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Minimalist bathroom ideas. Top benefits of minimalist style bathrooms

October 14, 2022 | Updated on: October 14, 2022

minimalist style bathroom with black tile and wooden wainscoting

The minimalist interior style idea has captured the hearts and eyes of many. It’s not just because of the clean aesthetic and the simple ambiance that the style brings but also because of its functionality and practicality. Many people are adopting minimalism in their lifestyle because of many reasons. But perhaps the most popular reason of all is because it offers a lot of benefits not only in the way of life but also in how we interact with our surroundings, most especially in our homes.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the most requested topic that many people want to read: minimalist bathroom design. Creating minimal bathroom designs is very common in today’s houses. Whether it is a condo unit, a small apartment, or a ranch house in the countryside, people find minimal bathroom ideas attractive. From the primary concept, which is minimalism, the design has evolved into many varieties and has created other compositions like minimalist Scandinavian bathroom, Japanese minimalist bathroom, and modern minimalist bathroom.

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Below, we have outlined several minimalist small bathroom ideas and discussed furniture for small space minimalist bathroom ideas. If you are currently renovating your bathroom or planning to renovate, this blog will help you learn more about minimalist interior style and why this style is perfect for your bathroom.

Minimalist interior design bathroom

minimalist small bathroom with double sink turquoise vanity

A minimalist bathroom is created more from principle and not from a certain interior design era or style. This means that a traditional interior style can be minimalist as long as the principles of minimalism are applied. In this section, we’ll discuss the different minimalist interior design colors and the types of bathroom features that are suited for this style.

Cozy minimalist bathroom

Coziness is one important aspect that interior designers should always consider when designing or decorating any room of the house. Whether it is the kitchen, living room, or bathroom, the space should exude comfort and coziness for the benefit of the people living in the house. Bathrooms, in particular, should be cozy.

We use the bathroom multiple times in the day, and sometimes, this is the only room where we can get complete privacy after a long day at work or after a tiring day in the house doing all the chores. This is why the bathroom should have elements of coziness. This can be achieved by choosing the right color scheme, decorations, and minimal bathroom styling.  

  1. White minimalist bathroom

When we talk about minimalism, the first color that would almost always comes into our minds is white. Most bathrooms are also painted white. The reason for this is that white evokes cleanliness and purity. Bathrooms, on the other hand, should always be clean and hygienic. Although an all-white bathroom is clean to look at, many people thought it dull and uninteresting. To avoid this, go for minimalist white and wood bathroom or integrate wooden elements and colorful accessories to create a warm minimalist bathroom.

  1. Grey minimalist bathroom

Now, if you are trying to play safe when it comes to choosing colors, then the grey minimalist bathroom color scheme is the right one for you. Grey is a good color choice because it is versatile. If you are still in the middle of deciding whether to go for an all-white bathroom or integrate a little bit of color, then paint one of your bathroom walls grey. You can always change it later on. Having one wall painted in a different hue will help you decide what colors will work in that space.

  1. Black minimalist bathroom

If your goal is to create elegance and sophistication while keeping your bathroom minimal, opt for a darker or black color scheme. Black minimalist bathrooms are ideal for bachelor pads, penthouses, and luxury condo flats. They look sleek, edgy, and modern, which is the right character for an interior space that is owned by young professionals or millennials. If you want a minimalist bathroom but with a strong character, black would be an ideal paint color choice.

Must-have features for a minimalist bathroom

small-space minimalist bathroom wooden vanity cabinet

If you are planning to transform your bathroom into a minimalist bathroom, here are several features that you should integrate to achieve the style. 

  • Minimalist tiles

If you are going for the minimalist look, refrain from using colorful tiles or mosaic tiles. Tiles with colorful and complex patterns are meant for eclectic interior design and not for the minimalist. Go instead for something very minimal yet visually significant. This can be white ceramic or porcelain tiles, marble tiles, or subway tiles. Create varying patterns and add accents to make it more interesting.

  • Minimalist shower

Shop for minimalist modern shower fixtures in hardware stores. The simpler your shower design is, the better. Keep in mind that minimalism values practicality and functionality. Therefore, when selecting a shower, it is better to install something that has innovative or smart features that can make a bathroom more convenient and efficient for the user.

  • Minimalist bathtub

For the bathtub, select something simple and modest. Same with the shower, choose a bathtub that fits your demands and needs. Make sure that you know the right measurement for your bathroom before purchasing one. When shopping for bathtubs, inquire about their features and compare models to make a better informed decision.

  • Minimalist toilet

There are so many types of toilets and toilet designs out there to choose from. The three most common types of toilets for minimalist bathrooms are wall-hung toilets, one-piece toilets, and extended wall-hung toilets. When choosing toilets, make sure that you know the features and functions of the toilet. There are smart toilets that are also available on the market, so you might want to check them out if you really want your bathroom to stay on top of the trends.

  • Minimalist bathroom sinks

Your choice of sink matters when designing bathrooms. Why? It’s because sinks can define the overall interior style of a bathroom. Choosing ornamented vanity sink, for example, creates a very traditional environment, while choosing a simple sink with edgy features indicates a more modern or contemporary bathroom interior. To better know the kind of sink you should be purchasing when aiming for the minimalist look, find inspirations online and stick them to a mood board for you to refer to.

  • Minimalist bathroom hardware

The hardware of your bathroom vanity or bathroom cabinets also matters. The hardware is the only accessory that is attached to a storage unit or vanity. Therefore, the type of hardware that is on the cabinet door can instantly show what interior style your bathroom has. Detailed gold or brass hardware, for example, can make a bathroom look Victorian-styled or traditional. Wooden hardware creates a rustic look, while simple silver or black hardware evokes minimalism and modernity. Choose your cabinet hardware design carefully and make sure that it matches your bathroom’s overall interior design style.

  • Minimalist bathroom mirror

Mirrors are a necessity in the bathroom. They are more than just a décor piece or an accessory on your bathroom’s wall. You use a mirror every day to check your appearance and prepare yourself after you wake up and before you go to bed. Mirrors can also affect the interior appearance of your bathroom. They can make the room look bright and spacious, and they can also make them look traditional or minimalist. When going for the minimalist appeal, opt for simple mirrors with little to no ornamental or detailed framings.

minimalist design bathroom shelf

Bathroom minimalist-styled furniture

The key to achieving a minimalist interior lies in the choice of furniture, accessories, and bathroom features. When going for the minimalist style for your bathroom’s interior, think of simple yet significant minimalist bathroom furniture types. Refer to the table below to know what these are.

Furniture unit


Minimalist bathroom vanity

The bathroom vanity is an important piece of furniture in the bathroom. It is often the biggest furniture in the space and can be a central focal point in the interior. Select a minimal bathroom vanity to achieve a minimalist interior style. A minimalist vanity bathroom is often painted in white and with subtle hints of wood. bathroom vanity minimalist mostly has flat panel cabinet doors. You can find minimalist bathroom vanities in our online store.

Minimal bathroom counter 

A minimalist bathroom counter is possible with any type of counter with the appropriate color. It all just depends on how you tie the room's look together while considering the color and texture. But, for a more straightforward approach, go for white marble or granite countertops.

Minimalist bathroom cabinet 

Minimalist bathroom cabinets are usually flat panel cabinets or cabinets that do not have detailed moldings or beveled edges on their doors. These types of cabinets can be handleless and pair easily with vanities and shelves in a minimalist style.

Minimalist bathroom shelf 

Minimalist bathroom shelves are common in  minimal bathrooms, especially smaller ones. Because small bathrooms often have no space to fit in cabinetry or vanity, designers would integrate shelves to act as storage spaces. These shelves serve as the space where homeowners would place their bathroom essentials and baskets to store towels.



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