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Built-in bathroom cabinet ideas

September 29, 2022 | Updated on: September 30, 2022

build-in bathroom cabinet with drawers

One of the benefits of having built-in bathroom cabinets is that you can create custom storage spaces that would fit in your bathroom. Bathrooms vary in layout, size, and design. There are bathrooms that are square in shape, rectangular, and a bit narrow. Buying manufactured cabinetry to fit in small bathrooms or bathrooms with an unusual layout can be tremendously challenging. Therefore, many homeowners resort to built-in cabinets for the bathroom.

Another great advantage of built-in cabinets in the bathroom is their versatility. If you have a certain bathroom interior style that you want to achieve, you don’t have to scour several furniture stores to find the right cabinetry that will go with the style. Simply build a custom bathroom with built-in cabinets and transform your bathroom's interior into the space you wish.

Bathroom Cabinets

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to designing bathrooms. Just because a cabinet looks good in a shop space doesn’t mean that it would also fit in the kind of bathroom you have. If you are new to bathroom interior styling but you want to experiment with color and style but at the same time keep your bathroom functional, convenient, and efficient, consider creating custom cabinets for storage spaces. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry! In this blog, we’ll highlight the types of bathroom built-in cabinets as well as bathroom built-in cabinet ideas.

Bathroom built-in cabinet styles

built-in bathroom vanity cabinet with marble countertop

When you opt for a custom cabinet, you can have the freedom to choose whatever style you may like. Whether it is traditional, minimalist, ornate, or something very sleek and contemporary, you can simply ask your designer or contractor for the design you want and you’ll have it built from scratch right in your bathroom. Here are a few of the most popular built-in cabinet styles that many people integrate into their bathrooms.

  1. Modern

For people who are into creating a modern, practical, and functional bathroom style, there are new innovations of modern built-in bathroom cabinets that offer such convenience. They are usually sleek and simple in design, space-saving, and adequate enough to accommodate several bathroom essentials. 

When it comes to bathrooms, the color white will almost always take center stage. Bathroom white built-in cabinets is common in modern houses. White cabinets can be in the form of a base or overhead cabinet as well as built-in bathroom cabinets with legs. If your goal is to make your bathroom look immaculate and modest, white is the best paint color to paint your cabinets with.

  1. Vintage

Vintage built-in bathroom cabinets are popular because of their nostalgic and charming aesthetic. Vintage cabinets are characterized by ornate details, moldings, distressed wood or a shabby chic appeal. A vintage built-in cabinet is mostly installed in modern spaces to create contrast and evoke an ambiance. Vintage cabinets are typically built-in bathroom cabinets next to the claw tub. Claw tubs evoke a sense of grandeur and opulence in a bathroom, and pairing it with a vintage cabinet will make it even more sumptuous. 

  1. Farmhouse

The farmhouse interior style is an interior design trend that is here to stay. Many people love to go for this style whether it is in the living room, kitchen, or bathroom. Farmhouse built-in bathroom cabinets take inspiration from the traditional kitchen designs but are updated and incorporated into a more contemporary backdrop. To make a bathroom embody the farmhouse vibe, the cabinets should be accessorized with the right décor and arranged in an effortless, natural, yet organized manner.

Types of bathroom built-in cabinets

luxury bathroom with custom built-in cabinets

There are different types of bathroom cabinets built-in. Some of these originated from the free-standing cabinet styles although many designers are becoming more creative in building unique built-in storage solutions in certain spaces. Bathrooms with built-in cabinets generally have an unconventional layout compared to bathrooms with no built-in cabinets. This is because a built-in cabinet in the bathroom seems more appropriate to incorporate in such spaces. Here are the most common types of built-in cabinets.

  • Built-in bathroom medicine cabinets

One of the most popular types of storage in the bathroom is built-in mirrored bathroom cabinets. Although medicine cabinets can be purchased in several cabinet manufacturing stores and hardware, many homeowners would like to have their medicine cabinets build from scratch. A built-in bathroom mirror cabinet would be larger than typical ones and with more storage areas. Moreover, homeowners can choose to have built-in medicine cabinets in bathroom with no mirror if it is what suits their bathroom’s design. 

  • Built-in bathroom wall cabinets

The walls are where a built-in cabinet would be normally mounted. Built-in wall bathroom cabinets are a straightforward way of incorporating storage whether it is in a small bathroom or a large one. Having built-in bathroom cabinets on the wall will allow you to decorate and accessorize the space more than just stuff it with bathroom essentials. 

If you don’t have much floor space, go for wall built-in bathroom cabinets. Built-in wall cabinets in the bathroom will free up your floor space so you’ll have enough room to move around. Some even make built-in open-face wall cabinets for a bathroom to create a sense of a larger space. When installing bathroom built-in wall cabinets, make sure that the screws and supports are properly integrated to ensure that the cabinetry will stick in place.

  • Built-in bathroom vanity cabinets

Cabinets under sinks are common in bathrooms. These are often referred to as bathroom cabinets with built-in vanity. In traditional bathrooms, you’ll find bathroom built-in cabinets double sink and bathroom built-in vanity cabinets. This is because traditional bathrooms are larger compared to modern and contemporary ones. Therefore, they can have double sinks and large bathroom vanity built-in cabinets. The built-in bathroom cabinets vanities can be used to hide the plumbing of the sink as well as store cleaning materials.

If you want to have a vanity in your bathroom but somehow you want it to stay in place, then create built-in bathroom vanities and cabinets. Built-in bathroom vanity with cabinets is much more meticulous to build because of the ornate details they require. However, if you want to make the work fast, you can purchase a vanity from a manufacturer and install it in your bathroom. 

  • Bathroom built-in storage cabinets

Lastly, we have the bathroom built-in vanity and linen cabinets. This type of cabinetry typically comes in the form of open shelves or cabinets with big spaces inside. Built-in bathroom linen cabinets as the name implies are primarily used to store linens, towers, and other fabrics in the bathroom. Many homeowners want bathroom linen cabinets built-in because they can easily access the things that they would store there.

Built-in bathroom storage cabinets can be open or closed. Built-in bathroom wall storage cabinets, however, are normally shelves mounted on the wall. These are used as built-in bathroom cabinets for towel storage. It is important to have bathroom storage cabinets built-in to keep the bathrooms organized and free of clutter. Moreover, having extra storage space can add value to a house, therefore, having built-in storage cabinets for the bathroom would be a worthwhile investment.

Built-in bathroom cabinet custom sizes

large bathroom with corner built-in cabinet

Ready to build a cabinet in your bathroom? Before you grab your materials, make sure that you have measured the area of your bathroom as well as the dimensions of built-in bathroom cabinets. Here’s a quick guide to the sizes and dimensions of the most common built-in cabinets in the bathroom.

Cabinet Type


Floor-to-ceiling built-in bathroom cabinets

As the name suggest a floor-to-ceiling built-in cabinet is a type of cabinet with storage spaces that extends up to the ceiling. This is an ingenious storage solution to do especially in very compact bathrooms.

Tall bathroom built-in cabinets

Tall built-in bathroom cabinets are generally narrow and slim. Built-in tall bathroom cabinets are somewhat similar to floor-to-ceiling ones but sometimes, they don’t really reach the ceiling. If you are looking for a small bathroom built-in cabinets but with lots of storage spaces, this type of cabinetry is a good alternative.

4-piece bathroom built-in cabinets

A 4-piece bathroom cabinet is like a modular cabinetry design that can be piece together to form a larger wall of cabinetry. This is suitable in larger bathrooms where the dimensions can vary from bathroom cabinets built-in 28 inches to bathrooms built-in 30 inches. 

Built-in niche vanity cabinets bathroom

Niche cabinets are bathroom cabinets built-in into niches. This means that the cabinet is built-in bathroom cabinets between two walls. Built-in niche vanity corner cabinets bathroom is great for bathrooms with limited space. The bathroom built-in wall depth cabinets can have doors or they can also be left open to create open shelving. You can also have built-in niche vanity corner cabinets bathroom if you want to maximize the corner of the room and make space for storage purposes.


Is it easy to DIY built-in bathroom cabinets?

Are you planning to make tiny bathroom makeovers with built-in cabinets? If yes, then you’re probably wondering whether to go for manufactured bathroom cabinetry or build one from scratch. Bathroom cabinets built-in DIY is very common nowadays, especially among home décor and home renovation enthusiasts. The process of DIY built-in bathroom wall cabinets is pretty straightforward. It is definitely something you can do.

However, keep in mind that built-in bathroom cabinets DIY require a ton of hard work, measurements, and patience. In addition, you have to be very detailed and careful to avoid making costly mistakes. You don’t really want to end up searching how to redo built-in bathroom cabinets after days of working on them. If you think you’re not up for the job, don’t worry! You can always go for RTA built-in bathroom cabinets and simply hire a handyman to help you install them in your bathroom.


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