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Industrial-style bathroom. Can bathroom industrial design be cozy?

October 07, 2022 | Updated on: October 07, 2022

Industrial-style bathroom vanity with brick veneer backsplash

An industrial-themed bathroom is not very common. Most of us are used to the all-white minimalist bathroom designs that we see all over the internet. However, there are still many interior design styles that would suit bathrooms perfectly that haven’t been highlighted in the trends. Industrial-style bathroom design is one of them. A bathroom industrial style is characterized by rawness, edginess, and a hint of masculinity.

Homeowners who have modern homes may opt for a bathroom industrial design in their house. It is also the most sought-after design for bathrooms in cafes, restaurants, hotels, and luxurious condo units and penthouses. The ambiance and appeal of an industrial-styled bathroom evoke character, luxury, and authenticity. If you want to know more about this style, we have listed several industrial-style bathroom ideas to guide you in achieving that industrial bathroom interior that you’ve been wanting to have.

Top industrial-style bathroom ideas

Industrial-style bathroom with concrete walls

There are many ways you can do to make your bathroom look industrial. It all depends on the material you choose and the features you want to have. If you are looking for a unique industrial bathroom design, the Cut2Size blog offer designs that you can use for inspiration. In this section, we gathered the most popular industrial-style bathroom ideas that you may want to apply to your own bathroom.

  1. Industrial loft-style bathroom

An industrial loft bathroom is the kind of bathroom that can be found in penthouses and condo units. Two-story condo units often have lofts in them where the living area or bedrooms are located. These kinds of spaces have high ceilings, large floor-to-ceiling windows, and elegantly designed bathrooms.  

The craftsmanship and structural work of these spaces are considered state-of-the-art. This is where small industrial-style bathrooms would suit best. As we all know, an industrial interior design is characterized by the rawness of elements and exposes the utilities and ductwork in the space making the ambiance modern yet rustic.

  1. Modern industrial-style bathroom

A modern industrial bathroom as the name implies contains modern elements and accessories. It is usually more streamlined compared to other varieties of an industrial interior style. In this type of bathroom, only half or minimal ductwork and piping are exposed while the rest are hidden in plain sight. This is done to make room for other accessories and decorations that will be put in the bathroom such as lighting fixtures, storage units, and artwork.

  1. Vintage industrial bathroom

Industrial interior design often looks vintage because of the ambiance it evokes. The raw materials exposed, the rough concrete floors and walls, the wooden elements, and hints of metal accessories all exude a certain vibe that makes one feel as if he/she is being transported back in time.

Vintage industrial tells a story in the form of old vintage decorations and color schemes. If you want to add character and a sense of elegance and timelessness to your bathroom’s interior, go for a vintage industrial bathroom.

  1. Concrete industrial-style bathroom

Leaving your walls and floors bare does not mean that your bathroom is unfinished, dull, and boring. Instead, it just means you have your own concept of how your bathroom should look like. Bathrooms like these are clean and have an expensive look. The rawness of the elements paired with wooden furniture evokes a calming and relaxing vibe.

If you want to make your bathroom’s interior look unique and modern, the industrial look is your best alternative. With this kind of style, you can have an industrial concrete bathroom or a small bathroom with a brick wall. 

  1. Brick bathrooms

Another distinct way to make a bathroom industrial is by installing bricks as cladding on the walls. If you are looking for the perfect backsplash tile idea to put on your walls, go for exposed brick walls.

The use of exposed brick on bathroom walls is frowned upon by some homeowners because of maintenance issues. However, having brick walls in the bathroom is not entirely a hassle. As long as you put a sealant and finish to protect the bricks from mildew, your bathroom won’t have any problem at all.

Industrial-style bathroom accessories

small industrial-style bathroom with wood countertop and black toilet

A bathroom’s interior design composition is not complete without accessories. Accessories play a huge role in the overall look of a space. You also have to consider what kind of decorations, accent elements, and bathroom accessories to spruce up your bathroom with to create an industrial-looking bathroom. Here are several must-have industrial bathroom accessories you should add to your list.

  • Industrial-style bathroom vanity

Industrial bathroom vanities are often made of wood. Industrial-style bathroom sink also is in wooden elements. Wood is a good accent element in an unfinished concrete bathroom. It gives a sense of modernity and brings color to the space in a very subtle yet significant manner. There is an industrial bathroom vanity unit that is pre-fabricated or custom-made. You can find many vanity units in various shapes and sizes that will be suitable for your bathroom. A modern industrial bathroom vanity is also versatile. Whether you choose to have brick walls or keep your walls concrete and unfinished, the wood vanity will still stand out, giving your bathroom a modern cozy feel.

  • Industrial-style bathroom storage

Storage is an important element to have in the bathroom. It will keep your bathroom organized and free of clutter. Adequate and well-designed storage space is essential to maximize the space within your bathroom. Now, if you are thinking of creating an industrial-designed bathroom, you should also consider putting in an industrial-style bathroom cabinet. 

The storage can take the form of an industrial bathroom wall cabinet or industrial-style bathroom shelves. An industrial bathroom cabinet, similar to the vanity is often made of wood. These types of cabinets are unfinished maintaining the beautiful aesthetic of the wood grain. If you want to add an industrial-style cabinet, you can have it custom-made or renovate old cabinets and repurpose them.

Bathroom Cabinets

  • Industrial showers

In some modern bathroom designs, the plumbing fixtures of the shower are usually hidden in the wall. But in an industrial bathroom design, the plumbing is exposed to create character and contrast. The main element of an industrial shower is a vintage-styled shower head. The space is normally enclosed in shower glass doors with metal framings. Refer to the style of the olden times if you are looking for inspiration when choosing plumbing fixtures such as faucets, shower heads, and drains.

  • Toilet enclosure ideas

Toilet enclosure refers to the doors or partitions inside the bathroom that separates the toilet, shower, and vanity area. If your bathroom is large enough, a toilet enclosure would make the layout more defined and your bathroom essentials more organized. In an industrial-styled bathroom, toilet enclosures are made of glass framed with metal framings that are usually painted black. This type of design feature embodies the industrial era and makes a perfect contrast against a neutral backdrop.

  • Industrial-style bathroom tiles

A few examples of industrial-style bathroom tiles are exposed brick tiles, concrete tiles, plain white ceramic tiles, natural stone tiles, and black and white patterned tiles. You have a variety of options to choose from. There’s no right and wrong when selecting industrial tiles for an industrial bathroom because it all depends on the interior style composition of your designer. The most important part, however, when selecting tiles is the color scheme. Always consider the color scheme when purchasing materials and make sure you have a guide or a mood board so that you’ll never make the wrong decision.

  • Industrial-style bathroom ceiling lights 

Lighting plays a major role whether you are designing a big or a small space. When it comes to styling a room in an industrial, the lighting is one element that would clearly define the style of the space. When choosing lighting fixtures, pick those with a modern appeal. A few examples are LED lamps and sconces, industrial pendant lights, and light bulbs. The lighting ambiance of an industrial-styled space is also characterized by a subtle warmth from the glow of the bulbs. Take this information into account when installing general lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting in the bathroom.

  • Industrial-style bathroom mirror

Mirrors are another essential element in the bathroom. From making a space feel and look more spacious, to serving a particular function like prepping oneself, shaving, putting on make-up, and many more. Mirrors are more than just a décor item. But when used as industrial decor in the bathroom they have the ability to steal the spotlight. Mirrors are sometimes even used as a focal point in walls. In industrial-designed bathrooms, mirrors play an important visual and conceptual role in making the space truly industrial in effect. Rounded mirrors with metal frames are the most common mirror style used in industrial interiors. Some go for a rectangular one with gold and silver framing depending on the style of the bathroom.

  • Industrial bathroom fixtures

The fixtures are characterized as vintage, masculine, factory-grade, and with very define details. Faucets, shower heads, drain, sinks, and others are often made of nickel or bronze while some are polished in chrome. The color of this kind of fixture creates a vintage ambiance that brings back the nostalgic scene of the industrial period. To make your bathroom feel more industrial shop these kinds of bathroom fixtures in vintage shops and other well-known plumbing fixture hardware.

What are the colors used in an industrial-designed bathroom?

Black industrial interior with glass shower enclosure

Wondering what color schemes suits best in an industrial-designed bathroom? We’ve outlined 4 common colors we see in most industrial interiors. These colors are white, black, grey, and brown.




White is a versatile color so no matter what interior style you decide to apply in your bathroom, you can always start with white as your backdrop. While industrial is characterized by strong, manly, and darker color schemes, there is absolutely nothing wrong if you veer away from the usual and make it lighter and brighter.


Black is a classic color for loft and industrial interiors. Whether it is creating a sense of modernity, masculinity, edginess, or elegance, black will do the trick. Black walls, black ceilings, black countertops, and even black flooring are all possible. When using black, don’t forget to add contrasting colors as well to create balance.


Grey is the color between black and white. It is a safe color choice if you want to be neutral but not too neutral and it makes the room look very sterile. You can paint your bathroom walls grey or keep everything as unfinished concrete and keep the bare grey walls.


If looking for an accent color to use in an industrial-designed bathroom, brown and wooden are perhaps the most ideal. There are many ways in which brown can be introduced into the space. It can be in a form of cabinet storage, a vanity, a brick wall backsplash, or some decorations.



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