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Kitchen cabinets hutch and sideboard ideas. Best ways to use a kitchen hutch

September 23, 2022 | Updated on: September 23, 2022

white kitchen hutch in farmhouse kitchen design

One of the questions we get a lot are all about kitchen hutch furniture. What is a kitchen hutch cabinet? And what is the difference between a kitchen cabinet hutch and other kitchen cabinetry? A cabinet hutch for the kitchen is a type of furniture unit that has shelves, cabinetries, and drawers. Unlike cabinetry sets, kitchen hutch cabinets are usually free-standing kitchen hutch. This means that the kitchen cabinet with a hutch can be moved around the kitchen, re-arranged, or transferred into another area in case you want to modify the layout of your kitchen. 

A kitchen cabinet buffet hutch is originally made of solid wood such as timber. However, as the years went on and new building innovation techniques have been practiced, small kitchen hutch cabinets are also becoming more unique and transformative. Most of them are made of veneer and the shelves and worktops have increased to include liquor and glassware compartments. 

Today, you can find kitchen hutch in Canada that are manufactured and purchase them to use as your kitchen hutch buffet. A kitchen cabinet buffet hutch can be used to display your kitchenware or food when you have guests for dinner or when hosting a party. Hutch kitchen cabinets are also the ideal furniture to add to your kitchen if you have limited space

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen hutch with cabinets is becoming common in minimalist and contemporary homes because kitchen cabinets and hutch are much easier to maintain and keep clean. Moreover, you can modify or customize your kitchen hutch furniture if you want to add a kitchen hutch with drawers, a sideboard kitchen cabinet, and a kitchen sideboard with shelves. There are plenty of kitchen sideboards in Canada available to order on Cut2Size. There’s still nothing quite like having your sideboard in the kitchen customized to really fit in the space and complement your kitchen’s overall interior design style.

To know more about the characteristics and features of a kitchen cabinet hutch, continue reading this blog and don’t forget to save it for later.

Kitchen hutch sizes. The key is in proper dimensions

distressed kitchen hutch with shelves, countertop and drawers

Keep in mind that there are a variety of hutch cabinets. Most people opt for a custom kitchen hutch especially if their kitchen is too big or too small for a manufactured hutch on the market. Large kitchen hutch cabinets often have 3 sets of cabinets 3 on the base and 3 on the upper part which is used as a display shelf. Some large hutch for the kitchen can have 4 cabinets. 2 on the lower part and another 2 on the upper part. A large kitchen hutch is often seen in traditional kitchens. 

The dimension of a tall kitchen hutch is approximately 6.4 feet. A long kitchen hutch has a width of 3.5 feet or twice. Small space small kitchen hutch has 1 cabinet on the upper and drawers on the lower part. A small hutch for the kitchen has an average width of 2.9 feet. Go for a kitchen hutch small if you have a tiny kitchen. A thin kitchen hutch has a width of at least 1.1 feet. It can be thicker depending on your preferences. But if you have a very small kitchen, a narrow kitchen hutch like this will do. A narrow hutch for the kitchen tends to be lighter and easier to move around as well. If you are a minimalist and you don’t have a lot of decorations and accessories to put in display, a slim kitchen hutch is your best choice.

Kitchen countertop hutch

A hutch can have a countertop and it can also be without a countertop. Hutches without a countertop are often used to display accessories, and glassware and have drawers for extra storage. A kitchen hutch with a countertop on the other hand is also called a buffet hutch. The hutch on the kitchen counter will be used to display food, a wine compartment, or a coffee maker. A kitchen hutch with counter can be very convenient if you are the kind of person who frequently invites guests to come over. Having an extra kitchen counter hutch can serve as your counter for serving food so you don’t have to squeeze another piece of furniture or try to fit all your guests on your kitchen island.

Best kitchen hutch ideas to imply

built-in kitchen hutch with cabinets and glass doors

Wondering how a hutch kitchen cabinet can be used in your home? Here are several hutch-in-kitchen ideas on how you can use a hutch for kitchen functions and more than just a display shelf. 

  1. Coffee hutch for kitchen

The variety of hutch designs out there will give you the freedom to buy or create a hutch that’s perfect for you and your family’s needs. A kitchen coffee hutch is probably the most popular function of the unit. If you are a coffee lover, create a kitchen hutch coffee station so that making coffee will be easier and more convenient for you. An espresso kitchen hutch can also be found in small coffee shops. Designate a space for your kitchen coffee bar hutch if you’re planning to create one. It should be somewhere that’s convenient to access or the first area in your kitchen that you pass by every morning.

  1. Kitchen hutch storage cabinet

Looking for more kitchen hutch storage ideas to add to your tiny kitchen? Don’t complicate things and transform your old cabinetry or hutch into a kitchen storage hutch. There are many things you can do with a kitchen hutch with storage. You can use the cabinets above its counter to display cookware and decorations. You can also use the kitchen hutch storage cabinet below as drawer to place utensils, towels, and other things in the kitchen. Adding a kitchen storage cabinet hutch is a good idea to maximize the functionality of a tiny kitchen. 

  1. Kitchen corner hutch

Not all kitchen hutches are rectangular. In fact, there are also triangular in shape. These unusual hutch shapes/layouts are made for corners. They are referred to as corner kitchen hutch cabinets. A corner kitchen hutch furniture is space-saving. They are free-standing and can be found in antique and thrift furniture shops.

A corner kitchen hutch cabinet oftentimes does not have a counter and is used as a piece of accent furniture to keep the corners from looking dull and empty. Kitchen corner hutch cabinets are popular in the traditional interior design era. They’re detailed and more heavily ornamented with carvings and trims compared to modern hutches. If you want to add a touch of history or vintage to your kitchen design, a corner hutch for kitchen will definitely give justice to your composition.

  1. Built-in kitchen hutch ideas

A built-in kitchen hutch cabinet refers to a hutch that cannot be moved from one place to another. Like wall cabinets, a built-in hutch kitchen is attached to the walls or floor of the kitchen space. However, unlike cabinetries, kitchen hutch built-in tends to be smaller. They are just there to serve as an extra counter and storage. There are reasons why some homeowners prefer their kitchen built-in hutch. It might be because they don’t want to move it around or they find it simpler if they have a built-in hutch in the kitchen instead of a free-standing one.

  1. Kitchen buffet hutch

As mentioned earlier, you can use your kitchen hutch as buffet furniture. The kitchen hutch and buffet always go side by side because the kitchen buffet and hatch function very much the same. Go for a kitchen cabinet buffet hutch if you want to have extra counter space. A kitchen sideboard with a hatch also looks great. Just make sure to place your kitchen sideboard buffet near your kitchen island or kitchen walls so that serving and refilling dishes will be a breeze.

  1. Open-shelf kitchen hutch

For a more modern look, a kitchen hutch with shelves is the ideal option. Open up your hutch, remove doors or change the doors into sliding glass. Paint it in neutral white and replace the hardware. Many people nowadays find the open shelf concept aesthetic and clean. If you want to hop into the trend, look for kitchen designs and see how people are doing it by simply adding shelves and repainting the cabinet hutch.

  1. Kitchen bar hutch

Don’t know where to put your wine collection? Go for a kitchen hutch with a wine rack. Transforming a hutch into a wine rack is also another creative way to use the furniture. Your wine collection can be displayed on the glass-covered shelves and you can accessorize the counter with a basket of fruits, a vase of florals, and wine glasses.

People use a kitchen sideboard with a wine rack depending on what works for them. Think of how the furniture can work for you as well and ask yourself why you need it before purchasing one.

  1. Hutch made from kitchen cabinets

Do you have existing cabinetry that you want to demolish, update or change? Update it into a cabinet hutch. When removing an old cabinet, ask the help of a professional to safely remove the cabinet from the walls and floors. Be careful not to damage the parts, especially the doors. You can transform them into a cabinet hutch and make it good as new again.

  1. Freestanding kitchen buffet hutch

Almost all hutch cabinets are free-standing except for the built-in hutch cabinets. If you prefer furniture in the kitchen that can be a storage and display shelf all at once and can also be transferred and moved around, a kitchen buffet hutch is what you’re looking for.

  1. Kitchen microwave hutch

Since a kitchen cabinet hutch can serve many functions – it can be a coffee station, a wine station, a buffet station, storage and a display shelf, it can also be a place where you can place your small kitchen appliances such as a kitchen hutch with a microwave shelf. A kitchen appliance hutch can hold several appliances and not just a microwave. It can have your blender, coffeemaker, toaster, heater, rice cooker, and a lot more.

  1. Kitchen hutch with glass doors

A glass kitchen hutch is primarily used to display decorations, cookware, glassware, and accessories. Instead of wooden doors, transparent glass doors are being used to showcase the display. If all you need in your kitchen is a place to store your most prized kitchen possessions, definitely get yourself a kitchen hutch with glass doors.

  1. kitchen island hutch

A kitchen island hutch is an alternative for a kitchen peninsula that you can use if you don’t have enough space for a kitchen island. The hutch can serve as your mini pantry where you can store food, baskets of fruits, condiments, snacks, and the like.

Kitchen cabinet hutch designs - not always outdated

wooden kitchen hutch with microwave shelf without countertop

Many people think that hutch cabinets are outdated. However, that is not true. Yes, a kitchen cabinet hutch can look vintage but it all depends on how you integrate the furniture into the space. Proper design and styling can fix that. Here are several kitchen hutch designs to make your hutch look more trendy in the kitchen.

  • Modern kitchen hutch

A kitchen hutch modern has a very simple design. They are versatile and are often painted in neutral or white color. These types of hutches are used to display accessories and decorations and they have minimal ornamentation to really fit in the modern scene. Look for modern kitchen hutch ideas and modern kitchen sideboards if you are looking for extra storage space to add to your modern kitchen.

  • Farmhouse kitchen hutch

A farm-style kitchen hutch is perhaps the most popular style where hutches can fit in. Kitchen hutches farmhouse are made for the classic design and a farmhouse kitchen style will definitely look great with a small farmhouse kitchen hutch in the corner. Adding this into your kitchen will add character and create a sense of consistency and coherence in the home’s interior design scheme.

  • Country kitchen hutch

The style of country kitchen hutch furniture is characterized by a wooden often distressed look. This creates a natural aesthetic that fits the country's vibe. As we all know, a French country kitchen hutch is all about nature, simplicity, and elements of wood. A French country hutch for a kitchen is the unit where people place their condiments, spices, cookware, and a lot of other things. Naturally messy is the common aesthetic of a country-styled kitchen so a rustic kitchen hutch can look crowded yet aesthetically charming and nostalgic to the eye.

  • Antique kitchen buffet hutch

Are you looking for an antique piece to add to your kitchen? Choose a retro kitchen hutch. Vintage pieces like a vintage kitchen hutch cabinet are a gem. They are sturdy, durable, and well-designed. If you are lucky to find an antique hutch in a flea market, consider flipping it or updating its hardware to make it look brand new – while of course, retaining its natural vintage appeal.

Kitchen hutch color ideas

white modern kitchen hutch with black granite countertop

When we think of a kitchen hutch, the first things that come into our minds are wooden brown furniture. Or furniture with natural wooden grains. But kitchen hutches can be painted. You can paint your cabinet hutch with the color of your choice – while considering the overall color scheme of your kitchen. Here are the most common colors for cabinet hutches.


Why this color?

Kitchen hutch cabinet white

White will always be the number one color when it comes to the kitchen. You can paint your white kitchen sideboard and kitchen hutch cabinet white. A white kitchen buffet hutch is perfect for contemporary kitchens. You can find a manufactured and ready-to-assemble white corner kitchen hutch and white kitchen hutch cabinet easily. Also, the kitchen buffet and hutch white can be paired together even if the former is showing its natural wooden grain. Look for a small white hutch for a kitchen if you are considering purchasing or repainting your white kitchen hutch in Canada.

Gray kitchen hutch

If you prefer to steer away from the neutrals and a bit of color, gray is a good option. It is a versatile color which means it can be paired with any other hue may it be whiter or darker.

Green kitchen hutch

A green kitchen hutch is for people who loves to add color and a bit of vibrance to their kitchen space without overdoing it. Some people are afraid to use color because it might not turn out great. But if you choose green, beige green, sage, olive, and another hue, it will almost always work out.

Black kitchen hutch

Black is an unconventional color for a hutch. If you are not quite sure whether you want to paint your hutch cabinet in black, we suggest to go for a black kitchen sideboard first. This will give you an initial impression of how furniture will look in your space if painted black. Also, black evokes elegance, sophistication, and luxury. If your interior design composition revolves around those themes, choosing black should have no problem at all.

Kitchen hutch decor ideas

Finally, if you already have an existing hutch cabinet but you don’t quite know what to do about it, look for kitchen hutch décor and kitchen hutch decorating ideas. This will give you an idea of what to do and how to style. We can talk more about hutch decorating ideas but that’s for another blog post. Don’t forget to look out for more of our upcoming blogs so you don’t miss out on the latest trends in decoration, cabinets, and kitchen styling.


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