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Hallway Cabinets. Best Designs for Custom Cabinets and Shelves for an Entryway

July 10, 2022 | Updated on: April 20, 2023

foyer with custom hallway cabinets

Hallways and entryways are often the first places that guests see when they enter the house. Therefore, keeping it neat and tidy is essential to making a good first impression. Some entryways come with a separate mudroom. However, there are also house layouts where there’s little to no space to utilize a mudroom so designers find unique ways to integrate a storage area by creating custom hallway cabinets or placing entryway cabinets with drawers.

You can place small entryway cabinets in narrow hallways where guests can place their hats, umbrellas, shoes, and other outwear items. Modern hallway cabinets have evolved throughout the years to fit the current interior design trends of modern homes. For a minimalist look, for example, there are hallway hall stands and cabinets without doors. These storage spaces are similar to open shelves but are mostly recessed to the wall to maximize space. Of course, you can also go for an entryway cabinet with doors if you prefer it over the former.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about cabinets for entryways and answer some of the common questions many people ask when it comes to placing cabinets in the hallway.

Types of cabinets for the hallway

built-in entryway cabinets in narrow hallway

There are different kinds of cabinets you can place in the hallway depending on how wide or narrow your hallway is. Many homeowners decide to create built-in hallway cabinets for their hallways as it can be challenging to find a pre-fabricated one that will fit their needs and will match their hallway’s size and design. Here are some cabinets you can place in your hallway to maximize its space.

  • Built-in hallway cabinets

Going for built-in cabinets in the hallway is always a good idea especially if you have a hallway space that’s unique from what’s commonly seen in typical house layouts. Hallway built-in cabinets tend to be more durable than pre-fabricated ones. Moreover, hallway built-in storage cabinets have enough space to hold all your belongings including your guests when they come over to visit.

Built-in modern hallway cabinets are a popular option among millennials who live in small apartments and condo units. Hallway built-in cabinets storage adds functionality to the home and may increase the value of the property. If you lack storage space in your house, it’s probably time to consider putting built-in cabinets hallway.

  • Wall cabinets for hallway

Hallway wall cabinets are the type of cabinet that can be placed against a recessed part of the wall. This is done to avoid any protruding elements from blocking the hall. Some interior designers create a play of texture by putting hallway cabinets on a small wall near the entryway to act as a hidden cabinet to place coats, shoes, and hats. You’ll often find cabinets on walls in a hallway in contemporary and modern homes as this kind of wall cabinet fits the aesthetic best.

  • Thin cabinets for hallway

Worried that your hallway might be too small to add a cabinet? Opt for slim hallway cabinets! Slim cabinets for a hallway are best utilized in homes with very narrow hallways such as those in condo units and apartments. You can find several small cabinets for hallway design in the market.

Narrow cabinets for a hallway are ideal because they don’t take up too much space. It’s a great option to add at least one narrow hallway cabinet for extra surface area and storage space. Narrow hallway storage cabinets can fit in almost any type of hallway width. Whether you plan to place it on your entryway, foyer, and/or living room hallway.

  • Entryway storage cabinets

Hallway cabinets storage can be placed in the entryways as well. Place hallway storage cabinets so your entryway doesn’t look so dull and empty. Placing storage cabinets in the hallway is also another way of sprucing your space up with décor and making it appear fully furnished. Find entryway cabinet furniture for your storage cabinets hallway that fits with your overall interior design style.

All type drawers

  • Hallway linen cabinets

Some areas where we find hallways in our house are near kitchens and service areas. Hallways can also be near bathrooms and laundry rooms. If you have a hallway in these parts of the house, put linen cabinets for a hallway. Linen cabinets in a hallway can serve as your extra storage space to place items like linens, towels, hygiene kits, and other home essentials.

  • Shoe cabinets for hallway

One of the reasons why homeowners would want to put cabinets in the hallway is to have a storage space or storage rack for shoes. If that is your goal, get hallway shoe storage cabinets. Hallway shoe cabinets and racks help organize your entryway. Hallway shoe cabinets can be custom-built to fit your needs – although you can find shoe storage cabinets for hallway and shoe storage cabinets for entryway in most furniture retail stores. Shoe storage cabinets in a hallway don’t take up too much space because they only hold shoes and slippers and are ideally placed on the floor. There are also shoe cabinets for anentryway that is recessed on the wall so the shoes are tucked neatly and out of sight.

Most popular hallway cabinet designs

narrow hallway storage cabinet with sliding doors

Now that you know the different types of cabinets you can place in your hallway, it’s time to discuss the designs. What are the most common cabinet designs out there that suit hallways? Let’s find out!

  1. Cherry wood hallway cabinets

Wood as we know is the most common material that is utilized to make cabinets. Cherry wood is a classic choice for wood cabinets in a hallway because of its strength and durability. It is shock-resistant which makes it a practical option to use as cabinets in entryways where the doors are frequently opened and closed.

  1. Hallway multicolor accent cabinets

Cabinets can also be a significant feature in the house. Don’t just put a cabinet just for the sake of having one. Instead, style it with the rest of your home’s interior design scheme. Your hallway accent cabinets can be fun by color-blocking them with multiple colors for a cheerful, playful look.  Since the hallway or entryway is the first space you see when entering the house, place accent cabinets entryway to make a great first impression.

  1. Gray cabinets in a hallway

Is your home designed in a modern or contemporary style? Go for something neutral and paint your cabinets gray. Gray cabinets are common in kitchens and bathrooms but they also look great in almost any space as long as they are placed against a white or neutral background. Opt for gray cabinets for a sleek elegant look in your hallway.

  1. White built-in hallway cabinets

When it comes to the paint color of cabinets, white will never be out on the list. White is still the most popular and commonly-used color in cabinetry for almost all kinds of interior design schemes. White hallway cabinets will always look good. Homes that are styled in the farmhouse, traditional, rustic, or shabby chic look use unfinished hallway cabinets typically painted in white for a more charming and timeless appeal. 

  1. Black cabinets in the hallway

Darker colors are favored for creating elegant and classic interiors. Black cabinets are common in kitchens and baths but are rarely seen in hallways and entryways. However, this does not mean that black cabinets look bad in these areas. It’s just that it takes a lot of creativity and talent to mix and complement black with the rest of the décor. Black hallway cabinets look unique and cool if you if your hallway is large and full of natural light.

  1. Hallway glass cabinets

Glass cabinets are a trend because of a variety of reasons. They make spaces appear larger and brighter which is necessary if your hallways are a bit narrow and dark. Glass cabinets in hallways can be used to display décor and accessories for a more sophisticated interior aesthetic.

Hallway cabinets ideas

wide hall with unfinished hallway cabinets

When choosing which cabinets to put in the hallway, take into account the storage requirements and the style of your home. Usually, hallways are fairly small, and you don't want to encroach on their space. Here are a few ideas on how to update hallway cabinets? 

  1. Go for long hallway cabinets with lighted shelves

Long but narrow cabinets are ideal for narrow spaces like hallways. If you have extra pieces of wood or a piece of old cabinet furniture that you don’t use, consider flipping it up into a new furniture style that will fit in your hallway. Put open shelves for a more streamlined look and place lighting beneath or over the shelves to add personality and make it look visually interesting.

  1. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets in the hallway are a good idea

Floor-to-ceiling hallway storage cabinets with doors and shelves are common in hallways. These types of cabinets are generally recessed on the wall to maximize the hallway’s width. If you need a lot of storage space in your home it’s a good idea to utilize the walls in your hallways as storage cabinets and create custom-built floor-to-ceiling cabinets to make more room for your stuff.

  1. Opt for Built-in vintage hallway cabinets for a timeless look.

Want to create a vintage look in your home? Go for something nostalgic and traditional and build built-in vintage wall hallway cabinets in your home. Find antique white hallway cabinets in thrift stores, flea markets, and antique shops nearby. Vintage cabinets are great for decorations. Distressed and shabby cabinets, for example, add a classic touch to any space and make it look stylish yet homey.

  1. Create contemporary cabinets and hallway drawers

If you are updating your home from a traditional look to a more contemporary one, consider giving your hallway cabinets a transformation by making them look more modern. Get rid of ornate elements and go for something streamlined, modest, and stylish. Paint them in neutral-colored hues and add modern hardware.

Pros and cons of placing a cabinet in the hallway

Once you get an idea to put a cabinet in the hallway, it's time to consider how it fits into your daily life. if you don't need extra space at the entrance, it can get in the way. So, should you put cabinets in the hallway?



You have extra storage space to place coats, hats, umbrellas, and shoes.

Can make your hallway narrower if not properly arranged.

Can be used as a decorative element.

Can block your entrance.

Makes the house look complete and furnished.

Makes the hallway look cluttered if not properly organized.

You have an extra surface area to put items like house keys, car keys, and other small items.



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