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Ladder shelf for the bathroom. Top 8 bathroom ladder ideas

October 27, 2022 | Updated on: October 27, 2022

bathroom interior - ladder shelf, floating counter and beehive tile

There are countless ideas you can do to add storage space, even for the smallest of bathrooms. Interior design enthusiasts are coming up with unique and ingenious ways of adding storage to tiny spaces, and these ideas seem to work like magic. One of the storage ideas that we commonly see today is bathroom ladder shelving.

Ladder shelves for a bathroom refer to a type of shelves that are made of wood and designed like a ladder. Each step of the ladder is used to store bathroom items such as towels and hygiene kits. A decorative ladder bathroom can be as tall as 3-4 feet and can have at least 3-4 shelves. What’s great about this type of storage shelving is the fact that it is very lightweight, which means you can easily move it around your bathroom whenever you wish to change the layout or whenever you are cleaning your bathroom floor. 

Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom ladder shelves in Canada are also becoming popular in small houses and apartments where bathroom spaces are very limited. In this blog, we will talk about ladder in bathroom ideas, different uses of ladder shelves, the most common bathroom ladder shelf colors, and how to decorate a bathroom ladder shelf. All of this will be answered by the end of this blog. So, make sure to stick to the end.

Bathroom ladder shelf ideas

freestanding cabinet and ladder shelf against the white wall

If you have a small bathroom and are considering putting a bathroom shelf ladder in there, you need to know what’s the best way to install a ladder shelf in the bathroom given the amount of space you have in your bathroom and its layout. A shelf ladder for the bathroom must be positioned properly to keep your bathroom from looking overcrowded, messy, and disorganized. Here are several bathroom ladder shelf ideas. 

  • Leaning bathroom ladder shelf

A leaning ladder in the bathroom refers to a ladder that is pushed up against the wall and has its steps in a ladder form which creates the impression of leaning ladder-style bathroom shelves. Leaning ladder steps often vary in size, with the bottom being the largest and the top shelf the smallest. Having this type of ladder shelf will save you space and make it easier for you to decorate and arrange bathroom essentials and other items.

  • Bathroom ladder shelf over toilet

Another ingenious way to put a ladder in a bathroom is to opt for a bathroom ladder over the toilet. If you really don’t have enough space to squeeze in a storage area in your bathroom, you can put a ladder shelf bathroom over the toilet. This type of arrangement is very common in small apartments. The ladder also creates a unique aesthetic that resembles a farmhouse vibe. 

  • Bathroom ladder shelf with towel bar

A bathroom tower ladder shelf refers to ladder storage with a pole that you can use to hang a towel. This kind of ladder shelf can not only be placed in the bathroom, but they are also a perfect addition to a small powder room or service area just outside your bathroom. Bathroom ladder shelves for towels are available in some hardware stores and can be easily assembled and dismantled. 

  • Floating ladder shelf for bathroom

A floating ladder shelf is a small bathroom ladder shelf that is mounted on the wall creating an illusion of a floating shelf. If you are looking for small ladder shelves for the bathroom that you can easily mount on the walls, get a floating bathroom ladder shelf small. It is not only a smart and space-saving shelf idea, but it is also a decorative element that can make your bathroom’s walls more interesting to look at. 

  • Corner ladder shelf bathroom

Another smart way to squeeze in a tiny storage shelf is by adding a small corner ladder shelf bathroom in your bathroom’s corner. When it comes to designing and arranging elements in a compact room, it is necessary to be ingenious and to come up with cool and creative ways to add storage space or storage shelves. Opting for a corner ladder shelf rather than any other bathroom cabinets will help you maximize the space in your bathroom and make it different from other bathroom compositions and layout arrangements common in small apartments. 

  • Narrow bathroom ladder shelf

A narrow ladder shelf bathroom refers to a very narrow and slender ladder shelf that is common in small bathrooms. Narrow ladder shelves are a perfect choice if you are looking for a straightforward and easy way to add more storage capacity to your bathroom. In bigger bathrooms, the narrow ladder shelf is also used but are often in pair or sets depending on the interior design style of the bathroom. Most minimalist yet big and luxurious properties incorporate the narrow bathroom ladder shelf in their homes.

bathroom with ladder shelves and various items on them

  • Bathroom storage ladder shelves

If you have an average-sized bathroom and are looking for alternative ways to add storage in your bathroom, or perhaps you are changing the interior design and going for a more minimal approach, we suggest that you buy a storage ladder bathroom. Bathroom ladder storage comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and purposes. Bathroom ladder with baskets are pretty common, and it is because ladder with baskets for bathroom are exactly the perfect product that homebuyers want. It allows them to store some bathroom essentials openly while also giving them the option to hide the clutter in a safe storage box or basket. Check the different sizes and styles of ladder storage for small bathrooms so that you and your family will be able to enjoy using a spacious and well-designed bathroom.

  • 4-tier bathroom ladder shelf

A 4-tier bathroom ladder shelf refers to a ladder shelf with 4 steps. You can use each step to categorize your bathroom essentials and decorative items in the bathroom. Ideally, a ladder shelf in the bathroom must have 4 steps or should be 4-tier to ensure that you’ll have enough space for your bathroom essentials and to make sure that your bathroom will look proportionally balanced and well-designed in terms of interior content.

Most common ladder bathroom shelf colors

spa-style bathroom with bathtub, ladder shelf and plants

Bathroom ladder shelves are also available in a variety of colors. You, as the homeowner, can decide whether to paint your bathroom shelving ladder with another color or keep its natural color. If you want to paint over it or change it, make sure to check paint swatches and test the paint color so you will have a clear expectation of the result. Here are the 3 most popular colors for bathroom ladder shelves.


Why this color?

Black ladder shelf in the bathroom

A black ladder bathroom shelf is a unique addition to a rather all-white kitchen. A storage shelf that has an opposite color of the backdrop will create contrast in the bathroom’s visual composition and style. Paint your bathroom ladder shelf black if you want to achieve this look. A black bathroom ladder shelf is also flexible, which means you can switch interior styles, and your black storage ladder bathroom will still be a relevant piece to have.

White ladder shelf for the bathroom

On the contrary, if your bathroom is painted with a darker color, like navy blue or olive green, go for a white bathroom ladder shelf to create contrast. A bathroom ladder shelf white is clean to look at, minimalist, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It makes the bathroom look modern and clean.

Wooden bathroom ladder shelf

The most popular color for a ladder shelf is wood or a wooden bathroom ladder. Because ladder shelves are typically made up of wooden materials, wood bathroom ladder shelf maintains their natural patterns. The shelves can be made up of solid wood, or they can also be made up of lighter plants/trees like bamboo. A bamboo bathroom ladder shelf is one you commonly see in tropical resorts. Spas and Scandinavian-designed interior spaces also have bamboo ladder bathrooms in their homes.


Bathroom ladder shelf decor

freestanding tub with ladder shelf and wooden decor in the bathroom

Aside from it being a unique storage idea, a bathroom ladder shelf can also be decorative. If you have an empty wall or a particular corner in the house that looks a bit dull and empty, consider sprucing it up with some functional décor, like a decorative bathroom ladder. You can use it to display accessories, succulent plants, books, figurines, picture frames, and the like.

Adding a ladder shelf in a room is one thing, and styling it is another thing. When styling your ladder shelf, look for bathroom ladder décor ideas on the internet and take inspiration from what people have been doing. This will give you an initial idea of how to style your ladder shelves while taking into context your home’s interior design composition and incorporating visual balance and proportion in the form of home accessories and décor.


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