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White Kitchen Cabinets With Black Countertops - Ultimate Guide for Those Who Prefer Black and White Classic

Imagine a modern-style kitchen these days. What do you picture? It’s likely for you to picture one of the most popular and recent trends and that’s white kitchen cabinets with dark countertops or a “tuxedo kitchen”, as many people like to refer to it as. The contrast of the white cabinets against the black countertops gives an alluring and dramatic feel. Black countertops are a popular choice because they can easily hide stains and smudges while the white cabinets offer a timeless and functional look for any kitchen style. You can choose this color scheme for modern, traditional, or rustic styles as it can have an appealing effect when it comes to the overall look.

white kitchen cabinets with dark countertops

For an interior design, colors will play a crucial role in determining the overall feeling and appearance of the room. When it comes to common areas like the kitchen, a more neutral color palette is used in most cases in order to easily blend with the other interior details that you might add later on. The details are what can be easily updated without having to change the color of the walls or completely replacing the furniture. 

White is often used as the main color choice for common areas in a home, especially for the kitchen. It’s commonly used for kitchen cabinets due to the bright and clean look that it gives, even in cases where the cabinet silhouettes are a bit bulkier. While kitchen cabinets can get pricey depending on the details, picking white as your ideal cabinet color can ensure that you have a kitchen that won’t go out of style soon. 


There are many benefits to using white kitchen cabinets, but choosing an all-white color scheme can end up making your kitchen look a bit too “sterile” or hospital-like. A way to prevent this is to add some contrast. This can be done by designing a kitchen with white cabinets and black countertops and also using a different color of paint for the walls, backsplash, and/or the countertop. 

Darker countertops will oftentimes look better when they’re matched with white kitchen cabinets, Plus, they’re less likely to show stains and marks which can be commonly spotted on lighter-colored countertops. 

kitchen with white cabinets and black countertops

Using white in a kitchen is an ideal way to keep the room feeling bright and open, especially if the room is small. However, instead of overwhelming the room with too much white, you can break it up with a darker countertop of your choice. The color choice doesn't always have to be black, in fact, it can be darker grey, blue, green, or brown. There are also many options to consider when it comes down to picking the type of material for the countertop. 

Best Materials for the Black Countertops in White Kitchens

When it comes to kitchen countertop materials, there is a multitude of great options to pick from. It can be one of the traditional options like marble or granite or you can opt for a more contemporary kitchen by using slate or quartz. Whatever it is, the options are endless. Some of the ideal materials for black countertops in white kitchens include: 

  • Marble countertops 
  • Granite countertops 
  • Quartz countertops 
  • Quartzite countertops 
  • Slate countertops 
  • Soapstone countertops 


If you’re interested in going for a more contrasting look, you’ll likely want to have dark countertops installed with your white kitchen cabinets. While you might associate dark countertops with black countertops, this isn’t always the case. You can choose from the many different surfaces that are available and they can include dark shades of brown, blue, and more. These dark shades can help you get the perfect contrast in your kitchen.

Before you choose to have a tuxedo kitchen, you should learn more about your options in terms of countertop materials. Three of the most popular and best materials for the black countertops in white kitchens include granite, marble, and quartz. 


best materials for the black countertops in white kitchens

Granite continues to be one of the most versatile materials to use for a countertop since it’s tough and durable. It comes second to diamond in terms of natural hardness. Granite is also easy to care for, resistant to bacteria and staining once it’s properly sealed, and it can last for decades. It’s also a material that comes in numerous different colors and patterns. 

It’s a countertop material that can be used to complement or contrast whatever color palette you choose for your kitchen or you can simply use it as the only color. To achieve a shiny and reflective look, you can have it polished or you can allow the color and streaks to show even better by leaving it matte and softened.  

Granite is a material that will stand up well against normal wear and tear. It’s scratch, stain, and heat resistant which makes white kitchen cabinets and black granite a prime choice for any kitchen. Common granite varieties for black countertops include the following: 

  • Via Lactea Granite: This kind of granite has chalky white veins against a black background which stand out beautifully.
  • Absolute Black Granite: it is basically a pitch-black color of stone that is simple and consistent in terms of darkness which gives it an elegant look. 
  • Black Pearl Granite: This is considered to be one of the most-loved colors of black granite as it has a semi-solid color tone along with flecks of brown, black, green, silver, grey, and gold. It’s available in numerous different finishes and can be used both indoors and outdoors. This kind of dark granite countertops with white cabinets can give a kitchen the perfect amount of light and dark color. 



Quartz is a manufactured product which is what makes it available in numerous colors and textures. It has similar durability to granite or concrete which means that it won’t chip or crack easily. It’s also non-porous which means that it’s resistant to stains and more so than granite or marble. A commonly preferred black quartz countertop option includes: 

  • Jet Black Caesarstone Quartz: This will give your countertop a consistent black color and it will also give the kitchen the perfect amount of contrast from the white cabinets. Black quartz countertops white cabinets will help make your kitchen functional and appealing.



White kitchen cabinets with black marble countertops

Another popular option for black countertop materials is marble. White kitchen cabinets with black marble countertops can add a bit of luxury to any home and it’s less expensive when compared to granite or quartz. However, it still adds a similar elegant feel. Marble is also incredibly durable as it is heat and scratch-resistant. A more popular choice of black marble countertops include: 

  • Black Marquina Marble: This is a more one-of-a-kind pick when it comes to black marble as it has gorgeous white veining throughout making it an ideal option for contrasting white cabinets.  


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Types of the Cabinets That Looks Perfect With Black Countertops

After finding your ideal black countertop material and color for your tuxedo kitchen, you’ll want to start looking into the different types of white cabinets that are available. Black countertops with white cabinets provide a timeless look that you can’t go wrong with since it’s important to have good contrast in order to get the perfect design. The combination creates a gorgeous effect despite the style of the kitchen.

White cupboards with black countertop

It’s common for black granite countertops to pair well with modern or classic kitchen designs. The surface of the stone is eye-catching, especially when combined with crisp and stark white cabinets and stainless steel appliances. The accents are what additionally help the overall look of the kitchen. White cabinets and black countertops can make even the smallest kitchens feel bigger and brighter. 

Even with two tones, a kitchen can still have a perfectly balanced look. White cupboards with black countertop and wood flooring can provide a warm, elegant, and timeless feel. 

Here are some of the most popular choices when it comes to white kitchen cabinets: 

White Shaker 

White shaker cabinets with black countertops

White shaker cabinets with black countertops are considered to be one of the most popular styles for white cabinets these days. They’re simple, elegant, and functional. You can have a bright look in your kitchen when you use this style of cabinets. 


With Hawthorne true white cabinets, you can get the shocking yet appealing contrast against your dark countertops. This style has fine contours that surround the center panels and give the cabinets a bit of elegance without making them look too busy or distracting. 

Bristol Antique White

If you’re interested in more of a farmhouse or traditional look for your kitchen, you might want to choose the Bristol Antique White cabinets. They have raised panel doors along with elegant detailing. The soft and creamy color offers a bit of a more subtle contrast with darker countertops. This is also the perfect style for off white cabinets with black granite.

Backsplash Ideas for White Cabinets and Black Countertops

Not only will you have to choose the perfect kind of white cabinets and black countertops for your tuxedo kitchen, but it’s also crucial to pick the ideal kind of backsplash. There are many different styles, materials, and ideas to choose from in order to get the perfect look. Here are some popular backsplash ideas for white cabinets and black countertops that you may want to consider for your kitchen. 

Backsplash ideas for white cabinets and black countertops

Natural Stone

You may want to consider combining two kinds of natural stone. It can be a white quartzite backsplash with black granite for your countertops. The contrast between the two stones will leave you with an appealing look thanks to their color and pattern movement. It can create the unique look you might be in need of.


Pairing a marble backsplash with your black granite countertops can also be a good idea. An ideal color choice for your marble would be either white or grey as it pairs best with black countertops. 

White Subway Tiles

White Subway Tiles

White wood cabinets with black countertop and white subway tiles for the backsplash can make your kitchen stand out. The white subway tiles are an ideal choice for a backsplash behind dark countertops. The countertops will balance perfectly with the white cabinets while the white subway tiles will give the room the extra sparkle and glow it needs. 

Stone Tile

You can make your dark countertops stand out by having classic stone tile as the backsplash. You can add to the style by having stainless steel appliances to make everything come together. 

Black Brick

A black brick backsplash will definitely make your white cabinets stand out. Finishing off the rest of the kitchen with some matte black cabinet hardware will complete the overall look. It adds a modern spin to a farmhouse style. Black brick is a great alternative to the basic red or white brick styles. 


backsplash with black granite and white cabinets

An effective combination for any kitchen can be a granite backsplash with black granite and white cabinets. A black-on-black look is appealing and it can contrast well with the white cabinets. It’s a bold choice, but an effective one. 

Brown Subway Tile

People might think brown doesn’t go with black and white schemes, but that’s not always the case. You can mix dark and rich color tones for a backsplash for white cabinets and black granite for a striking contrast. It’s a risky move, but when executed correctly and with the right amount of blending, you can get a vivid and appealing color scheme. Brown subway tiles are an ideal option for this experiment.

There are numerous kitchen backsplash ideas for white cabinets black countertops that can make your kitchen pop and complete the overall look. With the right color combinations and designs, you can get a final result that you’re pleased with. Whether it’s for a modern kitchen, a traditional style, or something more rustic, a tuxedo look is just what you need.

Kitchen backsplash ideas for white cabinets black countertops

Having black countertops in a white kitchen can give the room a bold contrast that will ensure a modern and/or contemporary style. In order to complete the look, you can add some contrasting colors in various ways through decor items like small appliances and more. Colors can enhance the design through the backsplash, wall coverings, and even artwork. Black is the perfect contrasting color for white and it’s one of the most popular ways to modernize your kitchen. 



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