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Why are High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets so Popular?

March 14, 2021 | Updated on: April 01, 2024

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Today, there are a lot of options available for the exterior of the kitchen. Although it allows homeowners to make the design individual and according to their taste, it makes the selection of materials very difficult. If you are shopping for a new kitchen, you will be overwhelmed with the choices available. High gloss kitchens have become very popular recently because of their spectacular and attractive look. Pinterest is full of high-gloss kitchen pictures. People like this modern and clean look. 

At the same time, high gloss kitchens have several advantages and some disadvantages that should be considered before buying. Read this article for all the nuances of choice, current colours and styles, and care instructions for a high gloss kitchen.

High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets Reviews:



Looks good;

Reflects unwanted objects in the room;

Looks spacious, which is especially good for a small kitchen;


Easy to clean because of the smooth finish;

Scratches can’t be touched up;

Tons of colours available;

Doesn’t fit with traditionally-styled homes;

Light absorption and giving it back.


Tips for Choosing a High Gloss Kitchen

Tip 1. The most practical high gloss colour is the light one. The practicality of a high gloss kitchen depends on its colour. On light glossy surfaces (like white, vanilla, or cream), dust, water drops, dirt, and fingerprints are almost invisible. Especially practical is a light gloss with a pearl effect. High gloss beige kitchen is a great choice.

Coloured glossy kitchens require more attention—they can show fingerprints. A dark, shiny kitchen (black, navy blue, brown, graphite, eggplant) is the most unpractical. Dark surfaces themselves get dirty very quickly, and if they are also glossy, high gloss kitchen cabinets price then dust, water stains, food stains, scratches, and fingerprints are noticeable on them twice as much.

High gloss modern kitchens in dark colours are suitable only for people who rarely cook.

Tip 2. Combine matte fronts with glossy ones if you are unsure about the choice. If you have doubts about choosing a glossy or matte kitchen, think about simply combining faces with different finishes. Glossy fronts are better for upper cabinets, and matte ones are more practical for lower ones (especially if you have children).

In the same way, you can combine high gloss cabinets of different colours. Wall cabinets can be made dark, and the lower cabinets can be made less maintenance white. 

Tip 3. In choosing a glossy kitchen, the finishing material plays a significant role. What are high gloss kitchen cabinets made of? High gloss kitchen cabinets material comes in a  variety of types. 

When choosing a high gloss kitchen, ask what kind of coating is used. The quality, durability, and sheen depend on the material itself. Acrylic is the most durable, reliable, and environmentally friendly type of glossy material. 

Acrylic perfectly tolerates high temperatures, steam, and moisture, and does not fade over time. Acrylic kitchen cabinets shine the most; they have 80 degrees sheen. It is also the only type of plastic that can be recycled. The only negative thing about it is that high gloss acrylic panels for the kitchen come flat. The profiled doors are not available in that type of finish. 

HPL (high-pressure laminate) is also a wear-resistant coating with a thickness of 0.3-2 mm or more but shines a little less than acrylic (70 Gloss). Use this material if you do not want an intense gloss. HPL coated glossy kitchens tend to be cheaper. 

Lacquer - the lacquered surface can have almost any shade and various “special effects” such as pearl, metallic, or chameleon. As well, high gloss paint for kitchen cabinets can be of different sheen. Simultaneously, lacquered faces high gloss acrylic kitchen cabinets are not very wear-resistant, are vulnerable to exposure to steam, water, heat, UV rays, and are pretty easily scratched. However, the coating can be repainted if necessary. Cabinet doors sprayed with high degree lacquer can be not only flat but also profiled or even curved. Painted high gloss lacquer kitchen cabinets are the most expensive ones.

PVC is a film that shines least of all (60 Gloss). PVC is the most affordable gloss material available. It costs less and is used in the manufacture of budget kitchens. PVC tends to scratch and can deform under the influence of high temperatures (for example, the stove gables and even sunlight). PVC can discolour or get yellow under UV light. 

Tip 4. Ideal interior styles for glossy kitchens are Scandinavian and eclectic. Also, a glossy kitchen will look good in a modern interior in minimalism and hi-tech. For more traditional interior styles, if you have a farm-style house, European-style modern high gloss kitchen cabinets will not complement your home’s interior. 

Tip 5. To make the kitchen less dirty, equip the faces with handles. On the one hand, a glossy kitchen with clear lines and without handles is easy to clean. But at the same time, it gets dirtier with fingerprints! The handles on the fronts will help to avoid the fingerprint problem. 

Tip 6. Combine glossy textures with "contrasting" ones. To make the kitchen interior cozy and attractive, combine polished furniture with finishing materials and decor with exciting textures from nature. For example, gloss is compatible with textured wood, ceramic tiles, brick, concrete, metal, stone, glass, fur, and leather.

Tip 7. Create diffused lighting in a high gloss kitchenLighting for a high gloss kitchen should be planned especially carefully. You don’t want to see unwanted reflections on your cabinet fronts.

Tip 8. Clean your kitchen with a microfiber cloth and glass cleaner. Caring for a high gloss kitchen is easy—all you need is a soft cloth and a neutral detergent.

High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets Suppliers

Meet top-tier suppliers that are offering quality and style in modern kitchen design. 

  1. Dreamspace Interiors (custom)
  2. Ikea (prefabricated)
  3. Bow Valley Kitchens ( custom)
  4. Cut2size (custom) 


Ikea High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets

Because of their very affordable prices, Ikea high gloss cabinets are among the most popular in Canada. Ikea high gloss grey kitchen and IKEA kitchen high gloss white are stock items. These are very convenient for people if they don’t have much time for their kitchen reno. Also, Ikea high gloss kitchen cabinet doors can be purchased as a single item. It is easy and inexpensive to replace a damaged part of your kitchen without waiting weeks for your order. Ikea high gloss white kitchen cabinets are very reasonably priced. For example, if you compare high gloss white kitchen cabinets Ikea with high gloss cabinets custom-made, be ready to spend way more money on custom cabinets.  

High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets Price 

Price considerations of shiny gloss kitchen cupboards depend on a range of factors. Here, we explore different material quality which affect the overall cost. No matter if you are on a tight budget or ready to invest in premium features - our guide can provide invaluable insights and help make informed decisions for your renovation project.



High gloss lacquer kitchen cabinets

$ $ $


High gloss acrylic kitchen cabinets

$ $


HPL (high-pressure laminate) high gloss kitchen cabinets



PVC high gloss kitchen cabinets



How to Paint High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets Doors?

high gloss modern kitchen

Painted high gloss doors are one of the most expensive finishes available on the market. Painting doors in high-degree lacquer is a time-consuming process. 

The first thing you need to do is to prepare your doors for the primer. Sand your doors very well. Make sure there are no imperfections. The only way to get a high gloss finish is to use spray painting guns. High gloss kitchen cabinets doors have to be sprayed in a dust-free environment, preferably in a paint booth. Another excellent alternative to painted high gloss doors is acrylic cabinet doors. 

The Most Popular Colours for Modern High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets in Canada

What colour is suitable for a glossy kitchen? Deciding on a colour for a kitchen is not always easy. This is an individual and delicate matter. The chosen colour must meet all expectations and achieve the set goals. Therefore, it is essential to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the space the cabinets will be installed into. You need to understand how bright the room is, what size the kitchen is, and whether additional space is required that needs to be visually expanded.  high gloss kitchen cabinets reviews

White high gloss kitchen cabinets are the most popular. It is the most comfortable colour in maintenance. High gloss white kitchen cabinets are the most practical. In addition, they look clean and modern. White high gloss kitchen shows fewer fingerprints than any other colour. Since people desire both beautiful and functional cabinets, white is the number one favourite colour people choose for their cabinets.

Grey high gloss kitchen cabinets are also trendy. Since grey is really in right now, material suppliers started to offer different shades of it. High gloss grey kitchen cabinets are not dull. They look modern, stylish, and sophisticated. 



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