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Kitchen Organization Hacks. Top Ideas to Transform Your Kitchen Storage into a Convenient Space

July 15, 2022 | Updated on: July 15, 2022

well organized pantry shelves

It’s essential for kitchens to be clean and properly organized. However, kitchens are arguably the most challenging space to maintain and organize. There is so much stuff that you store in the kitchen and you use the space many times a day so it is normal for it to get dirty and cluttered. Organizing a kitchen takes a lot of patience and organization skills. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you out.

In this blog, we’ll talk about kitchen space saver ideas and kitchen organization solutions you can do regardless of how small or big your kitchen is. After reading this blog, you’ll learn kitchen organizing tips, formulate a kitchen organization system, and know the hacks of how to organize a kitchen.

Let’s get started!

Kitchen Storage Hacks

pantry storage solutions for loose products

There are many storage ideas for the kitchen you can apply in your own space. However, keep in mind that not all of them work for everyone. Here are a few pantry storage solutions that seem to work for almost all kinds of kitchen space.

  1. Use jars and baskets to organize your pantry

Using jars and baskets in your pantry is a good idea to keep all your food supplies, spices, condiments, and other cooking essentials easy to grab and easy to put back in place. One of the most common problems we encounter in the kitchen is having difficulty finding certain cans or bottles because of an overly cluttered kitchen pantry storage. Placing items in jars and baskets will help keep them organized.

  1. Create a kitchen pull-out pantry

Another great kitchen food organization hack is to install a pull-out pantry. With pull-out units, you can easily reach the whole items of your pantry by pulling the baskets out using a smooth sliding mechanism. The shelves and baskets make it simpler than ever to organize all of your food supplies. Adding a pull-out pantry to your kitchen might be a fantastic way to increase its storage capacity.

  1. Use a cooking cady

To save counter space, store spices and condiments in a rack that is easy to carry. Since you use salt, cooking oils, and your preferred spices every day, you always want them close to the stove. However, they are not required to permanently occupy precious counter space. Put them all in a caddy that you can use to cook and then immediately tuck them away in a cabinet.

  1. Hang kitchen utensils for decorative purposes

You have a creative opportunity waiting if you happened to collect your grandmother's rolling pins, crooked wooden cutlery, and/or well-used cutting boards. Think of storing these cherished cooking items in plain sight as genuine décor accents by hanging them on the available wall space.

  1. Re-organize your pantry

Sometimes, we think our pantry is too small to fit all our food supplies because it is not properly organized. Consider arranging all the items in-store and you might just have an extra kitchen storage area that you can utilize for future use once all the stuff is organized.

Cupboard Organization Ideas

well organized kitchen cabinet with jars

Cupboards are full of all types of cookware, ingredients, food supplies, and other cooking essentials. Knowing the proper kitchen cabinet organization hacks and dish organization ideas is the key to making your kitchen efficient, convenient, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Here are ways how to organize a cupboard.

  1. Deep kitchen cupboard storage ideas

The space between the top and bottom of deep pantry shelves makes it easy for cooks to reach inside and retrieve heavy products, lowering the danger of potential mishaps. Deep pantry shelves are also great for organizing pots and pans, stashing equipment, and keeping huge bags of overfilled food.

  1. Pull-out chopping board

A brilliant way to store chopping boards is to go for a pull-out chopping board drawer. Simply pull out the drawer if you are going to use the chopping board and close it once done. It’s a clever way to tuck away items to free up counter and wall space in your kitchen.

  1. Rollouts for your kitchen

Rollouts are sliding drawer boxes or rolling shelves. Larger kitchenware like pots and pans fit perfectly in these drawers since they make the most of all the available space.

  1. Utensil storage organizers

Utilize a drawer divider to stop objects from rattling about within drawers. The numerous compartments keep everything organized so you can find what you need easily.

  1. Large utensil storage in kitchen cabinets

Designate a storage area in your cabinet to store large and heavy kitchen utensils like pans, bowls, pots, and other cookware. This will make it easier to find and pull out the cookware you need when cooking. You don’t need to scour and open all your cabinets to find that one bowl you use to make pasta.


How To Use Narrow Kitchen Cabinets

Create a narrow cabinet next to the stove to keep your preferred flavoring ingredients. Put a tall narrow kitchen cabinet pull-out rack inside the door and use it as a spice rack for the kitchen cabinet. Installing a tall narrow kitchen pantry cabinet is one of the most utilized storage solutions for narrow kitchen cabinets. If you have additional space, mount a turntable on one of the shelves of your narrow kitchen hutch cabinet so you can spin the vinegar and oil bottles into view.

Kitchen Racks

small open shelving storage ideas

Kitchen shelves or racks are practical for holding the necessary kitchenware that we use every day. You can install racks for canned goods, a kitchen bottle organize rack, or a kitchen island with a wine rack. Experience improved flexibility and convenience when cooking through the help of kitchen racks. If your kitchen racks are well-organized and functionally constructed, it would be easy to manage numerous tasks there.

Kitchen Counter Organization

small kitchen counter organization is important to keep your countertops spotlessly clean. Your kitchen counter should always be kept as tidy as you can. Here’s an effective kitchen countertop organization hack: Section off your kitchen counter to keep things orderly. Your fruit dish, for instance, may be kept close to where you eat, and your cooking equipment and often used spices can be kept near the stove. This countertop organization kitchen trick will help you keep everything in place even after a whole day’s work in the kitchen.

Everything you keep on your countertop will have a spot where you can readily find them. Additionally, thoughtfully arranging your kitchen in this way might give it a cleaner appearance overall.

Shelving Under The Kitchen Counter

Utilize the space under your kitchen counter and put shelves and cabinets to store a set of cookware and utensils. Under-counter shelving ideas are a great method for optimizing empty spaces underneath your counter. There are kitchen islands with open shelves and kitchen islands with open storage ideas you can find on the internet. Draw inspiration from there when creating your open shelving under counter in the kitchen.

Other Kitchen Organization Ideas

The kitchen is packed with a variety of cookware and utensils that requires different maintenance and proper storing method. Here are more ideas on how to keep other kitchen materials organized.

  1. Knife block

We’ve talked about cutting board storage ideas like installing a pull-out chopping board but we haven’t touched on how to properly store knives. Perhaps the most common way of storing knives is by using a knife block. Other helpful kitchen equipment like sharpening steel and kitchen shears can be stored in extra slots on certain countertop knife blocks. Knife blocks are safer to have in a home with children since they conceal the knife's edges. When not in use, they might be stored in a locked location.

  1. Rolling kitchen cart

Living in a small area generally results in cramped kitchens with little cupboards, drawers, and counter space, but practical storage options like rolling islands and kitchen carts may help you extend your kitchen and store your culinary necessities without the clutter.

  1. Kitchen cart with wine rack

The typical kitchen cart is intended to serve as both general-purpose storage and counter space. There are also kitchen carts with wine racks and other necessities that can contain drawers, baskets, cupboards, or hooks for cooking equipment, kitchen towels, and cookbooks. It frequently also features a countertop surface for an additional prep area.

Hanging Kitchen Organizers

hanging wall rack for kitchen

We’ve tackled cupboards, pantries, and countertops. But we haven’t yet touched on the topic of kitchen wall organization. There are several ways you can do to utilize the walls of your kitchen. Here are a few.

  1. Use Kitchen pantry organizers corner hanging

Use the walls and corners of your pantry to hang certain items to free up some counter space in your pantry.

  1. Plate racks for kitchen

Use a plate rack where you can place your dishes that are freshly washed to dry them out. Plates can be conveniently stored in racks especially if they are used frequently.

  1. Spice racks for kitchen cabinets

Create a rack specifically to store your spices, condiments, cans, and bottles. This will keep them safe and easily accessible when cooking.

  1. Wood T-molding for stemware

Use wood T-molding to create decorative storage for your wine glass. T-moldings are used to hold wine glasses upside down above a kitchen island for aesthetic purposes.

  1. Kitchen utensil racks

There are many types of kitchen racks. This includes kitchen pot racks, kitchen bakers racks, and kitchen towel racks. Utilize racks to store and categorize your different types of kitchen utensils.

How To Organize A small kitchen?

Effective and small kitchen organization techniques are essential to making any kitchen, no matter how tiny it is, function as efficiently as possible. You have to be resourceful with what you have since you don't have the luxury of space. There are many ways to organize your kitchen as well as neat kitchen ideas but when we talk about a small kitchen, it’s an entirely new challenge.

However, don’t worry because even the tiniest kitchens may be effectively organized with some creative thought, from installing upper cabinet storage organization solutions, putting small kitchen shelf organizers, utilizing top of fridge storage, implementing above cabinet storage ideas, and replacing traditional cupboard interiors to cleaning closets and arranging pantries. 

No matter how big or small your kitchen is, the first organizing rule is: don't waste storage space on things you won't use or need. That being said, when arranging a tiny kitchen, thorough decluttering is typically the best place to start.

Tea/coffee making, seasoning, baking, and other operations can be divided into separate zones in tiny kitchens when areas are adjacent to one another or even overlap in some circumstances. Put all of the essential goods in a container or basket, then shuffle them around the kitchen as needed.

Kitchen Zones

Food Storage

Food Prep Area

Cleaning & Waste Storage

Pots and Pans Storage

Small Appliances and Other Utensils

This area is where your fridge and pantry are located. They can be placed adjacent or close to each other for ease of access and convenience

The food preparation area is typically near the sink. It is where you place your utensils for preparing food like chopping boards, knives, bowls, and spices.

Cleaning items, as well as waste bins, are ideally located in under-counter cabinets below the sink.

This area should be located near the food preparation zone so it’s easy to access pots and pans when cooking.

Small appliances like coffee makers, blenders, and other utensils like glasses, mugs, teacups, and kettles can be stored in cupboards and overhead cabinets.



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