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Kitchen with beaded cabinet ideas. Make your kitchen look unique

January 06, 2023 | Updated on: January 06, 2023

detailed beaded cabinets in a luxury classic kitchen

The world of kitchen cabinetry is more complex than most people think. There are basically countless cabinet designs to choose from and each design has tiny meticulous details which make them unique from one another. These differences are so subtle that it’s often hard to recognize them at first glance unless you are adept in cabinet-making. In this blog, we will go in-depth about beaded kitchen cabinets. 

What are beaded kitchen cabinet doors? A beaded cabinet refers to cabinets that have an additional detailed frame surrounding the door or drawer. This outline or cut is what is commonly referred to as a “bead”.

 When designing the interior of kitchens, you would want to make sure that your kitchen will look aesthetically timeless. While kitchen cabinet doors with beaded insets are more suitable for traditional and classic interiors, this does not mean that beaded kitchen cabinet is outdated. Beaded doors are versatile and with the right color and hardware, they can upgrade up the look of a kitchen.

Beaded cabinet door styles

white colored u-shape kitchen with white beaded cabinets and stainless steel appliances

One of the most overlooked features in kitchen cabinet doors is beaded face frame cabinets. The grooves or outline of beaded face frame kitchen cabinets are so tiny and simple that this go unnoticed unless someone pointed out that those are beaded cabinet doors. 

Cabinets can have this feature no matter what style they have. Beaded upper cabinets tend to be simple and streamlined in appearance. If you are going to install beaded-style cabinets, make sure that you have beaded inset doors drawers and beaded-style cabinet doors to match them. Wondering what are the other beaded face frame cabinet designs out there? Here are some of them. 

  • Beaded inset kitchen cabinets

Beaded inset cabinets are the most common type of beaded cabinets style. It is basically a cabinet with decorative detail on the door frame outlining the door panel. This type of detail is called a bead which acts as a double frame to highlight the doors and drawers and make them look more significant. Beaded inset cabinet doors are considered much more premium than plain inset cabinets. You’ll often see beaded inset shaker cabinets because shaker cabinets are the type where inset cabinets with beaded frame are more suitable. If you want to add more details to your kitchen’s interior, it is great to have inset beaded cabinet doors.

  • Shaker beaded kitchen cabinets

You can add more detailing to your kitchen by opting for beaded shaker cabinets. Beaded shaker cabinet doors lend a warm and contemporary touch to a kitchen. Shaker cabinets are known for their simple yet classical look. Making it more decorative in the form of shaker beaded cabinet doors. This will definitely enhance the look of your kitchen. 

Going for beaded shaker kitchen cabinet doors is not that difficult. You don’t have to do the woodwork of edge beaded shaker cabinet doors because you can readily purchase shaker panel cabinet doors with beaded inset in Cut2Size online store. Shaker cabinet doors beaded are the right choice if you want to blend together contemporary and traditional aesthetics.

  • Beaded panel kitchen cabinets

kitchen cabinet doors with beaded board lend kitchen spaces a much more elegant and classic look because of the inner panel detailing. Beaded panel cabinet doors can be custom-made or they can be purchased from selected cabinet manufacturing stores.

brick backsplash and blue beaded panel cabinet doors in the kitchen

  • Beaded raised panel cabinet door

We all know that raised panel cabinet doors are cabinet doors with a raised center that is a little bit higher than the rest of the door’s surface. This type of kitchen cabinet is losing its charm and can make kitchens look a bit dated. However, there is a way to revive its appeal. By adding details to its face frame, and transforming it into raised panel beaded cabinet doors, it can look a bit more sophisticated, therefore giving your kitchen a different glow.

  • Cathedral beaded cabinet

Cathedral cabinets as the name implies refer to cabinets with a center panel that is arched-shaped and raised. It is more traditional in appearance and is commonly found in modern-Victorian or regency-styled interiors. A beaded cathedral cabinet is a cathedral cabinet but with extra decorative detailing on its door frame. A beaded arch cabinet is crafted meticulously because creating a groove on the arched or curved part of the panel requires skills and expertise in woodworking and cabinet making. This is what makes an arched beaded cabinet door more expensive. If your goal is to make your kitchen look as opulent and grand as possible, cathedral cabinet doors with beaded boards can help you achieve just that.

  • Beaded glass cabinet doors

Did you know that you can also add a bead detail to your glass cabinet doors? Yes, that’s right. Adding an extra groove detailing is not only limited to wood-surfaced cabinet doors. Although this detail is not noticeable and can be easily overlooked, it is nonetheless, a good feature to add in your glass cabinet doors.

  • Beaded slab cabinet

Simple flat panel cabinets can have a beaded feature too! A flat panel beaded kitchen cabinet door is not a common cabinet that you will see in most homes. However, for people who love to have that extra detail in their homes and prefer a more exquisite and unique cabinet style, they go for flat panel beaded edge cabinet doors instead of plain ones. It shows the designer or the homeowner's love for design and attention to detail.

  • Cabinet door Sheffield style

The raised panel cabinet door Sheffield style is exceptionally intricate. A mitered cabinet beaded cabinet door is used in its construction. With its arching rounded outside edge and beaded recessed cabinet interior detail, the raised center panel's radius edge complements the frame. When you look at it from afar, it looks like a simple raised inset panel cabinet with a beaded feature but when examined up close, a mitered beaded cabinet door has more details and is extremely ornamented with double bead outlines.

Beaded cabinets in various kitchen designs

stained wood kitchen cabinet with beaded doors and black marble counter

If you have existing cabinetry and want to add a beaded feature on its doors, this section of the blog will tell you exactly how to do that. Keep in mind that a beaded face frame transitional cabinet is a bit difficult to make but with the right equipment, resources, and time, you can absolutely do it. 

If you are building a cabinet from scratch, the first step is to choose what type of material to use to create your beaded cabinet. Lightwood beaded kitchen cabinet door is a popular choice not just among designers but cabinet makers as well. Because of its weight and characteristics, it is easy to produce light wood cabinet beaded door compared to other hard solid wood. Another alternative is an MDF beaded cabinet door. Most beaded cabinets in furniture and manufacturing stores are beaded cabinet MDF or beaded plywood cabinet doors. This type of wood is also lightweight and affordable. 

After you have chosen a material, the next step is to build your beaded modern cabinet face-frame first and then plan for the width of your beading. Adding beading to a face-frame that has already been put together will result in an increase in face-frame width. 


Lastly, your beaded cabinet should be visually and aesthetically connected with the rest of your kitchen’s interior design elements. Unfinished beaded cabinet doors are something that you should consider because it has a versatile appearance. Designers recommend using neutral colors to paint your beaded cabinets so they can easily blend with the rest of the accessories and not overload the kitchen look. A white beaded cabinet door suits best in contemporary and transitional kitchens. Moreover, having white beaded shaker cabinet doors helps tie the different kitchen parts. You can also complement or create contrast in your kitchen by adding white beaded panels to kitchen cabinet doors. 

Another option to consider when creating contrast is an unfinished beaded cabinet door. If an unfinished cabinet door is much more appealing to you, you can easily finish it or seal it by applying glazing to beaded cabinet doors. This will at least protect your cabinet doors from moisture and scratches. You can pair it with a neutral décor such as glossy hardware or bronze knobs for an elegant look. 

Making beaded cabinet face frames

lightwood raised panel kitchen cabinet doors with beading

The process of making bead details for a cabinet is complex. If you haven’t done any cabinetry work or woodworking before, and you don’t have the right materials and equipment to do it, It is best not to try it DIY. However, there is a simple method of creating a door molding detail using basic equipment you can find in your garage. Here is a simple step-by-step method you can follow.

 How to make bead detail on cabinet doors

Step 1: Prepare your wood frames

To create a beaded trim for cabinet, prepare your wood frames first and make sure that all four sides are of accurate dimensions.

Step 2: Cut a piece of wood into a thin and vertical form like a molding

To make the beaded cabinet door detail, you will need a router table to cut pieces of wood in thin vertical forms. This will serve as the molding or the beaded edge cabinet doors.

Step 3: Glue the molding to the square edge of the frame

Most kitchen cabinets with beaded cabinet molding trim are made by gluing the beaded cabinet molding trim into the square edges of the frame.

Step 4: Secure it with pin nails

To secure the cabinet molding with a beaded insert, use brad nails or pin nails. Beaded molding cabinet doors should be securely attached to ensure the quality and durability of the cabinets.

Step 5: Make sure the corners meet

Make sure that all the beaded kitchen cabinet molding trim meets perfectly on the corners. There should be no gaps or uneven parts so that the bead looks like it isn’t attached but carved out of the frame.

Step 6: Do this on all four sides of the frame

Use this method on all four sides and on all of your cabinet doors and drawers to achieve the beaded molding cabinet doors feature.



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