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How can I hide my range hood? Top 8 ideas for kitchen hood aesthetic

September 06, 2022 | Updated on: September 06, 2022

modern kitchen hood design

Badly positioned range hoods have been a problem for homeowners and interior designers. This big and bulky appliance oftentimes doesn’t look too appealing especially when it is placed in the open. It can be a bit distracting and it ruins the interior design style of even a modern and streamlined kitchen.

However, in recent years, range hoods have evolved into a much simpler and more modest form. There are range hoods that can fit quite well in a certain interior style even though it is installed in the open. These are called modern kitchen hood designs. Numerous cabinet range hood ideas also started to emerge.

Kitchen Cabinets

There is a variety of kitchen hood cabinet designs that are suitable for small and big kitchens. This article will talk more about the different range hood kitchen designs and kitchen hood cabinet ideas to implement into your kitchen interior. Along with kitchen with range hood ideas, we’re also talking about the different types of range hoods and cabinet designs to conceal range hoods.

Types of kitchen hoods

Island range hood in the kitchen

When it comes to choosing the kitchen hood for your home, there are many options to choose from. Some are more efficient than others. There are recirculating models and vented models. Before purchasing a hood, it is important to learn about each type to determine which is best for you.

  • Island range hood

There are two ways to install island hood fans. The first is to install the mechanism under the island counter or vent the fumes down. The second is to install it over the counter and attached it to the ceiling or vent up. For your range hood to be suspended over an island, you will need four metal components known as support brackets. The chimney mounting bracket that comes with your range hood should be where the support brackets attach.

  • Wall-mount range hood

One of the most popular kinds of range hoods is the wall mount hood fan. In the kitchen, this style of vent hood is safely positioned against a wall. To maximize cooking exhaust absorption and extend the life of your range hood, install your wall range hood between the bottom of the hood and the stove cooking surface, ideally 28 to 36 inches apart.

  • Downdraft hood range

If you're looking to upgrade your kitchen appliances, consider installing a downdraft range hood. Downdraft range hoods are designed to be installed behind the cooktop. They reverse the upward flow of smoke and fumes and vent them out the back. This type of range hood can help you control the airflow around your stove and cooktop. You can choose a downdraft range hood with a retractable hood, which extends while cooking and retracts when not in use.

  • Kitchen under cabinet range hood

A kitchen hood under cabinet also known as a cabinet insert range hood is installed beneath kitchen cabinets. It is hidden under cabinet range hood. The important thing is that you must decide the dimensions of the kitchen hood in the cabinet opening. Cabinet hood inserts come with lighting, speed controls, and blowers. The primary purpose of this type of range hood is to ventilate your kitchen by removing heat, steam, smoke, and unpleasant aromas from routine cooking or food preparation.

The range hood cabinet height, as well as the hood's breadth and depth, are some of the crucial factors you need to take into account when installing under cabinet range hoods. Because it will be nearer to the steam and heat when your range hood is very low, you are likely to lose more headroom. At the same time, if the built-in cabinet range hood is set too high, then it will not exhaust out the odour correctly, leaving some of it inside the kitchen

Under cabinet vs chimney hood

cabinet insert range hood

We now know that there are 5 types of range hoods. However, the two most popular and commonly used by homeowners are under cabinet hoods or kitchen cabinet vent hood and chimney kitchen hood. In the table below, we identify the characteristics of the two.

Under Cabinet

Chimney Hood

Under kitchen cabinet range hood is the one that is mounted to the bottom of kitchen cabinet. They come in two varieties: ductless which cleanses the air and circulates it inside and under cabinet ducted range hood which vents the air outside.

An appliance in the kitchen that is positioned over the stove is called a chimney hood range. While you're cooking, the chimney hood fan ventilates your kitchen and removes unpleasant smoke and cooking odors from the air.

Kitchen vent hood under cabinet that go beneath cabinets are discreet and lack any distinguishing features in their body or design. Even if they are present, they might even go unnoticed.

It is a big piece of metal mounted to the ceiling or above the stove. If you intend to use your stove, a chimney vent hood is a fantastic choice. A mechanical fan or a group of mechanical fans operate inside hood fan cabinet, which is located over the stove. Turn on the hood fan and let it run while using your stove.

Range hood cabinet designs

built-in cabinet range hood

As we mentioned earlier, hiding the range hood is a challenge for most homeowners and interior designers. The appliance is bulky and might take up half of the overhead cabinetry if not positioned or installed properly. Many people wonder: how to hide cooker hood ducting or how to hide the range hood vent. The answer of many interior designers would perhaps be in to place the hood into the kitchen cabinet or opt for a kitchen cabinet with a range hood. So, you won’t have to wonder and waste your time overthinking how to style your range hoods, here are kitchen cabinet hood ideas and kitchen hood cabinet designs that will look in your space.

  1. Opt for a custom hood

If you have a bigger kitchen or a small one or a kitchen with an unconventional layout, finding a range hood that will fit in your desired space might be challenging. Most homeowners would settle for a custom-made range hood cabinet to conceal their range hood. This will make the kitchen’s aesthetic appear effortless and seamless. Oftentimes, they put it behind a custom cabinet range hood especially if it is a chimney-styled hood.

  1.  Blend it

Concealing a range hood in the cabinet is a common strategy that designers use to make the kitchen appear sleek and clean. Range hoods can sometimes ruin the interior design scheme especially if it is not in the original plan to show the hood. Other kitchen designs intentionally show the range hood because it fits the style. However, for modern or minimalist kitchen designs, for example, showing the shape of the range hood might not be an ideal move to do. To solve this, interior designers use a kitchen hood inside the cabinet to hide it. You may choose to create a cover for the hood and paint it with the same color as the cabinetry to blend it smoothly.

  1. Go rustic

Aiming for the rustic chic farmhouse look? You can paint the cover of your in-cabinet range hood with a rustic brown color to create that distressed wooden appeal. The rustic kitchen interior style is common in traditional and transitional homes. If you want to add a bit of character and visual texture to your dull kitchen, go rustic and transform your range hood cabinet from boring to interesting.

  1. Elegant and classic

For kitchens with elegant and classical styles, most hood cabinets are painted in white with trims and moldings. The stainless-steel appearance of range hoods may not fit the classical vibe of an elegant kitchen. Interior designers would then create a decorative range hood to skillfully and seamlessly hide the appliance behind white cabinetry. If you have ever been to a kitchen without a single sign of a range hood, there is a huge chance that the range hood vents are concealed behind one of those cabinets above the stove.

  1. Modern and neutral

The modern kitchen style will almost always stay on trend. As many people are living in compact apartments and condo units, they are finding new and innovative ways to design a kitchen that’s space-saving, practical, and aesthetically pleasing. Because a hood range cabinet can take up half of the cabinetry overhead, it is sometimes hard to integrate into kitchens with limited space. Homeowners with a modern or contemporary interior space would rather opt for a range hood insert which is a lot smaller in size compared to a wall mount range hood and has a sleek edgy appearance.

  1. Cottage Style

Do you want to achieve the cottage kitchen style but a bulk stainless-steel range hood and cabinet might ruin the aesthetic? Don’t worry. You can still achieve the cottage vibe that you want. Simply hide your range hood in your white painted hood kitchen cabinet. There is no other straightforward way to keep a range hood from ruining your interior design scheme rather than concealing it behind a cabinet. However, when installing your range hood in the cabinet, make sure that it is positioned right above the stove and is properly installed to avoid redoing it.

  1. Stainless Steel

Not all big and bulky stainless-steel range hoods can ruin the interior style of a kitchen. There are also interior styles that integrate range hood openly and without any form of camouflage. This is more common in modern or industrial kitchens. Stainless Steel range hoods can also be installed above the kitchen island. You’ll most likely find edgy and modern range hoods in big contemporary kitchens with islands or peninsulas.

  1. Natural stone range hood covers

Another range hood design that’s making a moment in the interior design scene is the natural stone range hood cover. We know natural stone as a common material used to highlight the fireplace in rustic farmhouses and cottage-style homes. Natural stone adds visual texture, character, and interest to a space. When you clad your range hood cover in natural stone, it will become the focal point of your kitchen space rather than an eye sore. This is an ingenious way to create an interesting focal point in your kitchen. 


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