the comfort of your home, with ease. 

1. Slide-out Coffee Bar

This tends to be one of the most common home coffee bar design options these days. It also is one of the most discreet ways to have a coffee station. You can incorporate a sliding coffee bar within your cabinet design so that a shelf slides out whenever you want it to. 

coffee bar design

This shelf can be conveniently hidden behind drawers for your other coffee station essentials. Whether it’s a kettle, the coffee itself, add-ons, flavouring, and more. 

2. Hidden Cabinet

If you want to hide a coffee station in any other part of your home, like the living room or dining room, you can do so with a hidden cabinet. The coffee station cabinet can open up to reveal a coffee bar that is stocked with all of your favourite coffee essentials. It won’t take up your precious kitchen storage space and it’s perfectly subtle to not look out of place. 

3. Farmhouse Coffee Bar

Farmhouse themes are all of the rages these days in terms of design so incorporating it into your coffee station can complete the look of your property. You can go for a rustic-looking coffee bar that’s complete with a chalkboard sign if you wish. Choosing some metal accents, like trays used for all of your coffee add-ons, can be the perfect finishing touch. Adding some bronze accessories can also coordinate with the farmhouse theme. 

Farmhouse Coffee Bar

You might even want to consider going for a more modern farmhouse style for the coffee bar. Choosing cabinetry that resembles rustic barn doors can work great for the station. Adding a silver-coloured coffee machine and a kettle can be great for the design as they’ll naturally fit in. 

4. Built-in Coffee Station

You can have a coffee station built right into your kitchen cabinetry. The station can be right on top of your counter and you add shelving above to hold all of your mugs and other coffee accessories or essentials. This can become a clean and appealing way to incorporate a coffee station into your kitchen so that you feel like you’re at your favourite corner coffee house. 

5. Coffee Corner

If you don’t have a lot of drawer or cupboard space in your kitchen for a coffee station, then you might want to consider having a coffee corner. Adding wall shelving can help you keep the area as neat as possible. You can also think about adding in a few essential details to open up the room and make it more comfortable. A corner coffee bar cabinet or shelving is ideal.

corner coffee bar cabinet

6. Coffee Rack

While most people might have a spice rack in their kitchen, they can have a similar one for their coffee. It’s a unique way to use a spice cabinet or closet that you might not need. The cabinet can open with two doors revealing the ideally sized shelving drawers, and more for you to store your coffee machine along with the essentials so that it’s all organized. 

A built-in cabinet coffee bar like this will give you a clean look for your kitchen. You can add the perfect amount of shelving and drawer space for you to discreetly hide all of your items while still keeping the overall look appealing, unique, and creative. 

7. Built-in Coffee Machine

A built-in coffee machine can make your kitchen have that touch of luxury that you desire. Adding the machine to your custom shelving is a delicate way to include it in the kitchen. 

Built-in Coffee Machine

It can blend in with the other kitchen accessories and appliances so you won’t have to worry about it standing out in an awkward manner. 

8. Floating Shelf Coffee Bar

An interesting way to create a dedicated coffee bar in the kitchen so that you can make your favourite cup of joe is by having a floating shelf coffee bar. It doesn’t have to be too grand or detailed. In fact, it can be as simple as having a small table with some floating shelves on top to store all of your essentials. The floating shelves are what make it more appealing and give it that signature coffee bar look. 

9. Coffee Bar With a Fridge

If you’re interested in creating a coffee bar so that you can be the ultimate barista, you’re going to want to have a fridge for your milk, cream, flavourings, and other coffee add-ins that have to be kept cold. When you customize your coffee cabinet, be sure to include enough space for a mini-fridge. Coffee bars with mini fridge cabinet can keep all of your essentials in one place.

Coffee bars with mini fridge cabinet

This is how you’ll be able to keep your coffee ingredients separated in a unique and creative manner. Plus, you can incorporate a mini-fridge into practically any decor style, including a charming farmhouse style, all you have to do is focus on the cabinetry. 

10. Day & Night Station

Your coffee cabinet doesn’t have to be strictly for coffee. In fact, you can make it into a day & night station so you can make use out of it 24/7. Reserve part of the station for alcohol and you can even include decorative glassware for all of your beverages. By separating your coffee goods from your cocktail mixes, you can keep things organized and establish the day & night sections of the station. While many people enjoy the common saying of “Coffee until wine,” you can bring it to life. 

DIY Coffee Bar Furniture

An essential part of your coffee bar will be the furniture. It should match the rest of the room’s design in order to tie everything together. Whether you’re looking to balance an industrial-style wooden and brass cart with some bright white accents for a white coffee bar or trying to incorporate a more detailed design into your minimalistic kitchen, the options are endless. Planning out the ideal kind of furniture to include is essential. Here are some ideas that you can consider for DIY coffee bar furniture: 

Distressed Finish

For any country home or farmhouse style, you can’t go wrong with a distressed finish. You can DIY your own cabinets and furniture to look distressed and suit the needs of your countertop coffee bar. From cabinets to tables and even bar carts, the options are endless. 

Solid Wood

It’s common for a property to incorporate solid wood, especially when it comes to its kitchen cabinets. You can keep up the theme by making sure that your coffee bar furniture is also made of solid wood. This way, it can stand up to the wear and tear from being knocked over or abused over the years. 

countertop coffee bar

Most solid wood furniture is built to last many years and they also come with the benefit of being able to repair or refinish them as needed. This is also essential if you get bored of the existing style and want to change it. Wood is known to be a forgiving material so making changes to the appearance of your furniture will be simple. Within your solid wood furniture, you can leave space to store a coffee bar with mini fridge for all of your essentials. 

Open Shelving

Shelving is an important furniture piece for any coffee station as it’s where you can store all of your essentials. From the coffee itself to the add-ons and more, you’re going to want to have appealing and sturdy shelving. 

Open Shelving

Opening shelving is a commonly preferred choice since you can make your items visually appealing and put them on display in your home. This can include appealing storage jars, baskets, and other decors. Shelving is also an ideal way to add some color to the room if you desire by adding some patterned mugs, colorful straws, and more. 


Shelves are an ideal option if you’re interested in storing items in order for them to be out in the open, but if you want to hide some of your items, like a bar fridge cabinet, it’s best to go with drawers. These can come in handy for storing items that may not be so visually appealing. With the kind, size, and amount of drawers on your coffee bar or cabinet, you’ll be able to stay organized and keep all of your items tucked away. 


Instead of integrating your coffee station into your cabinetry or other parts of your kitchen, you can opt to have it as a moveable option, in the style of a bar cart. This can be ideal if you have a small kitchen, interested in a small coffee bar, or simply if you want to add some storage while staying flexible. If you go forward with the moveable coffee bar, you’re going to want to pick a cart that has locks so that the wheels don’t move when you don’t want them to. The style of the car should also match the rest of the room. 

Moveable Coffee Bar

A portable coffee bar cart and be rolled from room to room in order for you to keep the coffee and beverages flowing. This will also allow you to be able to make drinks while being party-ready. You can balance out any industrial style by incorporating white accents or go for a farmhouse style by giving an existing cart a more rustic coffee bar look. 

In general, a home coffee cabinet can complete the look of a room. Whether you’re more into a strong espresso machine complete with color-coordinating shelving, a bar cabinet with mini fridge, or you’re a classic coffee nook individual that would love to have custom shelving with mugs and toppings, the options are endless. What coffee station idea do you like?


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