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Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets - Benefits and Best Ideas

July 01, 2021 | Updated on: May 01, 2024

Kitchen renovations are often a priority over other rooms in the house. This is because we spend a lot of time here doing plenty of tasks. Therefore,  selecting the right colour and finish of cabinets is crucial to creating a functional and comfortable space.  Navy blue, a colour that is both neutral and bold, is ideal for creating a sophisticated yet unique kitchen aesthetic.

Navy blue kitchen cabinets

Not surprising that blue shades are the popular choice for kitchen cabinets and blue bathroom cabinets. They are versatile, and they provide a beautiful backdrop to any other finish. Navy exudes cleanness and refinement. Its shades are complemented by subtle variations which create a deep visual interest. Navy blue has a neutral tone that doesn't overwhelm an area, yet it is personality, more vibrant than, for instance, white or beige. It can be paired with many different materials, from marble to timber. It's no wonder that so   many homeowners love the calm, but catchy choice of painting their cabinets navy blue.

Kitchen Cabinets

The colour blue offers a wide variety of hues creating a lot of options for the kitchen. It's important to take into consideration the other elements in your kitchen when making a decision. In the Cut2Size blogs below, you can learn how to use this favorite paint colour with complementary finishes for an elegant design.

The Benefits of Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets

There are many ways to incorporate navy blue into your new kitchen design, but one way that you should overlook is in the cabinets. Having blue painted kitchen cabinets can come with quite a few benefits. Aside from how practical the color is, the style also has longevity so it won’t ever go out of style. You can match the cabinets with just about any trend and it can make your property more value when it comes time to sell in the future. 

Most kitchens are well known for comfort, socializing, and in some cases, messes. With blue stained cabinets, you can get the classy yet homey and comfortable style that you’re looking for. In terms of messes like spills, food splashes, and even smoke, you can rest assured that the navy blue shade of cabinets will help hide some of the mess. Chances are that you won’t see every last ding, scuff, or mark on your cabinet doors like you would if you were to have white cabinets. 

blue stained cabinets

Here are a few benefits you may want to consider when you have navy blue cabinets:

  • It’s a versatile colour. Navy blue is a stunning color, but it’s also one that is quite versatile. It’s easy to use as it can be matched with practically any kitchen design. Whether it’s white floors and falls or natural wood, stainless steel, or even grey colors, the dark blue color will go great. There is no single best navy blue for kitchen cabinets, in fact, there are quite a few different shades that you’ll get to pick from.
  • Gives off a luxurious look. If you’re interested in having a kitchen design that has a bit more of a luxurious appeal to it, then navy blue cabinets are just what you need. The old navy Benjamin Moore cabinets will give off soothing and calming qualities, but they’ll also have the feel of a high-end and luxurious kitchen. 
  • Has long-lasting style. Not only are blue kitchen cabinets trendy right now, but they’ll also be in style long-term. This isn’t just a seasonal trend because navy blue is a timeless color. They can match almost any type of cabinetry style and will be in demand for many years to come.
  • It’s a practical option. Aside from being a timeless and classic choice for kitchen cabinets, Benjamin Moore navy cabinets are also a practical choice. It’s going to remain stylish and trendy for years which is what makes it a worthwhile investment that can even add value to your property in terms of resale. What makes these cabinets even better is that the color will hide marks from splashes, wear and tear, and more. 
  • It’s easy to coordinate. Coordinating the rest of your kitchen with your dark blue cabinets will be a piece of cake, which is one of the best parts of choosing this trend for your kitchen design. It pairs well with gold hardware and you can choose practically any color scheme for your kitchen design.

 Benjamin Moore navy cabinets

When remodeling your kitchen and working on the design, it’s crucial to consider your options carefully while making sure to not dive right into some of the latest and most popular trends. Not all trends are limitless which means that what’s popular today, won’t necessarily be popular next season. This can result in a lot of dollars spent as well as time wanted. When it comes to navy blue, it’s a color that doesn’t go out of style. Navy kitchen cabinets will always be in style so you won’t have to worry. 

If you want to improve or enhance your kitchen design at some point, you can always choose from different accents and designs since it’s a color that pairs well with anything. Whether it’s by adding gold hardware or changing the color of one of your kitchen walls to a more neutral one, the options are endless for your Benjamin Moore old navy cabinets

Accent Colors to Go with Navy Blue Cabinets

When you think about what colors will match well with rustic blue kitchen cabinets, you won’t have to think about it long. The truth is that navy blue can make for a sharp accent for most colors. When it is matched with brass or gold, it will have a striking and impactful contrast. Navy blue can also go well with muted neutral colors for a softer style. You can even go as far as matching a pastel pink with navy blue. 

navy blue and white kitchen cabinets

White is a color that helps make the room feel airy, light, and spacious, even when there is a contrasting color present. You can get the ultimate contrast with navy blue and white kitchen cabinets without having to go for a monochrome color scheme.

When designing your kitchen, you have to be sure that you’re choosing the right shade of color. Whether it’s light blue kitchen cabinets or a deep navy blue, the options are endless. Navy blue will give you a deep and moody feel while still staying modern, luxurious, and stylish. Going for a navy blue that has some bit of grey will help it pair well with black and silver accents. If you want to incorporate more white and gold accents, you might want to consider a navy blue with some green undertones. 

There are some shades that will fall in between medium blue and navy which give off a more energetic and vibrant style. This kind of hale navy kitchen cabinets will pair well with bolder paints and even floral wallpaper. It’s great for homeowners that aren’t afraid of adding color to their properties and want to make the kitchen the focal point of the property. 

Once you pick out your ideal shade of blue, you’re going to need to focus on the rest of the kitchen. Since navy blue is easy to match with in terms of colors, accents, and styles, you won’t have too much trouble. It’s a color that will look great next to cream, off-white, or even plain white walls while also looking stunning next to patterned walls, tile, or even other wallpaper. You’ll have the option to choose between shades of grey, stainless steel, and different woods. 

hale navy kitchen cabinets

When it comes to your kitchen floors, you’re going to want to consider the kind of look you’re going for as a whole. If you’re interested in a more contemporary design for your kitchen, marble or stone flooring can create the perfect contrast for the hale navy cabinets. A traditional style kitchen can be achieved with warm wooden flooring, whether it’s hardwood or laminate for a realistic wood appearance. 

Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

Colors can completely change the mood of a room which is why incorporating them in a clever way is important. If you’re going for a more sophisticated and dramatic vibe, you might want to consider darker shades of blue and even incorporate lighting and some metallic accents. 

There are all kinds of different ways to incorporate navy blue into your navy blue cabinets kitchen design and play around with styles. Here are some ideas to consider: 

Add some contrast with gold fittings

Add Some Contrast With Gold Fittings

If you’re all about style when it comes to the look of your property, you’re going to want to consider adding gold handles and fixtures to your kitchen. These can definitely highlight the bold navy cabinets. Even consider exposed bulb pendants to allow for more light. 

Choose darker cabinets with lighter floors

Whenever you incorporate a dark color into a design, you’re going to want to have some kind of balance. With navy blue cabinets in kitchen, consider having light-colored surfaces. This includes the floors. With light floors and countertops, you can achieve the perfect amount of balance while still keeping your kitchen bright and lively. If you were to choose dark-colored flooring, you would have likely been left with an overwhelming and gloomy look. 

Use navy blue as the contrasting color

If having dark blue kitchen cabinets seems a bit risky to you, you can always choose to incorporate the color in a different way like by having it as the color of the kitchen island. Navy blue can complement neutral colors and make for a cohesive color scheme. Take things even further by going for navy backsplash tiles or other accessories. 

Add wooden touches to compliment the blue

Add Wooden Touches to Compliment the Blue

Wooden floors, worktops, and shelving can be just the details your blue cabinets kitchen needs. They can bring out the warmth in the kitchen and complete the look. Common wood finishes include warm oak, maple, and reclaimed teak. 

Incorporate a pattern

Whether you choose to have navy blue bathroom cabinets or kitchen cabinets, you might be interested in incorporating the navy blue color in multiple aspects of your design. From the color of the cabinets to even patterned tile. A navy tile pattern can really make your kitchen stand out and it can work wonders with the overall design. 

blue cabinets kitchen

When choosing your pattern, it’s important to pick out a maximum of two neutral colors like linen or soft taupe to contrast the blue. This creates a pretty simplistic combination that has a lot of strength instead of becoming too overwhelming with multiple shades and accent colors. If you are stuck on adding an accent, try to keep it in tone with stainless steel appliances. 

Choose navy blue for the base cabinets

blue accent cabinets

If you like the idea of having navy blue cabinets, but you think that it might be too much of a bold move, you can always opt to have blue accent cabinets by using them for the base cabinets. The wall-mounted cabinets can complement the blue by being either a soft grey color or another neutral. With two-toned cabinets, you can make your bold color choice stand out without having to leave your comfort zone. 

Match the navy blue with grey

A popular color combination that never seems to fail is navy blue and grey. They are two shades that give off an effortless and cool vibe which also makes them easy to incorporate into a stylish property. If you have an open floor plan with a kitchen and living room next to each other, you can choose to decorate with grey furniture pieces that will complement the navy blue color of your cabinets. You can also mimic the navy blue in the adjoining rooms with some soft furnishings and accessories. 

Add decorative touches in navy blue color schemes

A navy blue kitchen doesn’t automatically mean that you need to have navy blue cabinets. You can always paint your walls and choose blue tiles that will help complement the wall color and get you the trendy navy color scheme you’re looking for. This way, you won’t have to splurge on new cabinets right away or even make the effort of painting your existing ones. 

The tiles you pick don’t have to match. In fact, you can blend a few different tonal blues in order to create depth in the color scheme. This will also keep your kitchen from becoming too matchy-matchy. 

Choose warm accents

Choose Warm Accents

Bright white is what will make the navy blue colors in your kitchen stand out and the two shades are the ideal combo for a modern country kitchen. They offer a timeless, elegant, and fresh look which helps keep up the contrast in the colors. Aside from navy and white kitchen cabinets, you can also mix in a few warm accents like natural wood countertops in order to soften the look. Some copper or brass light fixtures or hardware can also add a bit of shine to the color scheme.



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