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Kitchen dummy doors, false drawers and end panel ideas

March 23, 2023 | Updated on: May 13, 2024

minimalistic kitchen cabinetry design off-white

You might have cabinet gaps or open shelves you don’t like in your kitchen. If you are looking for ways to achieve a polished and cohesive look in your kitchen then false doors and drawers might be a good solution. They are kitchen panels that cover useless and non-functional parts of your cabinets. Dummy doors are easy to install, and they increase overall construction durability. They are also a great way to add a finishing touch to your kitchen design. 

Fake panels can come in handy for homeowners seeking to update their kitchen interior without significant changes. The false panels are useful for aesthetic purposes, and when you’re renting or selling a house. There are many ways to use faux panels in your kitchen. For instance, you could use them to cover a space for a dishwasher that has not yet been purchased, to hide the under-sink area, or as end panels for your kitchen island. You can use hardware to give dummy drawers a similar look as the real ones or you don't have to. By mimicking the design of the rest of your cabinet doors and drawers, you can achieve a high-end look for your kitchen at a fraction of the cost. 

If you are new to the concept of kitchen dummy door panels and false kitchen drawers, this Cut2Size blog will help you figure it out. Let's talk more about different designs of kitchen cabinet false doors and drawers, kitchen island false doors, how to apply them and what type of hardware is best for such doors, as well. 

Fake doors for cabinets kitchen

are there false cabinets or real ones - you'd never know

When it comes to updating or remodeling your kitchen, one of the most important elements is the style of cabinetry you choose. Fake doors are a great option for kitchen cabinetry as they offer an affordable and stylish way to update your space. Fake doors and panels come in a variety of designs so there is something to suit any style or taste. 

  • Dummy door in the kitchen in beadboard style

Beadboard-style doors can give your kitchen a cozy, traditional feel. It is a type of paneling that features vertical rows of narrow, tongue-and-groove strips with a small indentation along the seam. When used in cabinet doors as a fake accent feature, it can add texture and visual interest to an otherwise plain and simple cabinet design.

  • Louvered kitchen cabinet dummy door

Louvered cabinet doors have horizontal slats that are angled to allow air to circulate inside the cabinet while still providing some privacy. This type of fake door design originated in warm climates where ventilation was essential, but it has since become a popular design choice for many kitchens.

  • Kitchen cabinet false door mirrored style

Although it is more common in a bathroom design, a false kitchen cabinet mirrored style adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to a kitchen. Instead of a typical wooden door panel, a mirror is attached to the surface of the panel. Mirror-style false cabinets like these, create an illusion of more space making small kitchens appear larger.

  • Kitchen cabinet dummy end

Another decorative cabinet end panel ideas are dummy ends. This type of fake cabinet feature is installed against a wall or in a corner. They are designed to give the cabinet a finished look and provide a seamless appearance when viewed in the front. In addition to providing a finished look, a kitchen cabinet dummy end can also help to protect the side of the cabinet from damage.

  • Corner kitchen false cabinet

A corner kitchen false base cabinet is a type of kitchen cabinet that is designed to fill the space in a corner of a kitchen that is typically unused. The false cabinet is called such because it appears to be a regular cabinet from the front, but it is not functional like a typical cabinet with shelves or drawers. Corner false cabinets are used to create a seamless appearance in the kitchen by filling in the gap between two adjoining cabinets.

Kitchen dummy drawers

false drawer under the kitchen sink

A false drawer kitchen is a decorative front panel that is designed to look like a functional drawer but does not actually open. False drawers are commonly used in kitchen cabinetry design to create a uniform and aesthetically pleasing look in places where the actual drawer cannot be placed. Here are some kitchen dummy drawer design ideas you might want to integrate in your kitchen. 

  • Hidden storage false kitchen drawer

The false drawer with hidden storage is usually located beneath a regular drawer or cabinet and is designed to be flush with the surrounding cabinetry. This makes it virtually indistinguishable from a regular kitchen drawer, so it's unlikely that anyone will notice it unless they know what to look for.

  • Kitchen cabinet false drawer pull-out

The false drawer pull-out is typically installed in the area below the kitchen sink or in the lower section of a base cabinet. It is a type of storage unit designed to look like a standard cabinet drawer, but in reality, it is a pull-out shelf concealed behind the fake drawer front kitchen. It provides an additional storage area perfect for storing cleaning supplies, garbage bags, and other household items frequently used in the kitchen.

  • Kitchen false drawer front with built-in tray

Adding a kitchen false drawer tray behind the false front kitchen drawer, you can create a hidden storage space for sponges, scrub brushes, and other small items that can clutter up your countertop. Fake kitchen drawer trays slides out for easy access, and the false front blends seamlessly with the rest of your cabinetry for a clean and cohesive look. 

This design of a kitchen fake drawer tray is a great way to maximize storage space in your kitchen without sacrificing style or functionality. It's a small detail that can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of your kitchen.

  • Kitchen cabinet fake drawer with dish towel holder

Dishtowel holders are usually installed in drawers. However, putting the dish towel holders in functional drawers can sometimes become a hassle especially if you access the drawer frequently to get items like kitchen utensils, bowls, plates, and the likes. By adding a dish towel holder to the front of the fake drawer, you can create a convenient spot to hang your dish towels, keeping them within easy reach while also freeing up counter space. 

  • Kitchen false drawer front that opens

A kitchen false drawer front that opens is a decorative panel that appears to be a drawer front that actually opens to reveal a hidden compartment. The false drawer front that opens is often installed using a special hinge that allows it to swing open easily. It can be made to match the style and finish of your other kitchen cabinets so that it blends smoothly into your kitchen’s interior design composition.

What to do with that false drawer under a kitchen sink?

false drawers under the sink and stove

The kitchen sink false cabinet drawer can be utilized for several organization purposes. Although they are installed primarily for aesthetic purposes and added style, a kitchen sink false drawer can also serve a function.

  1. They can be used to store cleaning supplies

You can use the fake drawer under kitchen sink to store cleaning supplies such as sponges, scrubbers, detergents, washcloths, and cleaning solutions. Putting them in kitchen under sink cabinet dummy door will keep them hidden away and free up space in other areas of the kitchen.

  1. Pocket hold for utilizing bins

You can also transform the false front for a kitchen sink cabinet into a pocket hold with a hinged door to create comfortable access to utilizing baskets and garbage bins. 

  1. Decorative feature

If you don’t need additional storage space, the false bottom kitchen cabinet can simply be used as a decorative feature in your kitchen. Match the finish and style of the kitchen sink cabinet false front to your other kitchen cabinets and consider adding a decorative knob or handle to complete the look.

Dummy kitchen drawer front fixing

under the counter box for drawer or false panel

If you have a damaged dummy kitchen drawer, you don’t need to dismantle or remove your cabinetry entirely. There is a quick fix that will make your dummy kitchen drawers look good and sturdy as new. Fixing a dummy drawer front can be done using kitchen cabinet false drawer front clips. 

Kitchen cabinet false drawer clips are small metal or plastic brackets that attach to the inside of the dummy drawer front and hold it in place on the cabinet face frame. To fix a dummy drawer front with kitchen cabinet false front clips, simply attach the clips to the back of the drawer front. Position the drawer front in place on the cabinet, and then screw the kitchen false front cabinet clips into the cabinet face frame.

All type drawers

How to remove a fake kitchen drawer?

Planning to do a fake kitchen drawer makeover? Changing a fake drawer in the kitchen can be a tricky task, but with the right tools and techniques, it can be done quickly and easily. Here are the steps you can follow to remove a fake kitchen drawer and make a fake kitchen drawer real.

  1. Remove the screws

Using a screwdriver, remove the screws that hold the mounting brackets in place. If the screws are difficult to remove, you can use a lubricant like WD-40 to loosen them up.

  1. Pull out the drawer 

Once the screws are removed, gently pull the drawer out of the cabinet. Be careful not to damage the surrounding areas or the drawer itself.

  1. Remove any remaining hardware

If there are any remaining brackets or hardware, use pliers or a screwdriver to remove them.

False drawer panels can be glued. Then, you can use a small wooden board and a hammer to get the job done. Place the board on the faux drawer face and tap the hammer lightly. If you don't have much space for swinging, so you will need a small flat bar and the same wood piece as the lever and wedge. Move the piece of wood around, hitting and prying in various locations to reduce damage.

Kitchen cabinet false drawer hardware

Modern shaker style kitchen cabinets and dummy doors

Kitchen cabinet false drawer hardware can provide the impression that a cabinet has a drawer that can be pulled out and used, but in reality, there is nothing in the space behind the drawer front. Handle in kitchen fake drawer sink is frequently used in kitchens where extra storage is desired but a functional drawer is neither necessary nor needed. 

Kitchen under-sink cabinet false front door hardware is available in a variety of sizes and shapes to go with the cabinet's style. A kitchen under-sink cabinet dummy door hardware that is mounted to the cabinet using mounting brackets is the most typical kind of false drawer hardware. The kitchen dummy drawer hanger and other types of handles, which can be constructed of wood, metal, or other materials, is intended to mirror the appearance and feel of the other drawers in the cabinet.

False kitchen drawer fronts ideas instead of knobs

Kitchen cabinet fake drawer hardware is a clever and unique solution to save money while giving your kitchen cabinets some visual flair. Kitchen dummy drawer decor can be used to produce a seamless and consistent appearance instead of conventional knobs or handles. Here are some suggestions for fake kitchen drawer fronts: 

Hardware type


Finger pulls

In your fake fronts, you can design finger pulls in place of conventional knobs or handles. They are little cutouts or recesses that provide you with a hold on the front and let you pull it open. These are simple to manufacture with a router or drill and give off a sleek, contemporary appearance. 

Integrated handles

Making handles that are integrated into your kitchen fake drawer decor is an additional choice. To do this, first sand the front of the drawer before cutting a handle shape into it. It produces a seamless appearance that is both fashionable and practical.

Grooved fronts

To serve as a handle, you can also cut grooves into your false fronts. In order to do this, a long, narrow groove must be cut along the top or bottom of the drawer front. It produces a simple appearance that is ideal for contemporary kitchens.

Fake paneling on a kitchen island

Fake drawers on kitchen island

Adding fake paneling to a kitchen island is a great way to give it a custom look without breaking the bank. There are several ways to achieve this, including adding a kitchen island dummy door, cabinet end panel skins, and wainscoting. 

What is a dummy panel on a kitchen island? A kitchen island dummy door is a false door for a kitchen island that looks like it opens, but in reality, it is fixed in place. These are typically used on the end of a kitchen island and can be made to match the style and finish of the other cabinets in the kitchen. Attaching false doors to kitchen island is a common practice done by interior designers to add depth and style to the cabinets in the kitchen island. 

False doors for a kitchen island are similar to a dummy door, but instead of a door, it is a flat panel that is fixed in place. This is a great option for creating the look of a custom-built island without the cost. 

Cabinet end panel skins is another kitchen island pack panel ideas that can be applied to the kitchen island. These are thin pieces of wood or laminate that are designed to cover the sides of a cabinet or island. They can be made to match the finish of the other cabinets in the kitchen and are a great option for creating a seamless look. 


Wainscoting is the most popular option for adding fake paneling to a kitchen island. This involves installing a series of panels along the base of the island. These panels can be made of wood or synthetic material, and they can be painted or stained to match the rest of the kitchen. 

When deciding between wainscoting vs fake cabinets for a kitchen island, it's important to consider the overall style of the kitchen. Wainscoting is typically more traditional and cheap, while fake cabinets are more modern and stylish. Consider the overall aesthetic of your kitchen and choose the option that best fits your style and budget.


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