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Corner bathroom vanity ideas. Feel the benefits of corner vanities

December 22, 2022 | Updated on: December 22, 2022

small corner vanity with sink and storage drawers

Most bathrooms are typically small in size. For example, bathrooms in condo units and tiny apartments are 6 by 6 feet or 36 square feet. Configuring the layout of small bathrooms is challenging because you have to think of ingenious and innovative ways to squeeze in everything, including a toilet, shower, and vanity, while still having enough space left to move around. Corner bath vanities are one space-saving solution that designers suggest when it comes to designing small bathrooms. Bathroom corner vanities refer to a type of vanity that is triangular in shape and is positioned in the corner of the bathroom. There are different styles of corner sink vanities. You can find corner vanities for a bathroom with or without cabinets. 

The most popular type of corner vanities for bathrooms is a corner vanity with a sink. A corner bath vanity and sink usually have one sink, unlike long rectangular vanities where you can fit two sinks. Corner bathroom vanities with sinks are also available in a variety of styles. These styles include modern, farmhouse, traditional, and minimalist. If you have a very small bathroom, look for bathroom corner sinks and vanities with the right dimensions that will go perfectly in your bathroom’s corner space. As much as possible, a corner bathroom vanity with a sink and cabinets would be ideal because not only can you save space but you also maximize storage. 

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If you are looking for corner bathroom vanities in Canada, this blog will serve as your guide to learn more about the types of bathroom corner vanity cabinets or units as well as the different corner bathroom vanities designs and colors.

Types of corner bathroom vanity units

small bathrooms have distinct characteristics and advantages and disadvantages in their layout. What furniture or fixture works for other small bathrooms might not work for you. It would be best to consider your preferences before buying a new vanity. A vanity corner unit is an ideal vanity for tiny bathrooms. 

Take note that bathroom corner vanity units have different styles, shapes, and sizes. You should be able to know each type of corner vanity unit to choose the right corner vanity cabinet. Here is a list of the different bathroom vanity corner units you need to know. 

  1. Rounded corner bathroom vanity

A rounded corner bathroom vanity refers to corner vanities with soft rounded edges rather than sharp ones. This type of vanity lends a classical and traditional aesthetic to a bathroom. It is a good choice of vanity style if you aim for a transitional or modern classic bathroom look. 

  1. Floating corner bathroom vanity

A floating corner vanity is a vanity cabinet mounted on the corner wall. This is great for tiny bathrooms. Floating vanities like these usually have small drawers instead of base cabinets. Mounting a piece of small furniture like this will create the illusion of more space in your bathroom, thus making your bathroom look less crowded. 

  1. Corner double sink vanity

Most people think that corner vanities for small bathrooms have only one sink. This is not entirely true. There are corner vanity units for small bathrooms that have double sinks. They are, however, typically larger than small corner bathroom vanity with one sink. A corner double vanity small bathroom occupies two walls that are adjacent to each other. They are often incorporated in medium-sized to large bathrooms. 

  1. Corner bathroom vanity with drawers

A bathroom corner vanity cabinet would be ideal if you want to maximize space and add more storage to your small bathroom. Corner vanity units for small bathrooms usually have base cabinets. If you want to create a more open appeal to make your bathroom appear spacious, go for a corner bathroom vanity shelf instead. 

  1. Corner bathroom vanities for integrated sinks

The sink and countertop are combined in an integrated sink. This creates a more streamlined and edgy aesthetic in your bathroom. The sink is a built-in countertop component constructed of the same material as the countertop instead of being added or installed. 

corner vanity countertop with integrated sink

  1. Corner vanity with vessel sink

Vessel sinks, also commonly known as bowl sinks, are sinks that sit on the surface of the countertop. They add style and character to bathrooms. These kinds of sinks create a calming, relaxing, and spa-like feel in the bathroom’s interior. 

  1. Ceramic top and corner bathroom vanities

For several reasons, ceramic vanity tops are a fantastic choice for your bathroom. They have a smooth, elegant surface and a classic style which is great whether you go for the traditional or contemporary bathroom interior style. The surface of ceramic tops is also water and stain-resistant, which is obviously crucial in a contemporary bathroom. 

  1. Corner bathroom makeup vanity

Another corner vanity style that is very common for en suite bathrooms is the corner makeup vanity bathroom. It is a large vanity, usually with a big countertop and mirror mounted on adjacent bathroom walls. On the corner of the adjacent walls is a small space utilized as a makeup vanity. 

  1. Corner bathroom vanity with mirror

Whether your corner bathroom vanity is small or large, you have the option to install a mirror just a few inches above the countertop or above your vessel sink. Vanities must always have mirrors for bathrooms to be convenient and efficient. Look for mirror styles that would fit best in your interior design style of choice.

Small bathroom corner vanity

unfinished wood vanity in warm-toned bathroom

There are two main types of corner vanity in the bathroom. These are the small ones and the larger ones. A small corner bath vanity cabinet refers to single vanity corner bathroom unites. To describe it more in detail, it is a vanity with one sink and typically has a smaller countertop space. This type of corner cabinet bathroom vanity is installed in powder rooms and bathrooms in teens’ bedrooms or in condo bathrooms.

If you have a bathroom with limited space or an area of 36 square feet or less, your best option is to go for a small bathroom corner vanity with sink. This type of small corner bathroom sink vanity units can have base cabinets or can be a floating vanity style. There are countless options that you can choose from. Create a checklist of the characteristics of the vanity that you are looking for and search for vanity styles you like on Cut2Size.

Large corner bathroom vanity

A large corner bathroom vanity with sink, on the other hand, is the kind of vanity that is commonly installed in large and luxurious bathrooms. It is commonly referred to as corner double vanity bathroom because it typically has two sinks installed on adjacent walls of the bathroom. A double corner bathroom vanity can have two types of layouts. They can be squarish or corner l-shaped double vanity. An l-shaped corner bathroom vanity has one counter or side longer while the other is shorter. This is common in linear-layout bathrooms. 

A double corner bathroom vanity is also the type of furniture where you can add a corner bathroom vanity with a makeup table. When to choose a corner double bathroom vanity? If you have a bathroom that is medium-sized or larger than standard ones, a double corner vanity bathroom might suit your bathroom. If you also have a large family or you are renovating a bathroom that can be accessed by two bedrooms, use a corner bathroom double vanity. Another reason homeowners choose a corner double sink bathroom vanity over the long and narrow one is that it maximizes space and can create more storage on base cabinets.

You can get your bathroom corner double vanity custom made or you can also purchase parts of corner bathroom vanity double sink in our online store.

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Corner bathroom vanity designs

What are the most popular corner bathroom vanity in Canada designs? When designing bathrooms, you need to narrow down your choices in order to create a coherent and visually consistent interior design scheme. Corner bathroom vanity cabinets come in different styles. Sometimes, it’s hard to distinguish a bathroom corner vanity style from the other. In this blog section, we will discuss the different corner vanity for the bathroom designs that you might consider integrating into your home. 

  • Modern corner bathroom vanity

A modern corner bathroom vanity refers to vanities that are sleek and streamlined in design. These vanities usually have integrated sinks. They can be either made of engineered stone or natural stone. 

  • Rustic corner bathroom vanity

Rustic corner bathroom vanities have elements of wood in their design. Rustic bathroom vanities have traditional-style cabinets like shaker cabinets. They are also made of wood or MDF materials. A rustic vanity can be simple or ornamented, depending on your preferences. You can find rustic vanities in furniture and manufacturing stores and vintage and antique shops. 

  • Industrial corner bathroom vanities

Industrial-style corner vanities are vanities that are made with a combination of materials like wood and metal. These types of vanities became popular during the Industrial time. Right now, they are integrated into the bathrooms to create a concept and evoke edginess and style in a bathroom. 

  • Mediterranean corner bathroom vanities

Mediterranean bathroom vanities are rich in detail and ornamented. These vanities usually have double sinks, so they are a good option if you want to create a larger corner bathroom vanity in a big bathroom. Mediterranean-styled vanities are usually made of wood and have an antique or vintage feel to their aesthetic and style.

Bathroom corner vanity color ideas

bathroom vanity shelf with drawer in the corner

Now, let’s talk about colors. Choosing a bathroom with a corner vanity is quite a challenging task. Aside from the style, shape, size, and features, you must also consider the material and color. There are thousands of corner vanity bathroom ideas on the internet and it’s easy to get into an analysis paralysis situation when choosing one. To avoid that pitfall, learn more about corner bathroom vanities and search the different styles and colors that are timeless and stylish. 

In the table below, we select the most popular colors for vanity and explain why you should choose this color.





Gray corner bathroom vanities


If you are creating a contemporary or modern bathroom, gray is a good color to paint your corner bathroom vanity cabinet. Gray creates a sense of calmness and serenity in the space. They can make your bathroom feel spa-like and natural.

Blue corner bathroom vanities


Paint your corner sink vanity bathroom with the color blue if you want to add a splash of color but in subtle ways. Blue is calming to the eye, and at the same time, it can be easily paired with other neutral colors and metal-colored hardware.

White corner bathroom vanities


If you have a very small bathroom, go for all-white. Buying a white corner bathroom vanity is a good start if you are beginning to experiment with your interior style preferences. Aside from installing a corner bathroom vanity light, having a white vanity can instantly brighten your bathroom and create an illusion of more space, especially if you add a mirror on top.



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