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Do grey cabinets match a bathroom? 10+ bathroom ideas with grey cabinets

May 26, 2022 | Updated on: June 03, 2022

large bathroom with grey cabinets

Nothing rivals grey's appeal and popularity when it comes to neutrals. Contemporary bathrooms are one among the many rooms where instead of a conventional white backdrop, homeowners are increasingly beginning to play with grey, by incorporating grey bathroom cabinets. While grey cabinets for bathrooms are a fantastic concept on many levels, a room devoid of any color may rapidly become dull and uninteresting.

Today, because many home décor enthusiasts, interior designers, and homeowners are embracing modern grey cabinets for their bathrooms, we are going to take a deep dive into bathrooms with grey cabinets. Do grey cabinets match a bathroom? What colors go well with bathroom cabinets? and what are other grey gloss cabinet? All of these questions will be answered in this blog so keep on reading.

Options for bathroom grey cabinets

gray concrete bathroom with cabinets

Grey bathroom cabinets do not vary in style. There is no one-size-fits-all cabinetry type because each bathroom requires a different furniture style, size, and layout. In this segment, we’ll talk about the different types of bathroom cabinets that you can paint grey.

  1. Bathroom wall cabinets

Grey wall bathroom cabinets in bathrooms are not a rare thing. We see it in almost any home and it is because there’s no other ideal place where to put cabinets in bathrooms other than on walls. It saves more floor space and serves as extra storage for hygiene kits and toiletries. Grey bathroom wall cabinets are a popular cabinet paint color because it goes well with any other color and is easy to maintain.

  1. Floor standing storage cabinets

Another option for bathroom cabinets is a floor-standing cabinet. It is a perfect type of cabinet to use in the bathroom if you have very limited space. Having a grey bathroom storage cabinets floor standing makes bathrooms flexible and versatile. You can transform it into various design styles whenever you want to and your cabinet will still fit perfectly with the background. Floor standing cabinets can be easily moved around so when you’re planning to change your layout or switch furniture you can do it with ease.

  1. Bathroom linen cabinets

Linen cabinets are a trend in coastal-styled bathrooms, farmhouse, rustic chic, and minimalist bathrooms. Linen cabinets can either be open or closed. Regardless of what style you prefer the most, painting your cabinets in grey will make them stand out against any color of your backdrop. If you are thinking about what would be the best color to paint your linen cabinets, you can never go wrong with grey bathroom linen cabinets. Browse through the catalog of grey shades and select the shade you think will look best in your desired bathroom style.

  1. Bathroom sink cabinets

Sink cabinets are very popular in bathrooms, showers, and powder rooms. It is designed specifically for use with a sink. The absence of a rear panel provides for easy access to the plumbing. Sink base cabinets also lack drawers, which might obstruct water lines, waste traps, and other pipes beneath the sink. Grey bathroom sink cabinets look good with any countertop color and are designed regardless of what natural stone material it is made of.

  1. Shaker cabinets in the bathroom

Shaker cabinets are traditionally styled cabinets with a plain, recessed center panel, square corners, and clean lines. Their designs are typically symmetrical, with little carvings and adornment. So, if you want to include this type of cabinet in your interior, we suggest you select grey shaker bathroom cabinets to make your cabinetry stand out against a neutral background. It is a great way to keep your bathroom look minimalist yet significant in style and color.

Best grey shade for bathroom cabinets

floorstanding dark grey cabinets in bathroom

It’s unarguable that grey paint colors for bathroom cabinets look good in almost any bathroom design. However, the color grey has many shades. So, when you have decided to paint bathroom cabinets grey, your decision-making does not stop there. You still have to go through the various shades of grey color in order to select the best shade that will complement your walls and bathroom’s interior style.

While there are many different types of paint to pick from, the finest paint for bathroom cabinets is often high gloss grey bathroom cabinets. Matte is unsuitable for kitchens and bathrooms, which require long-lasting, easy-to-clean paint. Bathroom cabinets' grey gloss can make bathrooms look luxurious and high-end. This is perfect if you have an industrial-designed bathroom space or if you’re aiming to achieve a contemporary style with a little hint of classical touch.

Grey oak bathroom cabinets are another option worth looking into. Unfinished timber embossed with a coarse broad linear pattern is the finishing texture of grey oak. The linear embossing is a contemporary dark smoky greyish brown wood. If you want to have grey paint for bathroom cabinets but with a natural wood grain effect, then grey oak is your best option.

Many people think stained cabinets are out of trend. But this is not exactly true. Although stained cabinets are less fashionable, they are not gone. They are still used in contemporary designs. They have taken on many tones including grey stained bathroom cabinets and have stayed important in designs such as the transitional bathroom and kitchen style.

Bathroom Cabinets

Let’s now go down to the most popular shades of grey that are utilized in bathroom cabinets.

Dark grey bathroom cabinets

If you've been considering installing this type of bathroom cabinetry, you should know that it has many benefits. Below are just some of the options you could consider installing in your bathroom:

  • Dark grey

One of the benefits of using dark grey cabinets in bathroom is that they do not show dirt as easily as white cabinets do. If you want to have a classic bathroom with a subtle hint of modern and contemporary, paint your bathroom cabinets in dark grey and accentuate it with bright bold hardware in colors of silver, brass, or gold.

  • Charcoal grey

Charcoal grey bathroom cabinets are an extremely dark grey that is almost black but yet lighter than black. The color's name derives from charcoal, a substance formed of wood that has been burned at a high temperature. Charcoal is a popular hue in house decor, where it may be utilized as a background for diverse patterns or as a bold accent color. It's ideal for use on charcoal grey dark gray bathroom cabinets, walls, furniture, accessories, and floors.

  • Slate grey

Slate is a deep grey with woody undertones. The hue is called slate rock, which is paler than charcoal and frequently has hints of red, blue, and brown. Choosing a bathroom cabinet color is never an easy task. You want something that is both bold and adaptable enough to work in your room. It might be difficult to strike this equilibrium, but slate does it expertly.

Because the eye-catching color of slate grey bathroom cabinets is neutral, it should go nicely with your walls and counters, as well as anything that lines them.

Light grey bathroom cabinets

While grey is a versatile color, you should still consider the size of your bathroom. Smaller spaces may be best served with lighter grey cabinets:

  • Light grey gloss

There is a reason why light grey cabinets bathroom is everywhere. Light gray adds just enough color to any area in your home while being light and airy. It's the perfect color for anybody looking for a classy and trendy color that's adaptable to any interior style. In bathrooms, for example, light grey gloss cabinets can make ordinary white cabinets go from dull to interesting.

  • Grey and white

White and grey provide the ideal backdrop for your favorite accent color. They work as well with wood and stone elements for a more natural feel, as well as cold metals and glass for a more exquisite aesthetic. Because white and grey are considered the perfect neutral, adding them together in the form of grey and white bathroom cabinets will make the colors in your bathroom blend fluidly and beautifully.

  • Dusty Grey

Dusty gray may operate as a bridge between the two startling colors since it is part-black and part-white. As a result, dusty gray bathroom cabinets, and really any gray, are a beneficial hue to have in your bathroom color scheme. While the color will not combine black and white, it will decrease the disparity between them, resulting in greater visual unity.

A combination of Shades of Grey

Gray is a direct neutral, but it also changes depending on other hues. It may be warmer or cooler depending on what you use it with. To find the perfect gray shade for your bathroom cabinets, try putting and matching different shades until you find a color that you like.

Normal grey

Warm grey

Cool grey

normal grey scheme

warm grey scheme

cold grey scheme

Comes from the combination of black and white

Comes from a combination of black and white with a subtle hint of red.

Comes from a combination of black and white with a subtle hint of blue

Is best utilized for industrial and mid-century styled interior spaces

Looks great in farmhouse styled interiors, as well as coastal, rustic chic, and transitional interior design

Ideal for contemporary and modern spaces.


Other grey cabinets bathroom ideas

grey vanity cabinets in the bathroom

Ultimately, though, your decision should be based on your own personal preference. Here are a few more great options for those who want to incorporate grey colour in the bathroom: 

  • Blue-grey bathroom cabinets

Blue-grey cabinets come from a combination of black and white with a hint of blue. It looks best in contemporary and modern styled bathrooms. But recently, grey blue bathroom cabinets are also seen in traditional farmhouse homes and coastal interiors because their cool and airy aesthetic can make any space look and feel calmer, homier, and relaxing to the eye.

  • Grey bathroom cabinets with white countertops

Grey cabinets with white countertops are considered the perfect neutral combination. Grey goes perfectly well with white so there’s no best countertop color that interior designers would opt for other than white. Whether it’s marble, granite, quartz, or other engineered stone, grey cabinets can blend smoothly.

  • White bathroom cabinets with grey countertops

Grey countertops are also a thing. People have gone back and forth between wanting stark white bathrooms and vibrant hues. But the latest trend seems to be in the goldilocks zone which frequently includes grey counters. Grey countertops complement a wide range of design styles, from modern to rustic. Grey countertops with white cabinets bathrooms are an excellent location to start.

  • Grey bathroom cabinets with black hardware

Black is the most popular color trend this year. Whether you like knobs, pulls, or a combination, black hardware can instantly refresh your cabinets. Matte black is the most popular modern black surface, especially on light-colored cabinetry.

  • Grey bathroom cabinets with gold hardware

The greatest method to jazz up grey cabinets on a budget is using inexpensive gold hardware. Not only is gold a popular hue for modern kitchens, but it also adds a much-needed punch of color to neutral cabinetry.

Best wall color for grey bathroom cabinets

woodgrain wall with gray bathroom cabinets

Without some guidance, choosing the correct color for your bathroom walls might be challenging. Are you searching for what color walls go with grey bathroom cabinets?

We believe that neutrals and gentler pastel colors work best with grey cabinets in the bathroom. You don't need to go overboard with your walls because your gray bathroom cabinets already give a splash of color to the space. Here are a few bathroom paint colors with grey cabinets we can suggest: 

  1. Light Blue

To add a stunning contrast to your bathroom, we recommend a light blue wall. Gray and blue have comparable cool qualities, making them look more coherent than other color combinations. Moreover, to open up your bathroom area, we recommend going with light blue walls regardless of the gray hue of your cabinets.

  1. White

Of course, white will never be an exception when it comes to wall paint color in bathrooms. White walls with gray cabinets are a great way to make your bathroom appear fresh and modern. Keep in mind that white can sometimes make spaces look sterile and boring so don’t forget to spruce it up with colorful decorations and accent colors as well.

  1. Beige

Another option for gray cabinetry is a light beige like this. Beige is a timeless and simple hue for the bathroom that appears just cozy enough to go on the walls. The dark gray and beige color scheme in a bathroom is extremely appealing to us since it offers a touch of contrast.

  1. Light Green

Keeping with the more vibrant wall concept, go for pastel green. Gray cabinets complement delicate colors of just about any shade, but notably green. If you want a more subtle final appearance in your bathroom, we recommend using a similar shade of green.

  1. Cream-colored walls

Cream wall paints would look great in every room of your house. When constructing a space that doesn't want to seem too antiseptic and dull, interior designers rely on these creamy white color options. Cream-colored walls convey warmth and friendliness, making your bathroom seem warm and welcoming.


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