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Kitchen cabinets with glass doors ideas

November 27, 2022 | Updated on: February 13, 2023

white kitchen upper cabinets with glass doors

Glass in kitchen cabinets is one of the popular options that is used for cabinet doors. Glass cabinets in the kitchen can be pretty challenging to incorporate, especially if you are new to using the material in the kitchen and you haven’t visualized yet how glass front kitchen cabinets would affect your kitchen's overall interior design composition. 

There are so many types of glass cabinets kitchen and so many design options to choose from. Before you go out and purchase kitchen glass cabinets, make sure that you are well-informed about glass in kitchen cabinets, including their benefits and disadvantages. This blog contains everything you need to know about kitchens with glass cabinets. After reading this, you will know how to incorporate glass into your kitchen cabinets. Let’s get right into it!

Kitchen design with glass cabinets

transparent glass kitchen cabinet doors

One of the few things to remember when choosing kitchen glass cabinets designs is the kitchen interior style you wish to create. Kitchen glass cabinets design is not suitable for all kinds of interior themes. Therefore, be wary of the variety of design glass for kitchen cabinets. These details can affect the overall outcome of your interior. Here are some of the most common interior styles where glass design kitchen cabinets are deemed suitable.

  1. Modern

Opt for modern-style glass kitchen cabinets if you plan to create a modern kitchen. These types of cabinets provide a clean aesthetic and are visually versatile. There are many types of modern kitchen glass cabinets that you can apply in your kitchen. You can choose a transparent one if you wish to create a more open and minimalistic feel, or you can go for a modern frosted glass kitchen cabinet for a more streamlined look. Modern glass kitchen cabinets can be bought from manufacturing stores, or they can be custom-made by Cut2Size. Be sure of the design you want to have first before deciding whether to purchase a ready-to-assemble one or make it custom-built. 

  1. Shaker

Shaker-style cabinets with glass doors refer to a four-cornered cabinet frame with a glass inset panel. Investing in shaker-style cabinets with glass doors is a good idea if you want to retain the charm and nostalgia of a traditional kitchen while fusing subtle luxury modern glass kitchen cabinets. The glass doors will make the kitchen look more spacious, brighter, and more vibrant.

  1. Wood and glass cabinets

Wooden kitchen cabinets with glass doors are considered ideal pair. We all know that wood is a popular material that is used for making cabinets. Glass laminate kitchen cabinets, on the other hand, is another popular material that is now widely used in modern and tiny apartments. Some people paint their wood cabinet doors while others like to keep the natural wood grain aesthetic. Cabinets made of solid wood can be heavy especially if it has a very detailed design and ornamentation. 

Making wood upper kitchen cabinets with glass doors instead of solid wood adds emphasis to the design and makes the cabinet door lightweight. Whether you want to have a farmhouse kitchen or a contemporary one, having wood kitchen cabinets with glass doors will help nail down the look. On top of that, wood and glass kitchen cabinets are versatile in appearance so you won’t have a problem complementing them with different patterns and colors in the kitchen.

  1. Black glass cabinets

Many homeowners like to paint their cabinets with a different color to achieve the interior design style that they want. Painting kitchen cabinets with glass doors is a very easy and simple task. In fact, it is something that you can do yourself with a little bit of research. One of the most popular colors to paint kitchen cabinets is darker ones such as black and brown glass kitchen cabinets. Black glass kitchen cabinets make a kitchen look sleek, edgy, and unique.

  1. White glass kitchen cabinets

Another popular color to paint your kitchen cabinets with is of course white. If you have ever been to a newly built modern house or apartment, you’ve probably seen white kitchen cabinets with glass as the standard design. It is because white kitchen cabinets with frosted glass is considered practical and affordable for homes that are newly built. Small glass cabinets are easy to assemble and also easy to upgrade if the homeowner decides to renovate or make subtle changes in the future.

Glass wall cabinets

glass cabinets display kitchen stuff

There are a variety of glass cabinets for the kitchen that you can apply. You can opt for traditional cabinetry, open shelving cabinets, and flushed cabinets to save up space. But, if you want to create an open shelving effect but at the same time, door-enclosed cabinetry to protect it from dust and dirt, then your best option is none other than wall mounted kitchen wall cabinets with glass doors. Glass cabinets for kitchen can be installed in two ways. You can customize it as part of your cabinet door panel or you can have all your doors made of glass.

Kitchen wall cabinets with glass doors are ideal for contemporary and minimalist kitchen designs. Kitchen cabinets with glass doors on top are typically utilized as display shelves. This is where homeowners display accessories and cookware items that can also contribute to the overall aesthetic of the kitchen. Glass kitchen wall cabinets are also a good alternative for kitchens with limited spaces. Because kitchen upper cabinets with glass doors create a more open effect, they make the kitchen a bit more spacious to look at.

Aside from its good qualities, there are also disadvantages and misconceptions about the safety and durability of upper cabinets with glass doors. Is it safe to have kitchen upper cabinets with glass doors? The answer is yes. Modern upper kitchen cabinets with glass doors are made of high-quality glass material that is proven to be strong, durable, and can last for a long period of time. If on the other hand, you are a bit skeptical about transforming your cabinet doors into glass, opt for small upper kitchen cabinets with glass doors to start.

Kitchen Cabinets

Glass doors for kitchen cabinets

If you have just moved into a new property with the old kitchen cabinetry and you want to renovate it without spending a huge amount of money, simply replacing the old doors with glass door cabinets will do the trick. Yes, that’s right. You can instantly change the appearance of your kitchen by switching to glass door kitchen cabinets instead of the traditional solid hardwood.

Kitchen cabinets’ glass doors are available in a variety of options. There’s the frosted glass, transparent glass kitchen cabinet doors, textured kitchen design glass cabinets and v-grooving glass door in kitchen cabinets. You should identify first the type of aesthetic that you want before deciding which kitchen glass cabinets doors to buy. Also, know the different features and characteristics of each type of glass kitchen cabinet doors to help you make an informed decision when purchasing glass doors cabinets kitchen.

Glass door design for kitchen cabinets

decorative pattern glass for top cabinets in the kitchen

In the previous sections, we have mentioned the different types of glass design for kitchen cabinets. Here, we are going to have an in-depth look at the different features and characteristics of these kitchen cabinets' glass design. This will help you gain more information about glass types for kitchen cabinets and kitchen cabinets' glass designs. Below are some of the most commonly used glass for kitchen cabinets.

  • Frosted glass for kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets' frosted glass is considered one of the best choices for kitchen cabinetry. If you want to conceal the items you store in your cabinets, the frosted glass cabinets kitchen will do just that. There are many benefits that come along with using kitchen cabinets with frosted glass doors. First, frosted glass in kitchen cabinets offers privacy. Second, it is very easy to maintain and third, it has an elegant and streamlined aesthetic. There is also different frosted glass design for kitchen cabinets that are available in stores. You can simply replace your old cabinet door panel with a stylish frosted glass film for kitchen cabinets and give it a fresh look. 

  • Glass etching designs for kitchen cabinets

Glass etching for kitchen cabinets refers to a type of glass with drawings, illustrations, or designs on its surface. These illustrations are called etching because they are etched into the surface of the glass. Etched glass designs for kitchen cabinets are suited in different styles. It can be used in creating traditional and classical kitchen designs with glass cabinet doors or modern and contemporary ones. The etched designs can be any form of pattern or geometrical shapes. 

  • Mullion cabinet doors

Glass inserts for kitchen cabinets are called mullions. Mullions are more frequently used as ornamental accents on single panes of glass. If you want a more detailed and decorative type of cabinet door to add style to your home’s interior, kitchen cabinets glass inserts are the way to go. The glass panels for kitchen cabinets are held together or kept in place by mullions. These decorative glass inserts for kitchen cabinets are basically narrow strips of wood that divide the panes of glass. 

  • Tinted glass for kitchen cabinets

As the name implies, tinted glass kitchen cabinets refer to glass with tint. This type of glass is also known as back-painted glass kitchen cabinets and is used to help hide the contents of a cabinet. The glass can be of any tint or color depending on the aesthetic that you want to achieve.

  • Fluted glass kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets with fluted glass are frequently known as ribbed or textured glass and are quite popular among architects and interior designers trying to add texture while diffusing light and creating a sense of privacy in a living area. In the kitchen, they are installed to add visual texture to the cabinetry while concealing the contents inside the display shelves or cupboards. 

  • Acrylic glass for kitchen cabinets

Acrylic glass kitchen cabinets are another type of cabinet that is used in the kitchen because of their characteristics. Acrylic is ideal for humid environments because it is heat and water-resistant. On top of that, its surface is easy to maintain. It’s easy to remove dirt, spills, and stains on acrylic glass than on any other type of glass.

  • Translucent glass for kitchen cabinets

Translucent glass is somewhat similar to frosted glass but with minor differences in terms of opacity. Translucent glass tends to be clearer and lighter. So, if you want to create a kitchen that looks more spacious, brighter, and airier, opt for clear glass kitchen cabinets.

  • Decorative glass for cabinets

Decorative glass cabinets can come in a variety of forms. They can be lacquered glass kitchen cabinets, textured glass kitchen cabinets, or leaded glass inserts for kitchen cabinets. Usually, decorative glass doors have etchings on them and are stronger compared to other types of glass. Another type of glass that is used to create decorative glass doors is toughened glass. It is used in architectural applications including glass doors, partition walls, and side windows because of its structural robustness. Toughened glass kitchen cabinets can improve the atmosphere in your kitchen.

A patterned decorative glass with a ribbed or fluted design is known as reeded glass kitchen cabinets. The glass is semi-opaque, allowing light to pass through but being diverted such that it is impossible to see clearly what is on the other side, adding a measure of privacy.

Opaque glass for kitchen cabinets is a type of glass that is the complete opposite of transparent glass. This means that no light can pass through the glass and you can’t see the opposite side of it at all. This is usually used to create privacy and is also used to create etched glass designs.

Cabinets with glass shelves

full overlay glass doors for kitchen cabinets with underlight

Another type of cabinet where glass is used is glass shelves for kitchen cabinets. This type of cabinet is usually transparent and are seen in minimalist and contemporary kitchens. If you want to have this kind of cabinet, you have to use tempered glass shelves for kitchen cabinets to make sure that the shelves are strong and can hold the weight of the objects that you’re going to be putting there. Otherwise, use glass shelves in kitchen cabinets to store light objects such as decorations and accessories.

Glass ideas for kitchen cabinets

When designing your kitchen cabinetry, you also have to take into consideration the remaining elements in the kitchen such as countertops, backsplashes, flooring, and ceiling.

When it comes to countertops, look for a kitchen with glass front cabinets and quartz countertops ideas. Quartz countertops look amazing when paired with minimalist glass cabinets. Don’t forget to consider the kitchen with glass front cabinets and laminate countertops ideas as well. 

Laminate is more affordable and easier to install than quartz so it is a good alternative if you are renovating on a budget. For backsplashes, a kitchen with glass front cabinets and metallic backsplash ideas is best. For the paint color, the kitchen with glass front cabinets and gray cabinets ideas are interior designers' best recommendations. Of course, brown, black, and white are other great color alternatives you can use. The technique is so stick to neutrals and solid colors to make your cabinetry design stand out.

Pros and cons of kitchen glass cabinets

Having glass cabinet doors sounds like a good idea. However, before you fully jumped into the idea of getting glass cabinets, make sure you understand the pros and cons that come along with it. Here are some pros and cons of glass cabinets.



Makes the kitchen space feel and look more spacious, brighter, and airier.

Requires frequent maintenance and upkeep as dust and dirt can easily accumulate in the surface.

Offers display shelves where you can place accessories and another décor for aesthetic purposes.

Offers limited storage because it is typically used as a display shelf.

Creates an interesting design element in your kitchen space that is visually captivating.

Can have issues when it comes to durability especially when not properly installed.

Has a clean aesthetic and versatile appeal.

It is a lot more expensive than traditional wood panel cabinets.

Can be easily paired up with different interior design themes.

You need to replace the glass when there are dents, cracks, or stains or else it will ruin the aesthetics, functionality, and safety of your kitchen.


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