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Tall kitchen cabinet storage and design potential

January 02, 2024 | Updated on: January 02, 2024

master kitchen with white ceiling-high cabinets

High kitchen cabinets seem super handy for keeping all your kitchen stuff in one place, but let's face it: kitchen high cabinets can be a real pain. It's like a treasure hunt just to find the things you need up high. Stretching and reaching for that favorite bowl or spice can feel like a workout, and sometimes, it's not even safe! Imagine you're in the middle of cooking up a storm, and you have to practically climb on top of the counter just to grab a baking sheet. Not fun, right?

As houses get taller, kitchens also get bigger and fancier. They have these really high kitchen cabinets that look amazing and give lots of space. But reaching stuff in there, like your special dishes or favorite kitchen tools, can be tough. 

But guess what? There's a solution that makes these kitchens with high cabinets way more user-friendly without sacrificing the storage space they offer. There are some smart and stylish ways to make it easier to get to things in those kitchen high cabinets. Whether it's your fancy holiday plates or go-to cooking gadgets, these tricks can help you reach them without making your kitchen look less cool or lose any space. Imagine a kitchen where everything is easy to grab, no matter how high it's stored. You wouldn't have to balance on chairs or twist yourself into weird shapes just to get a pot or a jar. This solution doesn't mean giving up on having lots of storage – it's actually a smart trick that makes those high-cabinet kitchens way more accessible.

Tall unit kitchen cabinet sizes

tall kitchen cabinets with shelving up to the ceiling

When it comes to kitchen storage, kitchen tall cabinets are considered functional assets of the kitchen—they save the day by holding tons of stuff. But getting the right size of a tall cabinet for the kitchen is crucial to make them work like a charm in your kitchen. Let's dive into the world of tall kitchen cabinet dimensions and heights, making your cabinet quest a breeze. 


First off, the tall kitchen cabinet height can vary, but they typically stand anywhere between 84 to 96 inches. Yep, that's like 7 to 8 feet tall! These towering units are great for making use of vertical space, especially in kitchens with higher ceilings. So, measure up your kitchen to see how much room you've got from floor to ceiling. This step is key—getting the height right ensures your kitchen cabinet tall unit fits snugly without leaving weird gaps or brushing the ceiling.


Now, let's talk width. These kitchen cabinet tall units come in different sizes, usually starting from 12 inches wide. But they can go wider, up to 36 inches or more. Consider what you'll store in there. Bigger items like baking sheets might need more width, while shelves for spices or jars can work well in narrower spaces. It's all about planning what goes where to maximize the storage without wasting space.


Depth is another factor. Most tall kitchen cabinets have a standard depth of around 24 inches. That's enough room for plates, pots, pans, and all your kitchen treasures. But remember, check your kitchen's layout and your own reach—deep cabinets might mean stuff gets lost at the back, so consider pull-out shelves or drawers to make life easier. 

When hunting for your ideal tall unit, keep your kitchen's functionality in mind. Adjustable shelves are like the chameleons of cabinets—they adapt to fit whatever you need. Also, some cabinets come with cool extras like pull-out racks or even built-in lighting to illuminate your collection of goodies. 

And don't forget style! Tall cabinets aren't just storage pros; they can jazz up your kitchen's look. Whether you prefer sleek and modern or cozy farmhouse vibes, there's a tall kitchen cabinet style waiting for you.

Tall kitchen cabinet design inspiration

shaker kitchen cabinets ceiling tall mahogany

Choosing a kitchen tall cabinet design can be a bit overwhelming. Why with the many options you can find out there, it’s impossible not to get stuck in the decision-making process. We all want to make the right decision when choosing what’s best for our kitchen. In this section, we’re diving into the different tall unit kitchen cabinet design to help you choose the best tall corner cabinet kitchen. 

Traditional kitchen tall cabinet storage - Let's start with something classy yet timeless: the traditional style. Think elegant raised panels, intricate molding, and maybe even some glass doors to show off your fancy dishes. This style adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen, blending seamlessly with various décor themes. In a traditional style kitchen, you can insert a tall corner cabinet kitchen. This gem maximizes those often-overlooked corner spaces. Imagine a cabinet that's not just tall but fits snugly into that corner spot, making the most out of every inch. These cabinets usually come with clever pull-out shelves or lazy Susans, so you can easily access all your pots, pans, or that rarely-used kitchen gadget without getting lost in the corner black hole. It's a smart way to add storage without sacrificing accessibility.

Contemporary kitchen tall storage cabinet - Now, if sleek and modern is more your jam, go for a contemporary style. Smooth surfaces, clean lines, and minimalist hardware can make your tall cabinets stand out. Plus, you can play with different materials like glass, metal, or even funky colors to add that wow factor. One great example of a contemporary tall cabinet unit is a tall shallow kitchen cabinet. With a shallower depth compared to standard cabinets, they're perfect for tight spaces or for creating a sleek, streamlined look in your kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinets

Farmhouse tall storage cabinet kitchen - Feeling a bit rustic? Say hello to the farmhouse style! It's all about warm wood, maybe some distressed finishes, and charming details like beadboard or open shelves. These cabinets bring coziness and a laid-back vibe to your kitchen, perfect for a comfy, welcoming space.

Shaker-style tall cabinet for kitchen storage - Oh, and let's not forget about the versatile shaker style. It's like the perfect middle ground between traditional and modern. Simple, clean lines with a hint of detail—this style easily fits into any kitchen design, making it a safe bet if you're not into extremes. 

Remember, it's not just about looks. Consider functionality too! Do you want cabinets with tons of drawers, adjustable shelves, or maybe some cool pull-out features? Think about how you use your kitchen and pick a style that not only looks good but also works for your everyday life.

Lastly, take your kitchen's vibe into account. Your tall unit kitchen cabinet should complement the overall feel of the space. Whether it's a cozy cottage or a sleek modern pad, choose a style that harmonizes with what you've already got going on.

Navigating high kitchen cabinet ideas

small l-shaped kitchen with tall cabinet white

When it comes to tall high cabinets in the kitchen, getting to the goods tucked away at the top or in the depths can feel like a quest. In this section, we’ve gathered tall kitchen cabinet ideas and some clever tricks to make accessing these cabinets a breeze! 

  1. Tall kitchen cabinet with doors

Let's start with the tall kitchen storage cabinet with doors. For the ones with regular doors, consider installing pull-out shelves or baskets. These nifty additions to your tall cabinet with doors kitchen will slide out, bringing everything within easy reach, so no more stretching or digging deep for that hidden pot. Now, if you've got a tall kitchen cabinet with glass doors, organizing your items in a visually appealing way can save you time. Put your prettiest dishes or favorite cups at eye level for quick access and a nice display. 

  1. Kitchen corner tall cabinet

Moving on to the corner tall cabinet kitchen. Ah, those tricky corners! People usually choose to mount a sink or oven there, but, no doubt, a corner is a good place for a tall cabinet. Lazy Susans or rotating shelves work like magic in a tall corner kitchen cabinet with doors. They spin out, bringing even the furthest items right to you. No more playing hide-and-seek with your cookware! Plus, adding lighting inside a corner tall kitchen cabinet can make spotting and grabbing things much easier. 

  1. Tall narrow cabinet for the kitchen

For the spices, cans and small packs, consider tall narrow kitchen storage cabinets. Adjustable cabinet shelves maximize the space in a tall thin kitchen cabinet and ensure everything fits in. Group similar items together, like spices or baking adds, when organizing a tall thin cabinet for the kitchen so you know exactly where to reach when you need them.  

  1. Kitchen high cabinet with shelves

Now, the kitchen high cabinet with shelves offers flexibility. open shelves let you showcase your favourite items and keep them one-move-reach. Keep the most-used stuff at arm's length, while seasonal or less-used items can go higher up.

  1. Tall kitchen cabinet with drawers

Lastly, the tall kitchen cabinet with drawers is like a tidy organizer's dream. Consider dividers or organizers within the drawers to keep utensils, linens, or smaller kitchen tools in order. Labeling the drawers can save time when you're in a rush.

Ceiling high kitchen cabinets

ceiling-height kitchen cabinets stained wood, and kitchen island

Having high ceilings in the kitchen is considered one of the coolest features in the kitchen. It makes your space feel bigger and grander, and you can do a lot of design possibilities with it. Moreover, having that extra vertical space is like having a blank canvas waiting for some creative strokes especially when it comes to kitchen cabinets. In this section, we’ll shed some light on how tall wall cabinets in the kitchen can steal the show and turn that overhead space into something functional and stylish.

  • Cabinets from floor to ceiling

First things first, picture this: cabinets that touch the ceiling. Yep, no awkward gap collecting dust up there! These high-to-ceiling kitchen cabinets not only maximize your storage space but also give your kitchen a grander appearance. Kitchen cabinets high ceiling gives your kitchen a traditional yet timeless look, and of course, abundant storage spaces up there. 

  • Practical tips for convenience

But wait, how do you make these tall kitchen wall cabinets actually practical and not just a place to store things you never use? Accessibility is the key. No one wants to fetch a ladder every time they need the cookie jar, right?

Here’s the trick: incorporate pull-out shelves or drawers in the lower sections of your kitchen cabinets for high ceilings This way, everyday items stay within easy reach while the upper shelves can be used for less frequently used stuff or for displaying your fancier dinnerware.

  • Function meets style: a winning combo

Let's talk functionality. These kitchen cabinets with high ceiling aren’t just about cramming in more pots and pans. They can be the secret weapon in keeping your kitchen organized. With adjustable shelves, you can customize the space to fit your needs, whether it’s storing that family heirloom cake stand or your collection of bar tools.

And speaking of style, they can be the cherry on top of your kitchen design. Opt for glass doors on the upper sections to show off your favorite dishes or add some LED lighting inside to create a cozy ambiance. You’re not just adding storage; you’re elevating the whole kitchen vibe!

  • Making them work for you

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room: how do you actually use those top shelves? The answer is simple: keep the less frequently used items there. Store your holiday-themed dishes, that bulky blender you only use occasionally, or even extra serving platters. It's all about prioritizing what you need more often within arm’s reach.

What if kitchen cabinets are too high?

high kitchen cabinets in small white kitchen

So, you’re standing there in your kitchen, staring up at those kitchen cabinets in high ceilings like they’re a puzzle waiting to be solved. Maybe you’re wondering, “How on earth am I supposed to reach those things?” Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this tall standing kitchen cabinet conundrum.

First things first, let’s tackle the issue of how high kitchen wall cabinets should actually be. Ideally, they’re installed at a height that’s convenient for most people. But hey, we’re not all the same height, right? Sometimes, builders just go for the one-size-fits-all approach, and that’s where the trouble starts. So, what if your kitchen cabinets in high ceilings are, well, a bit too high for comfort?

Here’s the game plan: place this tall standing kitchen cabinet strategically, somewhere close to the wall cabinets. Use it to store the things you need to access more frequently but can’t quite reach up there. Maybe it’s your favorite mixing bowls, baking essentials, or that fancy dinnerware you like to use on special occasions.

Another trick up your sleeve is investing in a sturdy and reliable step stool. It might sound old-school, but hey, it gets the job done. Keep it nearby for those occasional items you need from the top shelves. Just make sure it’s easy to fold and store away when not in use.

One handy solution is to bring in a trusty sidekick: a tall kitchen stand-alone cabinet. This free-standing hero can be your ticket to reaching those high-flying items in your wall cabinets without needing a step stool every time. A tall kitchen stand-alone cabinet stands on its own and isn’t too high or low. It’s just the perfect height to grab stuff. You can put lots of things in it, and it's super handy because you don't have to struggle to reach your everyday kitchen items. Plus, it can look really cool in your kitchen, matching all your other cabinets while being way more convenient!

And don’t forget, you can always rearrange your wall cabinets’ contents. Place the items you use less frequently on the highest shelves and the stuff you need more often within arm’s reach. It’s a bit of a Tetris game, but it helps make the most of your cabinet space.

Pros and cons of high kitchen cabinets

ceiling-height kitchen cabinets grey beaded finish

Having kitchen cabinets that reach the ceiling presents a set of advantages and disadvantages, balancing increased storage capacity and aesthetics with accessibility and maintenance considerations. Below, are the pros and cons of having these high kitchen cabinets to help you decide whether they’re best to have in your kitchen space.



Utilizes vertical space effectively, providing ample storage for less frequently used items or seasonal kitchenware.

Items stored on the uppermost shelves can be challenging to reach without a step stool or ladder, making them less practical for daily use.

Creates a seamless and polished look, adding an illusion of heightened ceilings and making the kitchen appear more spacious and grander.

The uppermost areas might gather dust or grease, necessitating regular cleaning, which can be cumbersome due to the height.

Offers an opportunity for stylish display or decorative accents in glass-door cabinets, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the kitchen.

Installing cabinets that reach the ceiling might require professional assistance and could be more complex and costly.

Eliminates the need for decorative fillers or space above cabinets, preventing dust accumulation and providing a streamlined appearance.

Everyday items stored on the higher shelves might require frequent use of step stools, which could be inconvenient.

Adjustable shelving in tall cabinets allows for flexible storage configurations, accommodating various kitchen items.

Opting for cabinets that reach the ceiling could incur higher costs due to additional materials and specialized installations.

Offers the opportunity to designate specific areas for different types of items, aiding in better organization and decluttering.

Once installed, altering or modifying these cabinets can be more challenging due to their height and fixed structure.


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