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What is raised panel cabinets? Best raised panel cabinet door materials and styles

November 13, 2022 | Updated on: November 13, 2022

white kitchen with raised panel cabinets unfinished

Nowadays, kitchen interior designs are becoming more modern, innovative, and creative and for good reason. The demands of everyday life are changing and people need a more convenient, efficient, and well-styled kitchen. Kitchens should also be practical and functional aside from being visually appealing. And cabinetry is a significant part of the kitchen.

There are many options to consider when choosing a cabinet design for the kitchen. One of the most popular design features in cabinetry is a kitchen cabinet raised panel door. Kitchen cabinets with raised panel doors are basically cabinet doors with a protruding or raised center that is a little bit thicker than the surrounding wood.

Kitchen Cabinets

cabinet doors with raised panels are commonly found in traditional homes such as Victorian kitchens, farmhouse-styled kitchens, and other classical styles. If you are planning to get a kitchen cabinet door raised panel for your new cabinetry you need to know more about the raised panel cabinet door types. Find out what raised panel cabinet doors are there and decide whether it is best to get custom raised panel cabinet doors on Cut2size.

Before incorporating a new feature in your kitchen, you must know the ins and outs as well as the pros and cons to make an informed decision. Read until the end of this blog to know more about raised panel kitchen cabinets.

Raised panel cabinet door  types

black and white kitchen with raised panel cabinet doors

Raised panel doors for cabinets can come in a variety of styles. You can create or customize your own cabinet door raised panel with your desired design. Cabinet doors need to be carefully selected because they can affect the overall visual look of your kitchen. So, if you are thinking of buying raised panel kitchen cabinets doors, here are the types of raised panel cabinet doors you should consider.

  • Raised panel inset cabinet doors

Inset cabinets refer to a type of cabinet where its doors and drawers fit perfectly inside the cabinet frames. Inset cabinets are commonly flat or feature a flat cabinet door. However, there are also inset cabinet raised panel doors. The details are typically for detailing and ornamentation purposes. Inset kitchen raised panel cabinet doors look great in traditional kitchen interiors.

  • Square raised panel cabinet doors

If you are aiming for a more streamlined look and your kitchen is a bit small than the standard, square raised panel cabinets would be your best alternative. This is a type of kitchen cabinet with raised panel doors where the frames are square-shaped rather than the common rectangular shape. 

  • Mitered raised panel cabinet doors

Mitered cabinet doors are constructed with a center panel and a frame with a 45-degree angle joining the corners. One of the most common cabinet door designs ever is mitered, and you can find it in practically every type of kitchen whether it is contemporary, modern, or traditional kitchen design.

  • Raised panel cathedral cabinet doors

Cathedral cabinet doors are the ones with an arched design on top. This kind of cabinet door design is typically found in raised panels inside the rectangular border of the door. Cathedral cabinet doors require more detailed craftsmanship and are commonly seen in traditional or classical kitchens.

  • Arched raised panel kitchen cabinets

An arched raised panel cabinet door is somewhat the same as the cathedral cabinet door but with slight differences in the details. In the cathedral style, the arch is a bit more pointed whereas in an arched raised cabinet door, the arch is smoother and rounder like half of a circle. This type of cabinet gives smoothness and roundness to the kitchen interior.

  • Raised panel cabinet door Sheffield style

A Sheffield door cabinet style is probably the most uncommon type of cabinet. This is because this styjle is not commonly found in manufacturing stores and is often custom-made. It features several beading frames and has a large recessed panel. To achieve this look, you need to hire a professional craftsman who specializes in cabinet making. This type of cabinet door style, however, does not disappoint and will surely make any kitchen stand out.

Kitchen with raised panel cabinets ideas

small galley kitchen with cabinet raised panel doors

Let’s talk about the kitchen styles where kitchen cabinets raised panel would look ideal. Raised-panel cabinets are versatile but there are two most common interior design styles where raised panel cabinet doors would largely be incorporated. These are the following: 

Modern kitchen

Modern kitchens focus more on practicality and functionality in almost all aspects including the layout and configuration, choice of appliances, furniture, and of course, cabinetry design. When selecting cabinet door designs, you need to consider the overall theme and aesthetic of your kitchen. Modern raised panel cabinet doors for example lend a subtle charm to a rather clinical all-white kitchen making it more inviting and welcoming to the eye.

traditional kitchen

If you don’t have an intertie design style or theme in mind but you really want to have a raised panel base cabinet and an upper raised panel cabinet, then go for the traditional interior style such as Farmhouse, Victorian, Georgian, or Shabby chic. Having traditional raised panel cabinet doors will make your kitchen truly achieve that traditional vibe. Moreover, raised panel cabinet doors will help define the style of your kitchen.

Common cabinet with raised panel colors

Raised panel cabinets have detailed parts such as the beading, the crevices on the edges and corners, and some detailed woodwork. Painting a very detailed cabinet like this can be challenging. On top of that, deciding what color to paint the cabinet with is another challenging task that should be carefully deliberated. If this is your first time renovating a kitchen or you are still in the process of planning, here are the most ideal paint colors to choose from.

  1. White raised panel kitchen cabinets

Raised panel white cabinets are visually flexible. This means they can be installed in your kitchen regardless of what interior style your kitchen has. White raised panel cabinets are clean, straightforward, and practical. Raised panel white kitchen cabinets are the type of cabinets you see in shabby chic and farmhouse-styled kitchens. White raised panel cabinet doors create a striking contrast against a darker backdrop, therefore, enhancing the look of your cabinetry. Having white raised panel kitchen cabinet doors also means that you will be able to easily paint over the surface of your cabinets with another color easily and smoothly.

While raised panel cabinet doors white are the most common color for raised panel kitchens, there are also other kitchen with raised panel cabinets and backsplash ideas and colors that you can apply to your unfinished raised panel kitchen cabinets if you want to achieve a different look. Painting cabinets all depends on your kitchen’s overall color scheme and the painted raised panel cabinet doors you currently have. Here are some paint colors you can choose for your raised panel cabinet doors.

  1. Gray

Gray is one of the most popular colors for kitchens. Gray is a common ground between black and white. Its lighter and neutral characteristic is what makes gray raised panel kitchen cabinets ideal in kitchens. Gray does not show scratches or blemishes easily. Moreover, gray is the type of paint color that is low-maintenance. You can easily clean it or wipe over it to remove any dirt that might have accumulated on its surface.

  1. Black

If you want to add elegance and a bit of sophistication to your kitchen, paint your kitchen cabinets black. Many people are skeptical to go for black raised panel kitchen cabinets because it might darken the room or the space might feel gloomy. However, there is a right and proper way to integrate color in the kitchen. Knowing how to create contrast, add style, and decorate with lighting will make your black kitchen elegant and classy.

  1. Unfurnished

Another thing you can do to your raised panel cabinets is to leave their surface unfurnished. Unfurnished raised panel cabinet doors make a kitchen look and feel more inviting because of the natural wood grain texture of the cabinet door’s surface. This type of cabinet door style is common in rustic chic kitchens, minimalist kitchens, and Scandinavian-style interior spaces.

Raised panel cabinets’ best materials

unfinished raised panel kitchen cabinets farmhouse-style

There are several materials needed to complete a cabinet. The combination of these materials is what makes a cabinet durable and long-lasting. In the previous section, we discussed the different raised panel cabinet door profiles such as square, arched, cathedral, and Sheffield. Several materials can be used to build a raised panel kitchen cabinet and achieve the desired cabinet door details. Here are 3 of the most common materials for raised panel cabinets.

  • Solid wood

This is perhaps the most popular material that is used for building cabinetry. Solid wood is durable, strong, and long-lasting. Its natural wood grain color can add warmth to any kitchen.

Different types of solid wood are used for cabinets, but the most common are oak, hickory, and maple. There are two types of oak raised panel cabinet doors – white oak and red oak. Raised panel oak cabinet doors have a vertical grain pattern which is neat and streamlined compared to other wood grain patterns. This oak wood feature makes raised panel oak cabinets an ideal option for minimalist and modern kitchens.

Hickory is wood that is very durable and is able to withstand almost anything. If you want something that can last for decades but still would look as good and as strong as new, then you should definitely purchase hickory raised panel cabinet doors. Another great type of solid wood used for cabinetry is maple. Raised panel maple cabinet doors are quite durable, have a lovely appearance, and take paints and stains well. Maple is popular among woodworkers because of its toughness, slick grain pattern, and light, creamy hue.

  • MDF cabinets

Medium-density fiberboard, or MDF, is an engineered wood that is used to create kitchen cabinets and drawers. This type of cabinet material is very lightweight and far more strong than RTA cabinets with raised panel materials. If you plan to do a quick makeover of your kitchen on a budget, MDF raised panel cabinet doors would work just fine.

  • Thermofoil cabinets

A special kind of cabinetry known as thermofoil cabinets are created by pressing heated vinyl laminate over an MDF core. Thermofoil cabinets, which are used to make thermofoil raised panel cabinet doors and drawer fronts, are available in a wide range of hues, fashions, and finishes. Compared to a painted cabinet, thermofoil is more resistant to regular use and wear and tear.

Raised panel cabinets vs shaker

traditional kitchen style with arched raised panel cabinet doors

We all know that there is a variety of cabinet design styles out there to choose from. So, how can we choose the right one? In order to pick the right cabinets for your kitchen, you should know their features and characteristics and compare each and every cabinet type to narrow down your choices.

This section will take a detailed look at shaker-style cabinets vs raised panel. Should you choose raised panel or shaker-style cabinets? Take a look at the table below and decide whether raised panel or shaker cabinet doors are best for your kitchen.

Raised panel cabinets

Shaker cabinets

When it comes to style, shaker cabinets vs raised panels have very distinct features. Raised cabinets have a raised center panel which makes them more detailed.

The style of shaker cabinet doors, on the other hand, is typically flat, with no detailed carvings and ornamentation. This sleek and streamlined feature makes it an ideal choice for minimalist kitchens

The price difference between raised panel cabinet doors vs shaker cabinets is another significant distinction. Because of the detail and craftsmanship required to create a raised panel cabinet door, this type of door is considered more expensive.

Shaker cabinets, on the other hand, do not require detailing and heavy craftsmanship work. The installation process is also more straightforward than replacement raised panel cabinet doors, so it costs less than raised panel cabinets.



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