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Contemporary bathroom ideas. Deep into the last bathroom trends

November 05, 2022 | Updated on: November 05, 2022

bathroom in white with with contemporary bathroom furniture

Most interior design styles come and go. Some stay on top of the trend for many years while others become lost in the number of new interior design compositions brought about by the advancement of technology and the demands of the current times. Recently a contemporary style gained popularity among homeowners due to its convenience and functionality.

One of the areas in a home where the contemporary style is most relevant and functional is the bathroom. We use the bathroom multiple times a day and so it is important that we keep our bathrooms fresh and updated not only in terms of aesthetics but in function and convenience as well.

Contemporary bathroom designs are popular for a variety of reasons. Beautiful contemporary bathrooms are cozy, functional, and fresh to the eye. The use of design elements like geometric edges, minimal yet significant décor, curves, and the fusion of traditional and modern accessories are what make bathrooms contemporary. The trick to nailing the look when planning for a contemporary bathroom remodel is to think about function, efficiency, and convenience and then beautify it with functional décor.

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Contemporary bathrooms ideas are often confused with modern styles. While the two do have similarities, they differ in a variety of ways. Modern design started in the 1920s and is known for the incorporation of mid-century modern elements.

Contemporary design on the other hand refers to the type of interior design style that incorporates new or current elements into the scene. If you are planning to do a bathroom remodel or redecoration soon, this blog is written to help you kickstart that project. Here, we discuss the different bathroom contemporary ideas and the design elements that will help you achieve the look.

Best contemporary bathroom designs

restrained tones contemporary bathroom design

The contemporary style blends easily with other styles to create a unique look. This section of the blog will highlight some of the best contemporary bathroom styles that you yourself can do in your next bathroom remodel.

  • Modern contemporary

As previously mentioned, modern and contemporary are two different interior styles. But because these two interior styles have similarities, they can easily be combined to create a unique composition. For example, if you want to create a modern contemporary bathrooms look in your home but at the same time you want it to remain relevant and convenient to meet your needs, demands, and lifestyle, then you can incorporate contemporary elements. These elements can be in the form of storage, accessory, color scheme, wall finish, bathroom fixtures, or lighting.

  • Traditional contemporary

Traditional and contemporary style bathrooms are completely opposite of each other. A traditional interior style refers to an interior design that has traditional elements may it be in the form of furniture, décor, or interior design features of a home. Contemporary modern bathrooms on the other hand are all about the current and newest accessories that are relevant and useful in today’s homes. If you want a bathroom interior that is relevant but also has the nostalgic charm of traditional elements, you can blend both in a unifying composition. You can add traditional contemporary bathroom décor pieces in a contemporary backdrop to make your bathroom none like any other.

  • Industrial contemporary

Industrial interior design is characterized by exposed architecture, the rawness of material, rough finishes, and the integration of vintage items that resemble the industrial era. Creating a contemporary industrial bathroom uses the same principles. It combines modern bathroom fixtures and furniture with rustic and vintage elements. These two elements are complete opposites of each other in terms of color and design which creates a beautifully striking contrast that makes the bathroom design stand out.

  • Minimalist contemporary

In a contemporary minimalist bathroom, it is all about less is more. This principle basically means using less ornamentation and accessories and only sticking to a few relevant and significant pieces that make a statement. If you have a bathroom with limited space for decorations and accessories, adhering to the contemporary minimalist style is the right decision. Not only will you make your bathroom efficient and convenient but also organized and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Victorian contemporary

If you are thinking of a classical, traditional, regency-styled bathroom interior, you’re probably referring to a contemporary Victorian bathroom. This is an interesting interior style to embark on because it exudes more than just aesthetics but also a bit of historical charm. To keep your Victorian bathroom updated include contemporary pieces or integrate a neutral color scheme as the backdrop to highlight the classical elements.

  • Small contemporary bathrooms

The contemporary style is the ideal style in bathrooms with limited space. A contemporary bathroom's small space is pretty straightforward and easy to achieve compared to other interior styles. Why? It is because in contemporary small bathrooms, you don’t need to spruce the space with many accessories to make it look appealing. A few significant ones will do.

If you are looking for contemporary bathroom ideas for small bathrooms, think of large mirrors on the walls, wall-mounted shelves, wood elements, and artwork. A contemporary shower bathroom often has transparent glass shower doors. The reason for these small bathroom contemporary design elements is to make the bathroom appear bigger and more spacious. Aside from what was mentioned, there are other contemporary small bathroom ideas that you can do too. Feel free to exercise your creativity and find ingenious ways to make the most of your bathroom’s limited space.

  • Luxury contemporary bathrooms

Everybody wants to experience being in a luxury space. A luxury contemporary bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive. Interior designers use design tricks to make contemporary luxury bathrooms look sophisticated without spending a huge amount of money on decor and accessories.

Luxury contemporary bathroom suites use high-end bathroom fixtures and accessories. If you wish to make your ordinary bathroom look luxurious look for contemporary bathroom with undermount tub ideas. These styles are classic which makes them fit for luxurious bathrooms. To complete the look, complement the space with contemporary bathroom wall art.

bathroom vanities contemporary design

typical concrete and wood combination for contemporary bathroom

Vanities are essential in the bathroom. They are built to provide extra storage, a countertop space, and an area to place the sinks. Contemporary bathroom vanities contribute largely to the overall aesthetics and functionality of a bathroom. Because contemporary bathroom vanity cabinets are the largest furniture in the bathroom, they can be the focal point of the room and if positioned and designed appropriately, they can totally steal the show.

There are a variety of vanities to choose from. You can find contemporary vanities for small bathrooms and big bathrooms premade or custom-made. The characteristics of contemporary bathroom vanity designs are clean sleek lines, little to no ornamentation, and the use of wooden elements and hardware typically made of metal or brass.

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Unlike traditional vanity that is rich in detail and ornamentation, bathroom vanities contemporary have a more modest shape and often have a larger storage capacity. A contemporary wood bathroom vanity design, for example, focuses on its use and functionality in the bathroom.

To conserve space, a small contemporary bathroom vanity that is made of wood has flat panel cabinets and is frameless so it tends to be lightweight, affordable, and sleek. Contemporary vanity for a bathroom utilizes the materials that are commonly used in this current era. Because of this, you can make sure that the modern contemporary bathroom vanities you are purchasing are designed to fit your needs and demands and withstand the activity and lifestyle that most people have nowadays.

The sink is part of the contemporary modern bathroom vanity designs. When styling contemporary bathroom vanities and sinks, incorporate large mirrors, a tabletop, or under-mount sink, a couple of wall sconces, and some potted plants to achieve a perfect look.

When it comes to the sink, there are several contemporary bathroom vanity sets for each type of bathroom. If you have a larger vanity counter, get a contemporary double sink bathroom vanity. If your vanity is smaller, on the other hand, a contemporary single-sink bathroom vanity will be just perfect. Another type of sink available is the integrated sink. Look for contemporary bathroom vanities for integrated sinks if you want a more streamlined look. For a spa-like atmosphere, contemporary double-sink bathroom vanities are your best option.

Other contemporary bathroom furniture

set of white vanity and tall cabinet for contemporary bathroom

Aside from the vanity, there is other bathroom furniture contemporary that you should not overlook because it can directly affect the flow of your bathroom’s design and add more space for storage. These are the following:

  1. Cabinets

Vanities and cabinets can be combined well in the bathroom. There are bathrooms that are large enough for contemporary bathroom cabinets overhead to be installed. What’s great about having a contemporary bathroom cabinet whether it is freestanding, under the sink, or overhead, is that it contributes to the bathroom's overall look and provides more space to store bathroom essentials.

  1. Shelves

For smaller bathrooms, the best storage space is floating contemporary bathroom shelves. For smaller bathrooms, the best storage space is floating contemporary bathroom shelves. A contemporary bathroom shelf creates a more open design. Because shelves are simply mounted on the wall, they make your bathroom appear minimalist and contemporary. Moreover, you are forced to keep the items on the shelves neatly organized at all times because they are directly displayed so it is almost impossible to create clutter, unlike cabinets with doors where you get to hide all the stuff.

  1. Other storage

To add contemporary bathroom storage, think of sleek and minimal shapes with sharp edges. These can be wall-mounted shelves, storage racks, ladder shelves, contemporary bathroom medicine cabinets and other lightweight contemporary bathroom shelving ideas.

How to create a contemporary bathroom design?

contemporary-inspired interior of the bathroom

The trick to achieving contemporary bathroom interiors lies in your choice of materials, bathroom fixtures, vanity, accessories, decorations, and lighting fixtures. To make a modern contemporary bathroom, stick to a neutral color scheme and gradually add highlights in the form of your bathroom fixtures. Select contemporary faucets bathroom made of brass, silver, or copper so that it stands out against the neutral backdrop. Pick contemporary bathroom sinks. These sinks can be round, rectangular or oval and they can also be undermount or tabletop ones.

The contemporary bathroom tiles would depend on what interior style composition you have in mind. If you are thinking of industrial contemporary, opt for natural brick tiles to nail that raw exposed look. If you want to go Victorian, select rich tile patterns.

When it comes to contemporary bathroom lighting, use as much natural light as possible to flood the space. If there is no natural light, utilize recessed and ambient lighting fixtures to create a uniform distribution of light. Pick simple fixtures as well and avoid excessive ornamentation.

To top it off, add minimal contemporary bathroom accessories in the form of wall art, contemporary bathroom mirror, succulents, area rug, potted plants, wall sconces, and even a wooden bathroom stool.

Contemporary bathroom color schemes

In this section, we’ll explore the different contemporary bathroom colors that are appropriate for creating contemporary bathrooms.




Black is one of the most interesting colors that can be used in the bathroom to achieve a contemporary look. A black contemporary bathroom gives the space an edgy appearance and evokes a spa-like atmosphere. Black is also versatile which means it can be paired with other colors like white, gold, silver, and the natural grain of wood. You can have a contemporary modern black bathroom by incorporating contemporary black bathroom vanities or by installing a black wall cladding on one side of your bathroom’s wall.


Another color that is almost always a top choice is white. Contemporary white bathrooms are common. In fact, it is the most basic color applied when creating a contemporary interior style. Place white contemporary bathroom vanity in your kitchen and accentuate it with darker and bolder colors. If you want to stick to traditional, you can add a contemporary white oak bathroom vanity.

Black and white 

Combining black and white in an interior composition creates a lasting impression. Black and white contemporary bathrooms look timeless and can either look minimalist or classical depending on how you accentuate them with accessories and bathroom fixtures.


The color gray evokes a soothing and relaxing atmosphere in a bathroom. While black and white are all about making a statement, a grey contemporary bathroom seems to just blend smoothly and unifies the rest of the elements in the bathroom. Contemporary gray bathroom ideas do not grab attention but it just allows the eyes to relax and indulge in a spa-like atmosphere.


If you wish to add a subtle pop of color, go for a contemporary modern blue bathroom. Blue shades, similar to gray and are also relaxing colors. Contemporary blue bathroom ideas evoke a cool soothing vibe that reminds you of the beauty of the coasts or the calming blue sky.



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