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Fluted millwork on kitchen cabinets. Create a unique look for your kitchen

February 04, 2023 | Updated on: March 23, 2023

fluted wood kitchen cabinet set with an island and stainless steel appliances

There’s a lot of detailing and craftsmanship that goes along with creating the perfect cabinet for the kitchen. Kitchen cabinets are more than just storage spaces to store kitchen utensils and cookware. They are also the focal point of the kitchen’s interior design. Good cabinetry design defines the interior style of the kitchen and makes it stand out. This is one of the reasons why homeowners and designers really take the time to carefully decide what type of cabinetry to incorporate. Some even opt to get their kitchen cabinets custom-made to really achieve the look that they want.

In this blog, we will discuss one of the little known yet attractive design feature that designers and cabinet makers love to add to kitchen cabinetry. This is none other than fluted kitchen doors. A fluted cabinet kitchen is popular in traditional and classical kitchens like Victorian, Georgian, and Neoclassical homes. However, with the popularity of transitional interior design styles and as more and more people integrate traditional and modern elements in the interior, fluted cabinet kitchens are also taking center stage in some modern kitchen interiors. Continue reading to learn more about this wonderful cabinet design feature.


What are fluted kitchen cabinets?

Fluted wood kitchen cabinets, also commonly referred to as fluted molding, are a type of cabinet trim that has ribs or flutes that run along the length of the trim. This is usually incorporated in kitchen cabinets, bookcases, display shelves, and other types of furniture. 

Wood fluted kitchen cabinets add depth to the furniture and give the interior a classical or opulent look. One of the reasons why designers use fluted door cabinets instead of flat or regular ones is because of the style that they want to achieve. A fluted molding creates a dramatic backdrop and adds elegance to a kitchen space.

Here are some benefits of fluted cabinetry:

  1. Increase the visual depth

The ridges of fluted cabinetry or trim create the illusion of depth, making a room look larger and more spacious.

  1. Add texture and style

The fluted detailing can complement other design elements in the room and provide a cohesive, polished look. On top of that, it also offers a unique texture and pattern that can add visual interest and sophistication to any kitchen, bathroom, or other space. 

  1. Versatility

A fluted trim is used in various styles, from traditional to contemporary, making it a versatile design element for any decor. It also adds a touch of character and timeless elegance to a space, making it feel more personalized and homely.

Types of fluted millwork in cabinetry

off-white kitchen cabinets with fluted trim elements

Different kinds of fluted millwork can be found in kitchen cabinetry. If you have ever seen a kitchen with a heavy decorative and ornamented cabinet, you will notice that there are trims on almost all the sides of the cabinetry from the base to the upper part. These are made up of different types of trims with different names, quite like how a Greek temple is made up of different parts. The following are the different types of fluted millwork in cabinetry.

Types of fluted millwork in cabinetry


Fluted panel kitchen cabinets


Fluted kitchen cabinet doors are cabinet faces or drawer fronts with a fluted pattern. Unlike other cabinet door panel design that features borders, insets, and raised panels, fluted panel kitchen cabinet doors are textured and visually interesting to look at. Wood fluted cabinet doors are the most likely material used to create this design. 

Fluted columns kitchen cabinets


Fluted base column in kitchen refers to kitchen cabinets with fluted trim or cabinets that have vertical ridges, or flutes, along the sides. These flutes are typically found on the legs or sides of a cabinet and can add a decorative touch to the overall design. The fluted columns on kitchen cabinets can be subtle or bold, depending on the style and finish of the cabinets. Wood fluted columns for kitchen, for example, are commonly found in traditional or classical kitchen designs but can also be incorporated into modern or contemporary kitchens.

Fluted kitchen cabinet molding


We all know that cabinet molding refers to a decorative trim or embellishment that is added to the edges or faces of kitchen cabinets. moldings can have different styles, and one of the most popular ones is fluted moulding on kitchen base cabinets. As the name implies, it is a type of molding with a ribbed or fluted pattern along its full length. It can be placed on the kitchen cabinetry's base, top, or sides.

kitchen island with fluted trim


Fluted trims are not exclusive to cabinetries. In fact, they can also be installed in kitchen islands and hutches. A fluted kitchen island adds visual texture to the kitchen space. A fluted wood kitchen island, for example, is a wonderful feature if you aim to achieve that minimalist and Scandinavian aesthetic in the kitchen. 

Kitchen cabinets with fluted glass doors


Did you know that there are glass surfaces with a fluted pattern? Yes, that’s right! Fluted glass kitchen cabinets are popular in most contemporary and modern kitchens because of their unique appeal. Fluted glass for kitchen cabinets creates a sleek and edgy aesthetic. Kitchen cabinets with fluted glass are a great alternative if you are looking for a fluted surface for cabinets that are easier to clean and maintain than wood-fluted cabinet doors.


How can fluted millwork add style to your kitchen?

fluted columns and beaded doors on the wooden kitchen cabinets

Fluted millwork is an elegant and sophisticated touch that can elevate the style of any kitchen. With its distinctive texture and pattern, this type of trim is the perfect way to add visual interest to an otherwise plain space. The ridges of fluted millwork create the illusion of depth, making the kitchen look larger and more spacious. In addition, fluted millwork can be used to complement other design elements in the room, creating a cohesive, polished look that is sure to impress.

To emphasize your kitchen style you may opt from several solutions.

Add fluted trim to the kitchen island

Fluted millwork can be incorporated into a kitchen island in several ways to add style and elegance to the space. Here are a few ideas to consider when creating custom-fluted kitchen islands: 

  • kitchen island with fluted trim on base

The base of the kitchen island can be finished with fluted trim for a sophisticated and elegant look. The kitchen island with fluted casing adds visual texture and can complement other design elements in the room and provide a cohesive, polished look. 

  • Fluted Island kitchen columns

kitchen island columns can be fluted for added interest and to create the illusion of depth. This is a great way to incorporate fluted millwork into the kitchen in a subtle but effective way. 

  • Fluted Island countertop edges

The edges of the kitchen island countertop can be finished with kitchen island corner fluted trim for added visual interest and to enhance the design of the space. 

  • Fluted panel kitchen island and drawer fronts

drawer fronts on the kitchen island can be finished with fluted trim for added elegance and sophistication. This is a great way to add a touch of character to the space.

Make kitchen cabinets with fluted glass doors

Fluted glass kitchen cabinets also known as reeded glass kitchen cabinets can be a beautiful and elegant addition to any kitchen. In fact, you can use them as accent cabinets. A reeded glass kitchen cabinet is a type of glass with a ribbed or fluted pattern. Reeded glass kitchen cabinet doors are installed in the cabinetry to make it look interesting and to add visual play. The fluted feature helps to hide the contents of the cabinet, thus making it look neat yet interesting to the eye. You can incorporate kitchen cabinets with fluted glass doors on a few select cabinets as accent pieces to create visual interest and highlight special items you want to display. Another thing you can do is mix and match solid cabinet doors with fluted glass for kitchen cabinet doors for a balanced look. The combination of solid and glass doors can help create visual interest and draw attention.

Reeded kitchen cabinets

fluted paneling on the kitchen backsplash and island

Let’s expound a little bit more about reeded cabinetry. What is reeding? A reeded surface can be made of glass or wood. Reeded wood cabinet doors add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any kitchen, with their beautiful textured surface and horizontal ridges. Reed patterns have been used in architecture and design for centuries, making these reeded kitchen cabinet doors a timeless choice that will never go out of style. Plus, they are versatile and can complement a variety of design styles, from traditional to contemporary.

Another thing to note is the durability of reeded cabinet doors. The textured surface of cabinet with reeded molding trim helps hide any small scratches and dents, making them the perfect choice for a busy kitchen. And if you're looking to set your kitchen apart and give it a unique and personalized look, a reeded cabinet moulding is simply a must-have. 

Kitchen Cabinets

To reeded kitchen cabinets, first, it is essential to determine the overall style you're going for, as reeded cabinet panel are versatile and can blend with a range of styles. When it comes to placement, reeded cabinet face can be used as wall cabinets or base cabinets, or even both! Mixing and matching different reeded panels for cabinet doors can create a unique and personalized look. 

Next, choose hardware that complements the style of your custom-reeded wood cabinet doors. Sleek and simple pulls or handles in a matching finish would be a fantastic choice for creating a reeded mid-century kitchen cabinet. Don't forget about color as well. Reed cabinets can be painted or stained to match the color scheme of your kitchen. Choose a hue that complements your overall design.

Finally, lighting is key in making your reeded cabinets stand out. Consider adding under-cabinet lighting or hanging pendant lights above the cabinets to enhance their beauty. By following these tips, you'll create a stunning kitchen with reeded cabinets that your guests will admire!

Tips for installing fluted millwork on your kitchen cabinets

white kitchen island with reeded wood cabinets and molding

 One of the questions people often ask is, can you DIY fluted cabinet? The answer is Yes! You can definitely create your own fluted cabinet door fronts using the materials and equipment you have in your home.

Adding fluted millwork to your kitchen cabinets is a charming way to bring a touch of sophistication to your space. To ensure the installation process goes smoothly, here are a few tips. 

  1. First, make sure to measure the area where you'll be installing the fluted panel cabinet so it's the perfect length. 
  2. Next, prepare the surface by giving it a good cleaning to make sure it's free of any dirt or debris. Then, mark the placement of the millwork with a pencil, making sure it's level and straight. Cut the fluted millwork to size using a fine-toothed saw or a miter saw.
  3. Apply a strong adhesive to the back of the millwork, attach it to the cabinet, and make sure it's properly aligned. Secure the millwork to the cabinet using small nails or screws placed at regular intervals. Fill any gaps between the millwork and the cabinet with wood filler, and sand the surface smoothly once it's dry. 
  4. Finally, paint or stain the fluted millwork to match the rest of your cabinets. By following these steps, you'll have stunning kitchen cabinets with charming fluted millwork that will truly wow your guests. 

Whether you're going for a traditional or contemporary look, fluted millwork is a versatile design element that can be incorporated into almost any kitchen style. It's the perfect way to add a touch of character and timeless elegance to your space, making it feel more personalized and homey. The possibilities are endless, from the classic beauty of an all-white kitchen with fluted cabinetry to the modern elegance of fluted trim on a sleek, black-and-white kitchen.


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