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Spa-Like Bathroom Ideas. How to Turn the Bathroom into a Home Spa?

July 20, 2022 | Updated on: August 01, 2022

woman relaxing in a spa-like bathroom

Have you ever imagined having your own tranquil getaway where you can relax peacefully? Why don’t you transform your bathroom into a personal home spa where you can unwind at the end of a long and tiring day! How to make your bathroom look like a spa? You can create a chic and inexpensive spa-like environment in the comfort of your own home by clearing space, getting rid of clutter, replacing bathroom fixtures, and adding decorative accents.

If you have visited a spa before, you probably wished to have one in your home as well. But then, there’s this question that always left you wondering how to create a spa-like bathroom? Is it doable? Is it difficult? How much would it cost? For people who are curious about how to make a spa bathroom at home, we have prepared this blog. Here, we’ll break down the different spa-style designs for your bathroom as well as the color, décor, and furniture you should add. By the end of this blog, you’ll be fully equipped with the right knowledge to transform your ordinary bathroom into your dream personal home spa.

Bathroom Cabinets

Spa Style Bathroom Design Ideas

It is not impossible to transform your own bathroom into a spa no matter how small it is. In fact, you can find small spa-style bathroom design inspirations on the Internet.

Making a spa-style small bathroom is actually pretty simple and budget-friendly because it does not require a full-blown renovation of the bathroom. Just add the essentials and create the right atmosphere with the right design and decorations. Here are the 5 most popular spa-style bathroom ideas you might want to consider.

Modern spa-style bathroom

Spas have become the modern alternative for young professionals and bachelorettes living in the middle of a busy city who want to find some time to unwind and relax in solitude. Having your very own spa is convenient because you can easily access it without stepping out of your house. Modern homes like high-rise condo units, apartments, and penthouses, have bathrooms big enough for a spa.

If you are living in one, transforming your contemporary white bathroom into a modern bathroom with a dark vanity spa will make your space feel more luxurious and spa-like. Dark colors add drama and character and make the room feel more striking and exclusive. 

Scandinavian spa-style bathroom

If you want something simple yet stylish, go for a Scandinavian spa-style bathroom. The foundational ideas of Scandinavian design are precise and unambiguous. This is a simple style that reflects certain functionalism and pleasant modernism in the spirit of aesthetic improvement. A Scandinavian interior style is a good option if you have a bathroom with limited spaces. The simplicity of the design will become the focal point and the main asset in your overall composition. It is also very easy to achieve because it is a design style that’s very close to the concept of minimalism and simplicity.

Southwestern spa style bathroom

Southwestern design takes cues from the desert's muted colors, Spanish fabrics, adobe homes, ironwork, and the natural world. The foundation for embracing Southwestern design is made of leather, suede, and lots of texture in tones of rust, terra cotta, and cactus green, along with bulky furniture. It is a good design option for landed homes with traditional courtyards. 

Asian spa-themed bathroom style

Asian design that has been influenced by Japanese aesthetics is naturally characterized by clear, well-defined straight lines, little ornamentation, and streamlined symmetry. With a few easy furniture and color adjustments, you can easily adapt the concept to a modern environment using these pieces. An Asian spa-themed embodies simplicity and functionality which is appropriate in most modern interior spaces.

Japanese spa-style bathroom

Japanese interior design style for a spa brings Zen elements into the space. Instead of using stains or paints, Japanese interior design frequently makes use of the natural hues of components like wood, bamboo, paper, and rice straw. Utilized these natural elements when making a Japanese-style bathroom.

Spa Bathroom Color Ideas

marble and wood for a spa-like feel in the bathroom

Now, let’s talk about spa bathroom paint color. You don’t need to buy new and expensive decorations and accessories to make your bathroom feel like a spa. There are thousands of Spa-like bathroom ideas on a budget out there. Many people manage to pull off their dream personal home spa through the strategic use of bathroom spa-like colors and décor elements.

Here, are the most popular paint colors for a spa-like bathroom:

  • Grey Spa Bathroom

For any room, especially spa baths, gray is the ideal neutral hue. You may use any other hue in your bathroom with gray walls. They also blend beautifully with other grays to provide a lovely monotone effect. Another way you can add gray is through spa bathroom color palette with gray vanity.

  • Spa Blue Paint Color Bathroom

Paint colors in the blue spectrum are soothing and calming. You may transform a bathroom into the perfect tranquil, spa-like refuge by applying blue paint hues. Shades of blue are the perfect choice for adding color to your bathroom décor. Not only do they look clean, minimal, and simple, but they also add a tiny bit of cheerfulness and vibrance to the space – making it look bright and airy.

  • Cream color spa bathroom

All of the rooms in your house will look great with cream walls – especially the spa bathroom. These creamy white color options are used by interior designers to create calming living rooms, family rooms, bathrooms, spa-like bathrooms, and practically any other place that is used for relaxing around. Cream paint colors provide the ideal amount of light without coming off as sterile which makes it one of the most relaxing spa bathroom colors

  • Taupe color scheme spa bathroom

Taupe is the perfect base color for a spa bathroom since it makes the space soothing and chic. It gives a tidy area for preparing oneself and is simple to match with white bathroom accessories and towels.


Paint Finish Choices for Your Spa





Flat finish is another name for matte paint. It has the least degree of gloss and, for certain paint brands, none at all.


Eggshell paint is long-lasting and simple to clean. Like glossy paint, its modest sheen won't highlight wall flaws.


Its velvety texture makes it a suitable option for molding, trimming, and busy places like the lobby of a spa.


It's easy to clean and has a long lifespan. Semi-gloss paint is an excellent option if your spa bathroom includes cupboards or rails where handprints are an issue.


High-gloss or glossy paint has a dazzling, reflecting quality that draws attention. It makes your bathroom vanities more glamorous.



Spa Style Bathroom Furniture

spa-like bathroom with candles and plants

Furniture pieces shouldn’t be overlooked when designing your bathroom spa. Here are the 4 most common furniture items that you should have in your home spa: 

  1. Vanity

A spa bathroom vanity is common in spa-like bathrooms. When buying a vanity in the store, make sure to pick the right size and design that will fit in your bathroom. An ideal example of this is a spa bathroom espresso vanity cabinet. A spa bathroom espresso cabinet is usually long and narrow which makes them a perfect vanity alternative for small bathrooms with a spa. 

Other spa-like vanity bathroom designs are open shelf bathroom vanity spa, modern spa bathroom vanity, and spa-like bathroom with wood vanity. 

When choosing a spa-style bathroom vanity, you should also take into consideration the spa-like bathroom vanity style, spa bathroom cabinet, and spa bathroom cabinet color. Vanities can be pretty expensive depending on the model you choose. Therefore, choose carefully and make sure to take measurements before purchasing. 

  1. Wall cabinets

To maximize the floor space in your bathroom, add a bathroom spa wall cabinet. There are many things you can do with your wall cabinets. You can paint it with a variety of spa bathroom cabinets color we mentioned previously or opt for natural spa bathroom furniture. Teak bathroom spa furniture is a great option because teak is waterproof. 

If you use this as a material for your bathroom spa furniture cabinets, you will never have to worry about water damage and molds. A spa bathroom’s dark cabinets are also favored among millennials because of their sleek appearance. A spa bathroom with wood walls and cherry wood cabinets is also a thing. You can choose this if you want to go for a more traditional look. 

  1. Base cabinets

We can’t possibly discuss cabinets without mentioning base cabinets. Base cabinets are always an option whether it’s designing a kitchen, bathroom, or spa. Adding a spa bathroom with honey cabinets is doable in bathrooms with very big spaces. The more spa bathroom cabinets there are, the bigger the storage space. 

White spa-like bathrooms with medium wood cabinets are often on the floor for ease of access and aesthetic purposes. When it comes to material, select one that’s made of natural wood like a spa bathroom with oak cabinets. 

  1. Shelves

Whether you do a full DIY shelving project, a partial DIY shelving project, or just put new shelves above your toilet, bathroom shelves may truly enhance your bathroom design.

There are many options for bathroom vanity open shelves spa look. The most popular perhaps are spa-style shelves in bathroom dark color. Shelves are considered a great alternative for vanities and cabinets in smaller bathrooms because they help maximize wall and floor space.

Spa Bathroom Decor

spa accessories on the wooden bathroom rack

Once the furniture items are put in place, decorations and accessories will follow. Here are some must-have spa-style bathroom décor, spa bathroom decor ideas white vanity, and accessories for small spa bathroom ideas.


Lighting is important in a home spa bathroom regardless of the spa-themed bathroom you have. Spa bathroom vanity lights are typically small, light, and have a soft warm glow. These types of spa-like bathroom vanity lighting set the mood or the atmosphere of your home spa. Make sure to choose lighting fixtures that not only complement the aesthetic look but also provide the ideal atmosphere you desire to achieve.


Another thing you shouldn’t miss in a spa bathroom design is the spa bathroom cabinet hardware, wall cabinets, and base cabinets. Spa-style bathroom hardware depends on the interior design style. For a minimalist look, opt for something simple yet have a stark contrasting color against the vanity or the cabinet.


The bamboo spa-style bathroom accessories are popular in Zen-like spas such as Japanese style, Scandinavian, and Asian. The bamboo plant is common in Asian countries. It gives a space character and a natural, airy vibe. It provides a warm and cozy feeling underfoot, making it ideal for restrooms where people frequently wear bare feet. Since certain bamboo species may grow up to three feet per day, it is sometimes referred to as a quickly renewable raw material.

We hope this blog has given you some ideas on what to do and what style to choose to transform your bathroom into your own personal spa. The possibilities are endless. Continue to look for spa inspirations and prepare the spa essentials to be able to experience your dream home spa very soon.


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