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Top 10 Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

April 21, 2021 | Updated on: January 31, 2022

In order to have a farmhouse-style bathroom, you don’t necessarily have to live on a farm. A farmhouse bathroom has a more vintage-inspired style that resembles a simpler time with an inviting, warm, and lived-in feel. Most farmhouse-style bathroom design ideas will consist of natural materials like wood and even some durable metals like galvanized steel. 

farmhouse bathroom

If you’re looking into remodeling your bathroom and going for a farmhouse style, you’ll enjoy this list of ideas as they’ll likely get you inspired. You might find yourself wanting to add a modern farmhouse bathroom vanity or maybe even a freestanding bathtub for the perfect touch. Whatever you desire to add in terms of farmhouse decor, this aesthetic will have you searching some of your local flea markets and thrift stores for the perfect pieces. 

The farmhouse style is one of the popular design aesthetics due to its simplicity, charm, earthiness, and warmth. The earthy color palette, along with the other factors, can look great in practically any bathroom. You can get the perfect look by adding your very own touches or even having a professional work with you on the remodel. Aside from the initial design, you’ll want to add some chic accessories and a few touches of wood accents. Details like wood flooring can add the perfect rustic look to the bathroom while shiplap walls and ceilings can do the same. 

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Of the many bathroom trends out there, the farmhouse-style design is essentially the most relaxed and cozy one. The lived-in look, warm colors, and unpretentious materials bring up a feeling of comfort and relaxation to anyone who walks in. This kind of bathroom isn’t all about rustic and weathered pieces or shiplap. In fact, many farmhouse bathrooms can have modern, polished, or industrial twists. Given that, no matter where you’re located, whether it’s a suburban town, the countryside, or in the city center, you can bring the farmhouse trend to your home. From adding a farmhouse style bathroom vanity to natural wood touches, the options are endless. 

Most farmhouse decor styles are welcoming, homey, and warm while modern decor can be clinical, minimal, and cool. Joining them together isn't always a bad idea. If you prefer the cleanness and simplicity of the modern style bathroom, but you want to add a few rustic touches for warmth, you can come up with a fabulous design. 

farmhouse style bathroom vanity

The “modern farmhouse” style is referred to as the hybrid style of modern color schemes, materials, and shapes with the rustic warmth of clay pots, untreated wood, and sturdy metal. There are numerous ways to integrate the modern style coolness and the farmhouse warmth. With modern farmhouse bathroom decor, you’ll get the ideal look. 

When designing your farmhouse-style bathroom, it’s important for you to get creative with it all. For instance, a sliding barn door can be one of the small farmhouse bathroom ideas you choose while salvaged or refinished furniture can be used as your vanity. Repurposing items to later use as bathroom decor can be just what you need to get the perfect look. 

Here are 10 farmhouse bathroom ideas that you’ll want to check out for some inspiration:  

1. White Farmhouse Bathroom

While all-white bathrooms are super trendy these days, especially when it comes to bathroom decor, you can always combine the all-white trend with farmhouse styles in order to achieve the perfect bathroom makeover. The trick to a white farmhouse bathroom is to create the texture and also accent it with some non-white elements. 

White subway tile can be used in the shower while white shiplap is used on the walls around the shower. Finishing off the white theme would be a white wood vanity and a farm style bathroom sink. With the monochromatic white canvas on your hands, you can start to accent it with different materials, textures, and colors. A popular choice is to use black hardware for the bathroom cabinets, vanity, light fixtures, and even the towel rack. Hardware that imitates wrought iron can create the perfect classic look. 

farm style bathroom sink

To keep your bathroom from getting too white, you can use wood instead of white tiles when it comes to the flooring. This will also give your bathroom a more inviting and warm feel. Reclaimed wood can also help inspire a rustic aesthetic. You can also choose to have white and gray floor tile to add some kind of detail without taking away from the all-white design. 

2. Shabby Chic Farmhouse Bathroom

You might think that the farmhouse aesthetic is too rustic for your liking. However, you can always try to go for a more shabby chic style. This will combine some rustic farmhouse elements with more luxurious touches that can elevate the farmhouse style. This is an ideal choice for a master bathroom since you’ll likely want to have some elegance incorporated in there. 

When choosing a bathtub, go for a freestanding clawfoot tub and hang a vintage-looking chandelier in either gold or silver with some crystals above it. You can further continue the luxurious look by getting a framed vanity mirror with intricate designs and ornate detailing. When it comes to subtle decor, you can go for a whitewash finish or wrought iron imitations. 

3. Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

A farmhouse bathroom with a modern feel can be a delicate balance. This is due to the fact that farmhouse bathrooms tend to have a traditional feel which is the opposite of what a modern bathroom has. To master this design, you’re going to have to balance the elements of both decor approaches. 

Try pairing a freestanding tub with a modern walk-in shower that is enclosed in glass panes. Also picking plumbing fixtures that have a more traditional style in a contemporary finish, like gold, can also complete the design of your modern farmhouse bathroom

farmhouse bathroom vanity

You can also go for traditional subway tile to bring out the farmhouse element and try skipping the classic white. Instead, go for a color. If choosing a color isn’t your style, try laying your subway tiles horizontally and arrange them in a modern design like a herringbone. 

For another modern touch, you can choose wood tile instead of actual wood when it comes to the flooring. Tile can mimic the look of real wood and it can be more durable as it is impervious to water. An additional modern touch would be to add heated floors underneath. 

4. Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom

Not everything needs to be rough when you choose your rustic bathroom decor. You can choose to have a few key rustic pieces that will help inspire the feeling throughout the bathroom. These pieces should look slightly aged or used with imperfections as they embrace the use of natural materials. 

Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom

An example would be incorporating a more rustic framed vanity mirror that may have been thrifted. This can act as the focal point of the bathroom and definitely make a strong impact. 

Try placing reclaimed wood open shelving above the toilet or going for a rustic dresser to use as the farmhouse bathroom vanity. This would be a large piece of furniture in the bathroom so it will definitely set the rustic tone. If you’re not interested in getting a rustic vanity, you can opt for a farmhouse bathroom sink, like one made from hand-hammered copper, on a modern counter. This will give off a stunning and rustic look in one.

5. Modern Farmhouse-style Powder Room

If you think that you have to forget about any farmhouse styles being incorporated in a small bathroom or powder room, think again. You can add a few farmhouse touches and integrate them into your modern color scheme. From adding an oversized sink to wood shiplap ceilings in your farmhouse half bath, framed mirrors, and even traditional mosaic tile, the options are endless for bringing in enough style and personality without having the room feel too nostalgic. Even small powder rooms can embrace the farmhouse touch without having overwhelming decor. 

6. Farmhouse and Modern Mix Bathroom

A farmhouse and modern-mixed bathroom is one of the most common options these days. Mixing the two styles can seem simple, but proper planning is required. You can go for black and white mosaic tile and even some black retro-style hardware. Incorporating white subway tiles for the farmhouse shower with painted wood shiplap and a wood vanity can create the perfect farmhouse look. By adding a subtle marble countertop, you can add the touch of luxury that the room needs. 

7. Dark Farmhouse Bathroom

farmhouse shower

When most people picture a farmhouse bathroom, they think about white. However, it’s not the only color that can be used in this kind of style bathroom. Darker colors, like navy blue, can be a fresh way to update the farmhouse style. It’s sophisticated yet relaxing for a bathroom. If you want to further incorporate a farmhouse feel in your dark bathroom, you can opt for a sliding barn door. This is also a perfect idea for a small farmhouse bathroom

8. A Wooden Themed Farmhouse Bathroom

Wood can be a common theme for farmhouse bathrooms and adding a farmhouse-style sink on a wooden vanity can create the perfect design. It’s even a perfect option for those who are looking for a more minimalistic approach to the farmhouse style since it’s clean and simple. Adding a rounded mirror and some two-tone accessories can be just the finishing touches you need. 

9. Shiplap Farmhouse Bathroom

Shiplap Farmhouse Bathroom

Shiplap is a commonly used material in farmhouse bathrooms. It adds an iconic farmhouse look and it can be incorporated as much as you like. From wall-to-wall shiplap or just an accent wall, the options are endless. Plus, you can mix shiplap with modern farmhouse bathroom designs for the perfect balance. 

10. Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

When it comes time to choose your farmhouse bathroom decor, you want to look for items that are functional and have a simple feel. Mason jars are ideal for holding some smaller items while metal or wicker baskets can be perfect for the larger items. Adding some plants around the bathroom can bring in some natural color. 

farmhouse bathroom decor

Hanging reclaimed wood shelves, placing some candles on them, or even adding a simple sign in the bathroom can blend the theme perfectly. Adding the decor can be your way of adding the finishing touches to the bathroom that will tie everything together. 

As standard practice, neutral or muted colors will best set the tone in farmhouse bathrooms. Dark wood is also a popular material that homeowners choose for their theme as they combine it with lighter paint colors or even tiles in order to prevent the room from feeling too dark, cramped, or heavy. 

farmhouse bathroom cabinet

Given this, don’t feel like you have to choose white or beige colors for your farmhouse bathroom. There are a bunch of colors that are considered understated but can still accentuate your rustic country look. From pale green to blue, grey, and even pink, there are all kinds of tones that you can go for. 

While it can look more traditional, you don’t have to incorporate natural wooden surfaces. You can still get the farmhouse look you want by choosing different colors for the surfaces. It’s also important to note that you should feel the need to shy away from patterns. You can have one wall as a traditional motif or maybe you can choose tiled floors with a contemporary pattern in order to have a strong impact on your bathroom. 

In order to avoid your color scheme from becoming too busy or loud, it’s best to stick to no more than 3 core colors. Ideally, you should choose a dark color and either one or two lighter shades to achieve the fresh and clean style that you want, especially when it comes to the farmhouse bathroom cabinet you choose. 

While there are many colors and finishes that you can choose from to make your bathroom pop, you might still be looking for ways to make it more modern. To do so, you should avoid cluttering each corner and space in your bathroom. While the farmhouse style gets the bulk of its appeal from the decor, it’s important to learn how to limit it in order to achieve the modern vibe that you’re looking for. 

a rustic farmhouse bathroom vanity

If you seek to further bring out the rustic feel of your bathroom without making it shabby, you can opt to utilize some repurposed items in order to decorate the space. Whether it be recycled wood cabinets, copper bathtubs, or even a vintage pedestal sink, or a rustic farmhouse bathroom vanity, you can add the perfect rustic touch without being excessive. By concentrating on functional items, like laundry baskets or wall shelves, you’ll be able to prioritize the components that you’ll use in the design. 

While a farmhouse look in a modernized bathroom will provide you with a laid-back and relaxed feeling, it’s important to use the appropriate farmhouse decor while also being sure to not go overboard with the decorating. Being sparing when choosing accessories and ornaments is crucial in order to not end up with a scattered and cluttered room. With a good eye, you can successfully get the rustic, homey, and luxurious finish to your bathroom that you desire. 



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