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Top 10+ Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas

April 19, 2022 | Updated on: June 03, 2022

kitchen cabinet chrome handles

Kitchen cabinetry is not complete without hardware. The hardware is basically the cherry on top of your kitchen cabinet design. It is what often defines the look of your kitchen. Modern and minimalistic kitchens for example have modern shaker cabinet hardware or little to no hardware visible. Whereas classic, rustic, and regency-styled kitchens have ornate and very detailed shaker cabinet pulls and shaker farmhouse kitchen cabinet hardware.

When renovating or updating the kitchen, pulls for shaker cabinets are the easiest to change since they can be easily removed with a screwdriver. Changing handles for shaker cabinets is also the quickest way to give your kitchen a simple makeover. By simply changing the shaker style door handles, you can make your kitchen look fresh and updated. So, if you’re planning to do a little kitchen makeover without having to revamp your entire cabinetry, here are 10+ hardware for shaker cabinets as well as white kitchen cabinet hardware ideas where you can get inspiration from.  

  1. Oil rubbed bronze cabinet pulls

kitchen cabinet bronze handles

Oil rubbed bronze cabinet pulls on white cabinets are ideal to create the warm rustic chic kitchen style. White cabinets contrast well with the farmhouse color palette. The basic rule when choosing kitchen cabinets hardware is to always opt for the color that has a strong contrast against the cabinet’s paint. Oil rubbed bronze cabinet pulls have both the charm of industrial and vintage which enhances the farmhouse vibe of the kitchen.

  1. White cabinets brushed nickel hardware

The brushed nickel is quite the opposite. It has a more subtle, softer appearance. It has a semi-satin finish and a somewhat brushed look. Some consumers believe that a brushed nickel finish resembles stainless steel and, as a result, it may look great with stainless steel kitchen appliances. Brushed nickel hardware on white cabinets is also ideal in modern kitchen spaces. Its color is subtle and offers an edgy look to modern and contemporary interiors. It is one of the best hardware for white cabinets that fits the modern scene.

Kitchen Cabinets

  1. White cabinets with black pulls

If you’re wondering what color hardware for white kitchen cabinets, the answer is, it should be darker or it should be different from the color of the cabinetry. To highlight the hardware design, it should have a contrasting color against the cabinet. The black hardware kitchen looks great in a white backdrop. The rule is simple: white kitchen cabinets, and black hardware.

  1. Pewter hardware

Pewter hardware on white cabinets is also one of the most popular hardware for white cabinets. The pewter hardware for white shaker cabinets is really constructed of rust-prone metal that has been coated with a tiny coating of pewter to achieve the 'pewter' look. It is often used to make shaker knobs and pulls have that vintage or antique look. Because of this, pewter hardware is less popular in modern-styled homes.

  1. Wooden Knobs

white drawer with wooden knobs

Wood as cabinet pulls for shaker cabinets is something that will never go out of style. Wooden pulls and knobs are often painted in darker or lighter colors depending on the paint color of the drawer of cabinetry to which they are attached. What’s great about wooden knobs is that they are carved into different shapes and styles to fit your preferences.

  1. Tubular Pull

drawer with tubular pull handle

The shaker style cabinet pulls are basically tubular in shape. It is also considered one of the most popular and commonly used cabinet pulls for shaker cabinets. Because of its shape, and the lack of crevices on its design, tubular pulls are easier to clean. Simply wiping it off with a towel can easily remove stains and grease. The tubular pull is frequently used in industrial kitchens and contemporary homes.

  1. Flat Bar pulls

kitchen drawers with flat bar pulls

The characteristic of flat bar shaker drawer pulls is quite similar to tubular pulls except that they are rectangular and flat. The lack of intricate design and grooves also make it easy to clean. It is an elegant option for any kind of kitchen design. It is perfect for both cabinet doors and kitchen drawers. Flat bar drawer pulls for shaker cabinets also vary in size so you can select shorter or longer ones depending on the size of your cabinets or drawers.

  1. Metal Knobs

Metal knobs are a classic. They come in different styles often intricate and sometimes simple. Metal knobs can also be in a variety of colors. It is a great kitchen hardware choice if you are simply looking to change old rusty hardware. Metal knobs are quite durable and can last for many years. They look great in the farmhouse and industrial-style kitchens.

  1. Glass Knobs

Glass knobs are rare and are only seen in stylish and elegant kitchens. It is because glass is prone to breaking and is a rare material for kitchen hardware. However, home décor enthusiasts who love to customize their kitchens and include their own aesthetic touch make white kitchen cabinets with glass knobs work. It is undeniably an elegant addition to kitchen cabinetry and it makes cabinets look pretty and sophisticated. 

  1. Curved Wire door pulls for shaker cabinets

Curved wire pulls are probably something that you’ve seen on closets. These are common in closets but are also used as door pulls for shaker cabinets. Its curved shape makes it easier to hold and pull. It is a typical handle that is inspired by the pulls of entrance doors. The curved wire pull is versatile and can be utilized in different kitchen designs and different colors of kitchen drawers and cabinetry.

  1. Matte black

kitchen cabinets with matte black handles

We can’t stress enough how amazing black cabinet hardware on white cabinets look. Sure, white cabinets with black handles are a fantastic pair but what’s even more beautiful are matte black knobs for white cabinets as well as pulls and cup pull. It adds edginess to the interior and has that contemporary masculine appeal. The power of matte black to conceal fingerprints isn't limited to damp areas. Matte black is a lovely finish and a great option if you prefer white cabinets with black hardware. They stay gorgeous over time and never fail to capture the attention of guests and design lovers.

  1. Black Drawer Cup Pulls

kitchen drawers with black cup pulls

Cup pulls are gaining attention in the kitchen interior design scene. Even though they've been around for decades, white shaker cabinets with black hardware are still popular. Cup pulls are a great way to add a hint of modern twist to your black cabinet hardware on white cabinets. They’re most typically found in classic, transitional kitchens, and farmhouse kitchen white shaker cabinets.

  1. Gold shaker cabinet pulls and knobs

Gold is a common color in the kitchen. They make kitchens look elegant, luxurious, and sophisticated. For white cabinets with handles, gold, silver or black is often color used. Cup pulls are generally exclusively used on drawer doors due to their size and design. It’s hard to decide what hardware looks best on shaker cabinets since all of them look great. It all just depends on the matching of colors and how the knobs and pulls fit in the overall interior design scheme of the kitchen.

  1. Silver shaker cabinet pulls

kitchen cabinets with silver handles

White cabinets with silver handles are pretty common. Knobs pull, curved wire pulls, tubular handles, flat bars, almost all of them basically have the silver color option. Silver is versatile. It is frequently seen as the perfect balance of black and white, allowing it to function as an unbiased hue that complements a wide range of palettes and schemes. The vitality of the colors it's coupled with is reflected and illuminated by silver.

  1. Gold and black shaker cabinet pulls

We’ve talked about how modern white kitchen cabinets with black hardware make a great pair. But we haven’t yet touched on how gold and black cabinet hardware on white cabinets when paired together look chic and modernistic. Gold and black create a dramatic contrast in the kitchen interior. They make the kitchen shine elegantly. It is often seen on farmhouse and rustic kitchens that seem to transition into something contemporary and stylish. 

  1. Classic Ornate shaker cabinet pulls

classic ornate cabinets handles

Vintage is beautiful and charming. In interior design, details count, and choosing ornate pieces as kitchen cabinet hardware is a terrific way to add a vintage vibe to the kitchen. Vintage cabinet pulls and knobs can be usually found in thrift stores and flea markets. They can also be cheaper than brand new ones. Ornate vintage knobs and handles make good hardware especially if you are flipping furniture cabinets or kitchen cabinetry. Just make sure that they all pair up together.

Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Size Guide

It may seem complicated to choose the right size kitchen cabinet hardware, but with a few simple measurements, you'll have no trouble making a good choice. 






Small drawers – 12” or less

3” – 4”


Medium drawers – 12” -30”

4” – 8”

1” – 1.5”

Large drawers – 30” – 48”

8” or more pulls

Can put 2 pulls

1” – 1.5” knobs

Can put 2 knobs



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