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The beauty of louvered kitchen cabinets. Add charm and functionality to your kitchen with louvered doors

January 23, 2023 | Updated on: February 20, 2023

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When it comes to cabinet doors, we’ve all heard of shaker cabinets, double inset panel cabinets, cathedral cabinets, glass cabinets, and other popular decorative cabinet doors. But, one interesting cabinet door style that we haven’t tackled yet are louvered door kitchen cabinets. 

What are louvered kitchen cabinet doors by the way? Are they suitable in the kitchen? Do they look stylish? What are the benefits of having louvered cabinets in the kitchen? And what design considerations to keep in mind when choosing louvered doors cabinets? All of your questions about louvered cabinet doors will be answered in this blog. Continue reading below and get to know more about this unique and interesting cabinet door design.

Benefits of cabinet louvers

kitchen cabinets with louvered insert

A louvered cabinet door is very easy to differentiate from other types of cabinet door designs. Unlike panel cabinets that usually have a plain surface, a kitchen with louvered cabinet doors is made of small wood slats angled slightly in a way that covers the contents of the cabinet but, at the same time, leaves small gaps for ventilation. There is also another type of kitchen cabinet with louvered doors. These doors do not have gaps but are designed to make them look like they have. This is a good alternative for homeowners who want the effect of kitchen cabinets with louvered shelves but want their cabinets fully covered.

Here are several benefits of having louvered cabinet doors: 





The gaps in the door allow air to pass through the cabinet door, providing good airflow, which eliminates moisture. If you are storing food, louvered doors would be ideal, but ensure that the food you are storing is appropriately sealed. Products in jars and bottles are best when stored in areas with louvered doors where air can pass through.

Visual appearance


Another obvious advantage of a louvered cabinet door is its appearance. It gives kitchen spaces visual texture, which draws the eye. If you want the traditional French kitchen look, having louvered kitchen cabinet doors will give you that vibe.



Louvered cabinet doors are made of wood, and they don’t have that much layer into them, unlike double-inset panel cabinets and the like. They are actually very light, both physically and visually. This appearance of lightness gives kitchens the illusion of more space, making the kitchen look more vibrant and welcoming.



Louvered kitchens are best for achieving the traditional kitchen aesthetic. However, louvered kitchens can also be versatile depending on what color you paint them in. For example, painting them in dark color brown gives off that classical traditional look while painting them with light neutral colors like white, off-white, and pastel hues makes them look great in contemporary and minimalist kitchens.


Design considerations for louvered kitchen cabinets

base kitchen cabinets with louvered doors

Are you planning to change your old cabinets into louvered cabinets? In this section, we’ll present to you a few kitchen with louvered cabinets ideas that you can easily find in manufacturing stores. Louvered cabinet doors inserts are usually custom-made, but for homeowners who don’t have enough time and effort to get their new cabinet doors custom-made, you can still get these attractive door styles by visiting cabinet stores or by browsing Cut2Size catalog online. 

Take note of these design ideas you might want to consider when going cabinet design hunting. 

  • Unfinished louvered cabinet doors

Think about the kitchen aesthetic that you want to achieve in your home. If your goal is to transform your kitchen into a nostalgic haven that reminds you of the beauty of a small cottage in the French countryside, go for louvered cabinet doors unfinished. Countryside aesthetic celebrates rawness and organic elements. The more natural and unfinished your cabinets are, the more successful you will be in achieving that aesthetic vibe.

  • Rustic cabinet with louvered doors

Another interesting design style to consider is the rustic wood louvered cabinet doors. To make wood louvered cabinet doors look rustic, simply apply the right finish, such as brown paint or distressed colors that will bring warmth and charm to the kitchen space. Rustic louvered cabinets can be integrated into both traditional and modern kitchens.

  • Modern louvered cabinet doors

To make louvered cabinet doors look modern, simply paint them with neutral colors such as white, gray, or off-white. White louvered kitchen cabinet doors brighten the kitchens, giving off a clean yet not clinical appearance. Louvered cabinet doors white can often be seen in contemporary kitchens, minimalist kitchens, and even Scandinavian kitchens. Integrating the right cabinet hardware can also enhance the look of white louvered cabinet doors.

  • Green louvered kitchen cabinets

If you want to add a subtle splash of color to your kitchen’s visual appearance, the best color to paint your louvered cabinets is green. It can be any shade of green. Olive green, sage green, beige, or dark. Green is relaxing to the eye, and it gives off that organic vibe, which adds a unique character to the kitchen.

  • Glass louvered kitchen cabinet doors

Glass louvered cabinets are not very common in kitchens. It is, however, seen in doors and windows. Glass cabinets are integrated together with louvered cabinet doors to create variety in appearance. These types of cabinets are free-standing and used to display kitchen decorative items.

  • Pantry cabinet with louvered doors

Looking for the best door type to install in your pantry? Go for tall cabinet louvered doors. As previously mentioned, louvered doors allow the air to flow throughout the cabinet's interior, eliminating moisture. When storing food in a pantry, it is important that these food products be stored at the proper temperature and free of moisture.

Tips for choosing the right louvered doors for kitchen cabinets

installation of louvered doors kitchen cabinets after kitchen renovation

While louvered cabinet doors offer several benefits and have a good visual appearance, it is not for everyone. Before investing in one, you need to know the pros and cons of having this type of cabinet door. Moreover, you should also know how to find the right louvered cabinet considering craftsmanship and quality. Here are some tips for choosing the right louvered doors for your kitchen. 

  1. Know your options

Know what options you have aside from louvered cabinet doors to better decide whether such cabinet doors are actually the right option. There are also different kinds of louvered doors. Know what these are and understand how they differ from each other, including their features and characteristics.

  1. Finalize your interior design style

Have you decided what interior style you want to integrate into your kitchen? Decide first before buying louvered cabinets. Your chosen style will also determine what type of cabinets and what color of louvered cabinet doors to buy.

Kitchen Cabinets

  1. Create a variety

Do you want all your kitchen cabinets to have louvered doors? Yes, you can do this, but you can also create a variety. For example, you can have your inset panel cabinet doors on your base cabinets, while overhead cabinets can be a combination of glass panel cabinets and kitchen cabinets with louvered doors. You can also integrate louvered door to a kitchen island. Homeowners often utilize the space below their kitchen island as storage space. You can transform it into a louvered kitchen island by installing louvered doors. This will create visual texture and make your kitchen cabinetry look detailed and classic.

  1. Decide where to install louvered cabinet doors

Let’s say you have decided to create a variety and combine different door designs with custom louvered cabinet doors. The next thing you need to figure out is to decide where or what cabinet to install these louvered doors so that everything looks visually coordinated. Create a rough drawing of the design, or better yet, get a designer to help you out.

  1. Decide whether to buy a manufactured one or get a custom-build

Finally, decide where to get your louvered cabinets from. If you are in a rush, you can visit cabinet manufacturing stores and see if they are selling louvered cabinets that have a similar size to your existing ones. You can also browse cabinet manufacturing stores online since they usually have custom size louvered cabinet doors that are available and ready to assemble. Another option is to hire a contractor to build your custom poplar louvered cabinet doors. The builder will do the measuring and woodworking of your louvered cabinets. This process, however, takes time and effort and can be a lot more expensive than the former option.


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