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Top reasons to go with teal cabinets in the kitchen

February 12, 2023 | Updated on: March 23, 2023

minimalistic turquoise kitchen cabinets with wooden island and shelves

Teal or turquoise kitchen cabinets have been gaining popularity recently for their bold and unique appearance. These cabinets add a pop of color to the kitchen, making it a standout feature in the home. The turquoise or teal kitchen cabinets' color can range from a soft, pastel shade to a bright, tropical hue, making it a versatile option for kitchens of any style. Whether you're looking to create a beachy vibe, a bohemian atmosphere or simply want to make a statement, kitchens with teal cabinets can do just that. 

If you're considering a kitchen renovation or cabinet replacement, a kitchen with teal cabinets is definitely worth considering. The bold color can transform your kitchen into a visually stunning space, and with the right design, it can make it look and feel larger. The teal color works well with a variety of other colors, including neutral shades such as white and grey, as well as bold shades like yellow and brown. Kitchen cabinets in turquoise can also help to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, making your kitchen feel like the heart of your home.

Different design styles with teal kitchen cabinets

flat panel teal cabinets and stainless steel appliances in the white kitchen

We all know the kitchen is the heart of the home, and the cabinets play a huge role in creating the perfect atmosphere. Teal is a bold and unique color that can instantly bring life to any kitchen, making it stand out from the rest. This section is all about the different design styles you can incorporate with turquoise cabinets kitchen and show you how a kitchen with turquoise cabinets can fit perfectly into each style.

  • Modern

Modern teal kitchen cabinets can add a touch of color to modern kitchens, making them stand out in a minimalist and sleek space. The bold color pairs well with other modern elements, such as stainless steel appliances, smooth countertops, and clean lines. Consider pairing your modern turquoise kitchen cabinets with a neutral palette, such as cream or grey, to create a balanced look. Using teal shaker cabinets as an accent color in your modern kitchen can also bring in a touch of nature and calmness to the space. 

  • Rustic

Rustic teal kitchen cabinets can add a unique feel to a rustic kitchen. The bold color of rustic turquoise kitchen cabinets can complement a warm, natural aesthetic, such as a wooden floor, exposed brick walls, and open shelving. For a cohesive look, pair your rustic dark teal kitchen cabinets with other earthy tones, such as browns and greens. Weathered finishes and rough textures can enhance the rustic feel, making the rustic teal cabinets look like they've been there for years. 

  • Country

Country rustic teal kitchen cabinets can add a touch of whimsy and fun to a country-style kitchen. The bold color can bring a touch of the outdoors inside and pair well with other country elements, such as unfinished wood, vintage-style hardware, and floral patterns. Use the teal color as a backdrop to showcase your favorite country accents, such as vintage glassware, enamelware, and decorative plates.

  • Distressed

Teal distressed kitchen cabinets can add a vintage, lived-in feel to a distressed kitchen. The bold color can help to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, making the kitchen feel like a cozy gathering place. Distressed teal cabinet finishes, such as chipping paint and rough edges, can add to the character of the distressed teal kitchen cabinets and make them look like they've been around for generations. Pair your distressed turquoise kitchen cabinets with other vintage elements, such as reclaimed wood and vintage light fixtures, to create a space that feels like home.

Tips for picking the perfect shade of kitchen cabinets in teal

teal island with butcher block countertop in the modern kitchen

Adding a pop of teal color kitchen cabinets is a great way to make a kitchen stand out and create a unique look in your home. But with so many shades of teal to choose from, how do you know which teal painted kitchen cabinets are the perfect fit for your kitchen? That's where this section comes in! 

In this section, we'll give tips and tricks for picking the perfect shade of turquoise color kitchen cabinets for your home. Whether you're going for a classic turquoise color or a more vibrant teal hue, we've got you covered. We'll help you figure out how to incorporate teal painted cabinets into your kitchen design and make sure they complement your overall aesthetic. 


Whether you're drawn to turquoise painted kitchen cabinets or teal colored kitchen cabinets, we'll give you tips to pick the perfect shade of painted teal kitchen cabinets for your kitchen renovation. 

  1. Go for light teal kitchen cabinets

If you're looking to create a soft and airy feel in your kitchen, light teal cabinets in the kitchen are a perfect choice. This delicate shade of teal can bring a touch of color to your space without overwhelming it. Light turquoise kitchen cabinets pair well with white or light wood tones, creating a calm and open feel in your kitchen. When choosing light turquoise cabinets, it's important to make sure they complement the rest of your kitchen design, including your countertops, backsplash, and wall color. A light teal kitchen cabinet can help create a cohesive look in your kitchen and make it feel fresh and modern.

  1. Choose dark teal kitchen cabinets

If you're looking for a bold and dramatic look in your kitchen, deep teal kitchen cabinets are a great choice. This rich shade of dark teal cabinets can make a statement in any kitchen, creating a stylish and modern look. Dark teal cabinets kitchen is also ideal in classical and traditional kitchens. Dark turquoise kitchen cabinets evoke a sense of elegance that makes the space looks grand and expensive. If you are into luxurious and opulent kitchen spaces, it would be nice to have dark turquoise cabinets in your home. 

  1. Select teal blue or green kitchen cabinets

Teal blue cabinets are a shade of blue-green colors. Turquoise blue kitchen cabinets can add a pop of color to your kitchen and make it feel unique and stylish. Teal blue can also create a sense of calm and serenity in a space, making it a popular choice for kitchens. Teal blue kitchen cabinets are easy to incorporate into your existing kitchen design. Dark teal blue kitchen cabinets are calming colors that can create a sense of peace and tranquillity in your kitchen, making it a great choice for those who want to create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere in their home. 

There are also several reasons why you may want to have teal green cabinets. Firstly, teal green kitchen cabinets can make your kitchen stand out and create a bold statement. It's a great way to add a pop of color to a neutral kitchen and make it more interesting and engaging. Secondly, turquoise green for the kitchen cabinets is a versatile color that pairs well with various other colors and design styles. In addition, green is a unique color that can easily be combined with both warm and cold tones. 

teal cabinets and wood look worktop

  1. Choose teal and white kitchen cabinets

White and teal kitchen cabinets offer a sophisticated and modern look. The contrast between turquoise and white kitchen cabinets creates balance and harmony, while the bright colors bring a cheerful and inviting atmosphere to the kitchen. This versatile color combination can work in a variety of design styles and will stand the test of time. Whether you choose to paint your cabinets or replace cabinet doors, teal and white cabinets are sure to add life and energy to your kitchen. 

White and teal cabinets particularly suit a coastal, bohemian, or contemporary design style. The coastal style is inspired by the sea and sand, and the teal color brings a touch of the ocean to the kitchen. The bohemian style is eclectic and playful, and the teal color adds a pop of color and personality to the space. The contemporary style is sleek and modern, and having white kitchen cabinets with a teal island creates a clean and stylish look. Ultimately, a teal island and white cabinets will suit best will depend on the rest of the elements in your kitchen, but they are an excellent choice for those who want to create a bright, modern, and stylish kitchen. 

  1. Teal cabinets with butcher block

Teal cabinets with butcher block are a great combination that can add character and warmth to your kitchen. Butcher block countertops are made from hardwood and have a beautiful natural grain that can complement the rich, earthy tones of teal cabinets. The natural warmth of the wood will balance out the bold teal color, creating a kitchen that feels both inviting and modern.

If you prefer a more dramatic look, you can consider having teal kitchen cabinets with black countertops. This will create a strong contrast that will make both the cabinets and the countertops stand out. On the other hand, if you prefer a more serene look, you can pair teal cabinets with white countertops. This will create a fresh and clean look that will make your kitchen feel bright and airy. No matter which option you choose, teal cabinets with black countertops or teal cabinets with white countertops they are sure to bring a unique and stylish look to your kitchen.

How to create an inviting space with teal cabinets

dark teal and white kitchen cabinets with gold hardware and modern lighting fixture

When it comes to creating an inviting space with teal kitchen cabinets ideas, it's important to choose the right kitchen with teal cabinets and pair it with complementary materials and colors. Here are some tips to help you create a warm and inviting kitchen with teal cabinets:



1. Start with the right shade of teal

Consider the lighting in your kitchen and choose a shade that complements it. Lighter shades work well in kitchens with limited natural light, while darker shades are best in kitchens with plenty of natural light and a lot of space.

2. Choose the right countertop material

Countertops and backsplashes play a big role in the overall feel of the kitchen, so choose a material that complements the teal cabinets. Natural materials like wood or stone will add warmth, while sleek, modern materials like granite or quartz will add a contemporary feel.

3. Add warm lighting

Use warm lighting, such as pendant lights or under-cabinet lighting, to create a cozy atmosphere in your kitchen and cooking workplace convenience.

4. Incorporate natural materials

Use natural materials, such as wood, brick, or woven textiles, to add warmth and texture to your kitchen.

If you want a high-impact look, consider high-gloss turquoise kitchen cabinets. These cabinets offer a glossy, reflective surface that will catch the light and add shine to your kitchen. Whether you opt for teal lower kitchen cabinets, teal accent cabinets, or teal bottom cabinets, adding a touch of color to your kitchen is a great way to create a unique and inviting space.


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