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Flat panel kitchen cabinets ideas

September 19, 2022 | Updated on: September 19, 2022

small kitchen with flat panel cabinets

The cabinet doors are the features that define the interior design style of a kitchen. Kitchens with slab cabinets or flat panel kitchen cabinets tend to have a modern or contemporary appeal compared to cabinets with moldings and trims. Flat panel cabinets kitchen are becoming more popular as they offer not just an elegant but a space-saving practical solution for small kitchens. The flat panel flat front kitchen cabinets lack any form of ornamentation, except for the hardware which creates a sleek and streamlined kitchen interior aesthetic.

Hardware for kitchen cabinets flat panel can also be easily purchased in any cabinet furniture store. Flat face cabinets especially manufactured ones are lighter because they can do away without any form of framing. The door of these types of cabinets is literally one slab. There are a variety of ways that slab cabinets for the kitchen are constructed. Slab front kitchen cabinets can also be made of different materials such as solid hardwood, particleboard, and plywood.


The flat surface kitchen cabinets can be finished with paint or other types of finishing materials. Another advantage of slab panel kitchen cabinets is that they are easy to clean. Because slab-style cabinets do not have many curves, nooks, and detailed carvings, you can easily clean them by wiping the surface of slab kitchen cabinets with a microfiber cloth.

If you are eyeing slab front cabinets for your next kitchen makeover, you’re in luck! In this blog, we are going to talk about slab panel kitchen cabinets and whether flat slab kitchen cabinets are a good idea for your kitchen. Moreover, we will also tackle the different kitchen with flat-panel cabinet ideas. Everything you will need to know about flat surface kitchen cabinets is right here in this blog. Read until the end to make an informed decision for your next kitchen cabinetry update.

The main benefits of slab-style kitchen cabinets

open concept kitchen with high-rise slab cabinets

Slab door style kitchen cabinets are basically what the name implies. Kitchen cabinets with flat panel doors have 90 degree-corners and are void of wood carvings, moldings, and trims. You are more likely to see flat panel door kitchen cabinets in modern and minimalist interiors since flat front cabinet doors have a clean and streamlined appearance perfect for the contemporary aesthetic.

Many people are confused with flat cabinet doors and cabinet doors that are not flat. It’s a bit difficult to distinguish because there are many cabinet door designs that combine traditional beauty with modern or contemporary. Therefore, there are a lot of variations of flat-face cabinet doors.

However, when we talk primarily about slab door kitchen cabinets, it only describes the specific which is the flat slab door cabinets. Modern slab door kitchen cabinets can be made of a variety of materials and come in different sizes and colors. If you are looking for a practical and simple cabinet door design, go for melamine slab door cabinets. If you are starting to build your kitchen and still unsure what your interior style is, kitchen cabinets slab doors would also be ideal. The simple and minimalistic appearance of slab cabinet doors is what makes them a popular slab doors kitchen cabinets design in most modern homes.

Moreover, kitchen cabinets with slab doors are easier to maintain. Slab cabinets are also ready-to-assemble. You can easily choose the proper hardware for the kitchen cabinet's slab door from stores. Look for RTA cabinets slab doors or RTA slab door kitchen cabinets if you prefer to DIY your next home renovation project.

Flat panel kitchen cabinets vs shaker style

two-tone cabinets with slab doors in kitchen

On closer examination, there is a huge difference between shaker vs flat panel cabinets in terms of function, style, price, and aesthetic. Most interior design enthusiasts compare shaker vs slab cabinets. Many would argue which among the two is better.

However, slab kitchen cabinets vs shakers can stand out in almost any type of kitchen style because they are very versatile. For example, mixing slab and shaker cabinets create an unconventional and creative contemporary look that can make a kitchen truly eye-catching. Other designers use slab drawers with shaker cabinets to combine two styles and create a unique aesthetic that blends modern with the traditional in very subtle details. This solution is popular in rustic chic or modern farmhouse interior styles. 

If you live in an apartment or condo unit in the middle of a busy metropolis but you want to integrate the country vibe in your space, combining shaker cabinet doors with flat cabinet doors will undoubtedly pull off the ideal kitchen look you want.

Kitchen with flat panel cabinets styles

white scandinavian style kitchen with flat cabinet doors

Wondering why flat panel cabinets are fit only to modern and contemporary interiors? You’ll find out in this section as we take a deeper dive into the characteristics of these styles.

  1. Modern flat panel kitchen cabinets

We now know that flat panel modern kitchen cabinets are for modern interiors. Are they really only for modern interiors or can modern slab cabinets be also installed in traditional-styled kitchens? In fact, modern flat cabinets are versatile. However, when it comes to interior design, consistency, coherence, and balance are all taken into account.

Therefore, modern slab kitchen cabinets as the phrase itself says is meant for modern space. Visit a condo unit or an apartment from a newly built residential building and you’ll instantly notice that all their interior features are streamlined and simple and they most likely have modern white slab kitchen cabinets.

  1. High gloss flat panel kitchen cabinets

Flat panel kitchen cabinets can be high gloss or matte depending on your preferences. Shiny flat panel kitchen cabinets look more elegant and sophisticated. They are intended for high-end and luxurious homes. Matt finish slab style kitchen cabinets on the other hand have a more modest and simple appearance which makes them ideal in minimalist apartments.

  1. Contemporary flat panel kitchen cabinets

Many people find it difficult to differentiate contemporary from modern design. Both have similarities and distinctions. Modern design refers to a certain design movement or revolution while contemporary is all about convenience and versatility. If the current trend in kitchen design today is contemporary-style slab door cabinets, then this is the perfect style for you if you want to stay on top of the trend. One advantage of keeping up with the trend is that you can get your kitchen updated with the newest practical and functional solutions of today's innovative designs.

  1. European flat panel kitchen cabinets

If you want to update and simplify your traditional kitchen, go for euro slab cabinets. These are frameless slab cabinets that do not have heavy ornamentation but have sophisticated and stylishly elegant hardware. Face framed cabinets with modern slab fronts are being modified in so many ways to fit the perfect European flat panel cabinets. Flat panel cabinets have been around since the early industrial revolution period. 

Most popular color schemes for slab cabinets

A painted flat panel kitchen cabinet is more attractive and interesting compared to plain white cabinets. Vintage flat panel kitchen cabinets often keep the natural wood grain of the product. Updating cabinets with a new finish or paint color can make a huge difference in your kitchen especially if you’re just planning for a minimal renovation. Here are a few cabinet color tips you can do.

  • Flat panel white kitchen cabinets

When it comes to designing the kitchen, the color white will almost always be present. White represents cleanliness and simplicity which is necessary for the kitchen space. Flat panel kitchen cabinets white are the most common slab cabinets you can find. White flat panel kitchen cabinets lend an elegant and streamlined look to a kitchen and they can be paired with any other bold colors.

White flat panel kitchen cabinets with black hardware are the most popular combination in the kitchen. Black hardware, whether it is glossy or matte can easily stand out against the neutral modern white flat panel kitchen cabinets.

The flat front white flat panel kitchen cabinets also look great when paired with wooden elements. You will notice that white kitchen cabinets with flat panels are the best choice if you’re opting for a black granite countertop or countertops with darker colors. A white flat panel cabinet in the kitchen can be high gloss or matte. White slab kitchen cabinets with a gloss finish can be easily cleaned compared to white slab door kitchen cabinets with a matte or paint finish. Regardless of what finish and material you choose for your slab white kitchen cabinets, their durability and appearance will still depend on how you maintain your white slab door cabinets. As long as you know the right upkeep procedures and characteristics of the material they’re made of, you’ll have no problem in keeping your white slab front kitchen cabinets looking good as new.

  • Grey flat panel kitchen cabinets

Another color that we can’t skip talking about is the gray flat panel kitchen cabinets. If you want to go neutral but you don’t want your kitchen to look too clinical, opt for gray slab kitchen cabinets. Grey slab kitchen cabinets are versatile to combine with different colors and textures. They are the perfect option if you can’t decide between going neutral with your color scheme or adding a bit of color. Moreover, you can easily mix and match gray slab cabinets with both neutral and colorful schemes. 

  • Black flat panel kitchen cabinets

Black kitchens are a thing. They make kitchens look elegant, expensive, and contemporary. Many people are opting for black slab kitchen cabinets because they look amazing, even though they have to be cleaned more often. To go for a black kitchen, you also need to consider your home’s interior design scheme. Everything should be blended and matched together. If you want a modern but more unconventional look, purchase black slab cabinets and transform your kitchen into a luxurious elegant space.

  • Blue flat panel kitchen cabinets

Blue cabinets are for people who love to have a subtle splash of color in their kitchen. Blue is the right blend between neutral and colorful. It makes kitchens lively and adds personality and fun to the interior. Get blue slap kitchen cabinets by painting your flat panel cabinets with any shades of blue that will match your interior. You can go for light or darker shades. Navy blue slab kitchen cabinets tend to be a little darker which is great if your goal is to evoke drama and luxury. Another alternative for blue is green flat panel kitchen cabinets. You can go for the latter if you are eager to create warmth in the kitchen interior.

Flat panel wood kitchen cabinets

unfinished wood flat panel kitchen cabinets

Wood and unfinished flat panel kitchen cabinets are another options for homeowners who prefer to preserve the natural wood grain of unfinished slab cabinets. Flat wood cabinets work in both modern and traditional interiors. Solid wood slab cabinets are also very durable. You can purchase solid wood and get your wood slab cabinets custom made.

Now, there are many types of wood that cabinets can be made of. Here are the 3 most popular. 

Wood type


Walnut slab cabinets

Flat panel walnut kitchen cabinets have a deep, dark, rich color which makes them perfect for cottage-like houses. Walnut flat panel kitchen cabinets are easy to care and maintain. However, walnut slab kitchen cabinets might fade over time. To preserve the color of your walnut slab cabinets, you can stain them to protect or apply sealants. Slab walnut kitchen cabinets stand out against a white or neutral backdrop. If you go for walnut cabinets, make sure your kitchen walls are painted in a neutral color. 

Flat panel oak kitchen cabinets

Oak flat panel kitchen cabinets are for traditional kitchens however they can also be updated and look modern using different styling techniques. Go for white oak flat panel kitchen cabinets instead of the unfinished look. Oak slab kitchen cabinets have the characteristics and look of vintage ones, so if you want to mix contemporary with traditional, oak slab cabinets are the ideal cabinetry choice.

Flat panel maple kitchen cabinets

One of the sturdiest and most resilient types of natural wood is maple. In terms of durability and longevity, maple slab cabinets top the list. If you want kitchen cabinets that will last a long time, opt for slab maple cabinets. You can stain maple slab kitchen cabinets or paint them for a navy kitchen slab cabinet look. Maple slab door kitchen cabinets are still very much in style because of how adaptable and timeless they are.

How do you determine which cabinet is the best option? First, look for mood boards with flat panel unfinished kitchen cabinets on the internet. Second, find out the characteristics of unfinished slab cabinets. Compare prices of unfinished slab door kitchen cabinets and research the advantages and disadvantages of unfinished slab kitchen cabinets. You can also protect the wooden cabinets by glazing them or tell your handyman if you want stained flat panel kitchen cabinets.


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