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White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets Guide

March 20, 2021 | Updated on: January 31, 2022

White Shaker Kitchen with Wine Rack

The kitchen is the hallmark of any family, regardless of its size and the number of household members. Painted MDF fronts demonstrate not only functionality but also aesthetic appearance. Painted MDF burst into the cabinetmaking market in recent years and occupied a leading position. Kitchens made of painted MDF are very durable and practical, and great looking. And they are winning because of their beauty and practicality. The use of quality MDF ensures the absence of harmful chemical compounds. Quality MDF is an environmentally friendly material. It consists of tiny particles of wood, which can be routered in many dif Shaker Doors Raw MDF ferent ways. The Shaker cabinet door is the most popular one. What are the shaker cupboard doors, and how they look like? Shaker-style doors consist of a square frame and flat center panel. Shaker kitchen cabinet doors are simple, timeless, and classic.  They can be used in both traditional white shaker kitchen and modern white shaker kitchen.

How to Choose White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets?

Like any other material, painted MDF kitchens have pros and cons. Kitchens made from painted MDF presented in showrooms have a variety of colours. There are tons of colour options available. No other material can compare with that many colour choices. Even the pickiest client will satisfy his/her desires for kitchen cabinets because of the colour and profile options. However, white shaker cabinets are the most popular choice. Let’s look for the reasons why white kitchen cabinets shaker style is the number one choice?

  1. Shaker white kitchen can be modern or traditional.
  2. The white shaker cabinet has a simple design. 
  3. Shaker white cabinets are timeless.
  4. White shaker cabinets kitchen is easy in everyday maintenance.
  5. Shaker style white kitchen cabinets are durable.
  6. Kitchen with white shaker cabinets is available to buy in almost every showroom. 
  7. White kitchen cabinets shaker style are affordable. 

Kitchen Cabinets

Where to Buy White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets?

If you decided to go with a shaker white kitchen, the first question that might come to your mind is where to shop for it?  IKEA white shaker cabinets are a good choice for people who are on a budget. Lowes white shaker cabinets are another option. White shaker kitchen cabinets lowes are ready to install and are in-stock most of the time. While white shaker kitchen cabinets online can be purchases from for affordable prices. 


White Shaker Kitchen with Gold Handles

Handles for White Shaker Cabinets:

Cabinet handles are a functional piece of hardware that is used daily as well as a fashionable accessory for your kitchen. How not get lost in a vast assortment to make the right choice among various shapes, colours and textures? What to look for when choosing cabinet handles? Read our tips: HOW TO CHOOSE CABINET HANDLES? Handles should be selected based on the style of the cabinet door, its shape and colour scheme. Also, the handles must be made of high-quality material and have a good coating, then they will delight the eye and be a function for a long time.

The most popular handles for the white shaker cabinets are:

  1. Gold handles for white kitchen cabinets.
  2. Black handles for white kitchen cabinets.
  3. Stainless steel Handles for kitchen cabinets.
  4. Chrome handles for kitchen cabinets.

White Shaker Cabinets with Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops last for decades while maintaining their aesthetics and durability.  Quartz is one of the most rigid materials for countertops. One of the most attractive features of quartz countertops is that they are available in many colours and very consistent: solid bright or black, with a unique marble pattern, granite or other natural stone. A large colour selection is available due to the use of various dyes in the manufacturing line of countertops, which allows you to create any shade that you need and repeat the pattern of natural stone. Let’s look at some examples of quartz countertops that go with the white shaker cabinets:

  1. A white countertop with gray veins.
  2. Black countertop with leather finish.
  3. Gray countertop with some dark specs inside.

The Most Popular Types of White Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Doors in Canada

White shaker cabinet doors for a kitchen are a win-win solution for all times, not only from a decorator's point of view but also from a practical point of view. Here are some reasons:

White Shaker Kitchen with Custom Hoodfan White shaker kitchen cabinet doors are the most practical because dust, grease, water drops are not that noticeable on white. In general, any mess looks less depressing in a white kitchen than in a dark one. 

White shaker style cabinet doors visually enhance the space. If the kitchen is small, then betting on the white shaker door is the best decision you can make. Light walls and furniture will save even the most hopeless situation, such as in this mini-kitchen in a tiny apartment. White looks less bulky and heavy.

White shaker cabinet door fronts enhance natural light. White surfaces, especially glossy and satin ones, reflect light, due to which space becomes lighter. In a kitchen with a lack of natural light (for example, when windows face north), a white shaker cabinet door will work great. 

White shaker style doors balance out and dress up the interior. So, for example, a classic-style kitchen will not look pretentious but elegant.

White shaker doors are versatile. It goes well with all colours and shades and can be used in interiors of any style - from ultramodern to country.

The design of a shaker cabinet doors white kitchen is the easiest to implement. Tiles or countertops, wallpaper or paint for walls in white are always and everywhere. White shaker cabinet doors for sale are offered by many suppliers which makes the process of selecting and buying cabinets very easy.



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