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Gray Kitchen Cabinets

January 04, 2021 | Updated on: January 31, 2022

Gray Kitchen

Gray Kitchen Cabinets

          Nowadays, people have a great selection of cabinet options to choose from. These options include colours, style, layout, accessories, etc. Every year based on the market trends, these options can change. For example, this year people would love to have a white shaker style kitchen at their home, next year the trend might change, and people would rather choose kitchens with gray cabinets as it looks more modern and unique, the following year they can choose two tone kitchen cabinets gray and white. Even though trends change from time to time, one of the most popular color for cabinets is gray.

Kitchen Cabinets

Why are Gray Kitchen Cabinets so Popular?

          There are many cabinet exterior materials available on the market. People can choose from high gloss, veneer, solid wood, painted MDF, matt, acrylic doors, and panel material. Depending Dark Shaker Vanity on the style of the house, people can look into selecting the modern, transitional, or traditional styles of their future kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Also, the doors and drawer profiles can be different as well. For example, a shaker-style door profile can make the kitchen look transitional. White slab or flat doors best suit a more modern environment, especially if used in the modern gray kitchen. White colour has been used as the main cabinet colour for decades, and people associate it with a more traditional or classic look of the kitchen. 

         Using gray colour for the house's millwork is relatively new and extremely popular for designers who have modern taste. When the gray colours are used in the home interiors, people start showing more interest as this colour requires more attention for the interior designers as it is more difficult to combine it with other colours and items inside the house, but the final result can look stunning and attractive. Also, kitchen colours can be combined to create a more interesting look. For example, a black and gray kitchen can have a darker theme for homes with dark furniture Melamine Screen and bright walls. This way, designers or homeowners can achieve a very nice contrast.

          Another option to have a kitchen with gray cabinets doors is to use stained veneer or solid wood in different shades of gray. Staining wood has always been a top choice of people or designers for many centuries as the wood was almost the only material that could be used to build furniture or cabinets. Staining is not only giving a wood an amazing look but also protects it from ageing.


         Gray stained oak cabinets are one of the most popular combinations of the colour of the wood species. This combination gives the kitchen a fresh modern look with the touch of classic all times materials. In general, gray stained kitchen cabinets are used in many different places such as commercial offices or shopping malls. The number of builders, designers, and contractors who are using this colour and material combination shows that it is a top-rated and amazing product and colour combination. 

How to Choose the Shade of Grey Cabinets?

          There are so many different colours for the kitchen or bathroom cabinets that people can choose from. The most popular colours based on world sales are white and gray. While people choose white colour cabinets to get the traditional or minimalistic look, the light gray kitchen cabinets can achieve a contemporary look with more accent on the cabinets rather than the house appearance. It is not easy to select the shade of white or grey as there are thousands of them present on the market. Gray Shaker Island The best way to select the proper colour is to ask the specialist or hire an interior designer to help with the selection.

          Interior designers have different taste and signature when it comes to design or selection of colours. Some would make light grey cabinets in the kitchen and make furniture and accessories darker in colour as an accent. Others would prefer dark gray kitchen cabinets with a combination of lots of chrome details to show real contrast that can become a true designer’s signature, which will be recognized by lots of people.

          Working on a design where grey colours are involved is not an easy task and can create several challenges. Designers always prefer to check some inspiration pictures before they start designing. Internet is a great source of inspiration, where other builders, designers, renovators, and homeowners are posting photos of the completed projects. For example, grey kitchen cabinets ideas can b Gray Kitchen Fronts e found on or

          It is quite popular nowadays when designers use two or three shades of gray colour in their kitchen projects. For instance, the kitchen's perimeter, including lower and upper cabinets, can be light gray, while the island can be finished with a dark gray colour. Another way would be to make light grey kitchen cabinets for the upper cabinets, while the lowers can be a completely different colour or grey stained cabinets exterior material. A combination of colours looks more interesting and unique, which brings more attention from people.


What Color of the Walls does Best Suit the Grey Kitchen Cabinets?

          Renovation is a big process while you have to make tons of selections such as light fixtures, carpet, floor, cabinets, tiles, countertops and wall colour. Choosing the colour for your walls is one of the most challenging decisions you have to make. If you go to a store such as Home Depot or Lowes, you will find hundreds of the same colour shades. Choosing the right colour might be tough because the same colour might look completely different in a store and at your house. Also, the same colour might have a different finish. If you have grey kitchen cabinets, what colour of the walls to go with? How to choose the right colour and where to start? 

          The first step in choosing a colour is to define what kind of atmosphere you want to create in your home. Some people want bright, others like neutral colours. Analyze which side the windows face and decide whether you want to make your room bright or dark. The shade of each colour can be divided into warm and cold, which affects the mood you are trying to create in the room. 

          Never paint the entire room once you picked the colour. Even if you are sure that you found the most beautiful shade, it doesn’t mean that it will be flawless on the walls. If you are choosing the paint based on a small piece from a colour palette, be careful.

          When you are going to paint the whole wall, it will look completely different. Therefore, it is good to buy samples of paint of different shades and try them in the actual room that you want to paint. 

            Besides, it would be nice to have samples of carpet, tiles and cabinets to put them together. What matches with grey cabinets? It is definitely up to your personal preference. Grey painted kitchen cabinets go well with a lighter shade of grey on the wall. You can make an accent on your cabinets by choosing a more intense shade than the shade of the wall. Choosing the right colour of the walls that goes best with grey kitchen cabinets can guarantee a result you will be satisfied with. 


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