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Free standing bathroom vanities ideas. Create a refined look with stand alone bathroom vanity

January 02, 2023 | Updated on: January 03, 2023

freestanding vanity with cabinets and drawers in the oblong bathroom

A freestanding bathroom vanity refers to a type of furniture that can be found in the bathroom. Unlike built-in bathroom cabinets, a freestanding vanity unit is a separate piece of furniture and can easily be moved anywhere because it is not mounted or attached to the bathroom’s walls and floor strictly.

Whether you want the traditional bathroom interior look or you are aiming for a modern or contemporary one, there are definitely freestanding vanity cabinets that would suit your home. Freestanding vanity units for bathrooms come in a variety of sizes, styles, colors, and design features. In this blog, we’ll go over everything you need to know about freestanding vanities from layouts, types, designs, and colors.

Bathroom layouts with free standing vanity

unfinished wood vanity with wide countertop in the small bathroom

Before buying furniture and fixtures for your bathroom, it is important that you know the layout and dimensions of your bathroom. This way, you will know exactly what vanity size to purchase and how best to lay out the furniture within the space. Freestanding bathroom vanity parts can be purchased separately in the Cut2Size online store. You can basically customize or choose your own size, style, and color preferences. A small freestanding vanity unit is a common choice among homeowners because bathrooms are typically small. However, there are different bathroom vanity sizes for different bathroom layouts. Here are some of them:

  • Freestanding vanity against the wall

The freestanding vanity against the side wall is perhaps the most popular vanity layout out there. It is a type of vanity that is positioned on the side of the wall while the other side is where the bathroom fixtures are installed. Freestanding bathroom vanity against the wall can either have single-sink or double sink, depending on the length of the wall. 

  • Feestanding single sink vanity

A freestanding single sink vanity is the smallest type of vanity. It has a single sink and occupies only a small portion of the bathroom. Most single-sink vanities are corner vanities. There are also square or rectangular single-sink vanities. This type of vanity is commonly utilized in small condo units and apartments where it is more convenient to have movable furniture pieces than fixed ones.

  • Free standing double vanity

A freestanding double vanity on the other hand, is a type of vanity that is perfect for bathrooms with a bigger layout. Double-sink vanities usually occupy two adjacent walls. The sinks are installed on either end of the vanity counter. Double vanities are also rectangular and a bit longer in length than standard-sized vanities. This type of vanity layout is more convenient and easier to transport from one place to another.

  • Free standing vanity with mirror

This type of vanity refers to a vanity with a mirror. In bathrooms, most vanities are separate from the mirror. The mirror is usually mounted on the wall while the vanity is just placed against the wall right below the mirror. There is, however, another type of freestanding vanities with mirrors. This is a vanity where the mirror is installed along with it as a part of the furniture. This type of vanity is rarely found in bathrooms and more on bedrooms or in a space very close to the bathroom. The mirror in this vanity is utilized for doing makeup and fixing hair.

Bathroom Cabinets

Freestanding bathroom vanity sizes

Size is likely the most crucial factor to take into account when purchasing a new vanity. All bathroom vanity dimensions, not only the width, need to be carefully considered. We've listed some key bathroom vanity dimensions here to help you make a purchasing decision.



Freestanding 20-inch bathroom vanity

This vanity size is best for small bathrooms and usually has a single sink. It can have a base cabinet or drawers.

Freestanding 24-inch bathroom vanity

This vanity is a bit bigger than the previous one. It can also accommodate one sink. The sink can either be undermount or a vessel sink.

36 freestanding bathroom vanity

Have more counter space compared to the previous vanity sizes. This vanity is a good option for maximizing bathroom storage because it has a bigger base cabinet capacity.

48-inch freestanding bathroom vanity

This vanity can have a double sink since it is typically twice the size of a single sink vanity. It also has a larger storage capacity.  


Types of free standing vanities

undermount sink vanity with drawers in the white and blue bathroom

If you are planning to get a free-standing vanity unit, you need to know first the types of free-standing vanities out there. This will help you narrow down your options and select the best piece of furniture that will be perfect for your bathroom. We have tackled the layouts and the sizes of free standing bathroom vanities. Now, let’s go over the different types of free standing vanities for bathrooms.

  • Wooden freestanding vanity unit

For homeowners who want to achieve the minimalist, contemporary, or Scandinavian bathroom interior aesthetic, opting for a bathroom vanity freestanding that is made of wood would be ideal. A freestanding wood vanity is the most popular type of vanity out there. You can easily find them in furniture stores, flea markets, and freestanding bathroom vanities manufacturing stores. 

  • Freestanding vanity unit with legs

A bathroom freestanding vanity unit obviously has legs. Because they are a separate entity, unlike floating vanities, their legs support them and keep them balanced wherever they are positioned. A freestanding bathroom vanity with legs can have legs of different sizes and materials. Their legs can be either made of metal or wood or any other material that can is strong enough to hold the weight of a bathroom vanity. 

  • Free standing vanity units with sinks

A free standing vanity unit with a basin can have different kinds of sinks. Free standing vanity units with basin can be made of different materials and can be of different shapes, styles, and sizes. The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing or changing the look of a bathroom by integrating new vanities. Freestanding bathroom vanities for undermount sinks often have a strong support foundation. The plumbing system in vanities like these are typically hidden in the base cabinets. A freestanding vessel sink vanity is a good option if you want to maximize the storage space of your base cabinets. 

  • Free standing double sink bathroom vanity

A free standing double sink vanity unit is one that can be found in bigger bathrooms. Vanities like these tend to be more expensive and can be harder to maintain. You only choose this type of vanity if it fits your needs and if your bathroom is larger than the standard. This vanity can be found in huge mansions or traditional and classical homes. Double-sink vanities are also best installed between bedrooms where there is a shared bathroom.

Free standing bathroom vanity styles

double sink bathroom vanity with counter space for makeup

Let’s talk about the styles and colors of freestanding bathroom vanities. With thousands of bathroom vanity styles to choose from, it can be difficult to make a choice. However, if you know your preferences, the type of bathroom interior style you are aiming to achieve, and your needs in the home, you’ll be able to select the right bathroom vanity style you’ll never regret. To help you narrow down your choices, here are the most common freestanding bathroom vanity styles and colors. 

  1. Modern freestanding bathroom vanities

The most common style of vanity is a modern freestanding bathroom vanity. It can be found in almost all furniture stores. A modern freestanding vanity unit has a clean and streamlined aesthetic that can be paired with any type of interior style and color scheme. If you are redesigning or renovating your bathroom for the first type, it is recommended to choose a modern vanity to put in your bathroom.

  1. Mediterranean freestanding bathroom vanities

A Mediterranean bathroom vanity is ideal for traditional and classic interior spaces. This is a type of vanity commonly integrated in bigger bathrooms in large Mediterranean-styled mansions. Its cabinets are made of solid wood and have a vintage or antique aesthetic. Vanities like these, also look classy and sophisticated and can make a bathroom appear opulent and expensive. 

  1. Green freestanding bathroom vanities

If you want to add a touch of color to a mid-century or modern bathroom design, go for vanities painted in green with a white countertop. These colors are considered a classic combination. The green color  is a relaxing color which can make your bathroom feel cooler and more spa-like in ambiance.

green vanity cabinet in the small bathroom

  1. Gray freestanding bathroom vanities

Gray vanities are for minimalist and contemporary spaces. We all know that gray is a common color in a bathroom. Aside from giving a space a sleek, edgy, and more streamlined look, they also resemble the color of natural stone which adds a relaxing vibe to the bathroom’s interior. Moreover, gray can e easily paired with other colors whether it be a bold or neutral color.

  1. Freestanding vanity unit white

Do you want a simple vanity design that is flexible and versatile? White freestanding vanity is the one for you. This type of vanity is best used in contemporary and modern bathrooms. Quite similar to gray, white also creates a clean and streamlined aesthetic. Despite being a straightforward color, white has the ability to brighten your surroundings. This neutral shade gives any design a sleek and modern, appearance that is ideal for giving your bathroom a serene, immaculate feel.

  1. Black freestanding vanity unit

There's something inherently alluring about a black vanity. It is refined, stylish, and timeless. In reality, black may either make your room stand out or allow bolder, more vibrant colors to take the lead. Black is versatile and offers a blank canvas on which you can let your imagination run wild. Black freestanding vanities are commonly seen in modern, contemporary, and industrial-style bathrooms.


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