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Black Bathroom. Luxury Bathroom Ideas in Black Tones

July 31, 2022 | Updated on: July 31, 2022

bathroom design with black tile and floor

Black is considered a popular and timeless color for a bathroom. Black bathroom ideas give off a luxury feel and can transform a simple bathroom into a spa-like retreat that might be hard to achieve with other brighter color schemes. There are many ways to decorate a luxury black bathroom. You can add a black bathroom faucet, bathroom black tiles, black wall bathroom paint, opt for black bathroom sinks, or spruce it up with classy black bathroom décor.

A black floor in the bathroom for example gives the space more depth and visual character. A bathroom with black tile floor is perfect for contemporary interior spaces. Countertops on the other hand should contrast the color of the bathroom vanity and then accentuate it with black bathroom vanity light or black bathroom light fixtures. For a bathroom with a black countertop, the color of the base cabinet should be lighter. A bathroom black countertop can be made of engineered stone or wood that is painted and finished in black. A black bathroom countertop can be paired easily with lighter colors. Keep this in mind when designing bathroom vanities and counters. 

When it comes to black bathroom accessories, interior designs go for bathrooms with black taps and bathrooms with black toilets. While these features are rarely seen, it is nonetheless stylish and can make any bathroom, big or small truly stand out.

Black bathroom cabinets

black bathroom cabinets in two-tones black and white bathroom

If you are considering adding black color to your bathroom, a good way to start is through cabinets. Black bathroom cabinets are stylish and trendy. You can opt for a matte or black gloss bathroom cabinet depending on your preferences. We have gathered several black cabinet bathroom ideas if you are thinking of incorporating a small black bathroom cabinet into your bathroom.

  • Modern black bathroom wall cabinet

One of the many ways to add the color black to a bathroom is by installing a black bathroom cabinet over toilet. Wall-mounted bathroom cabinet black is a clever space-saving solution if you want to add extra storage space or shelving in a tiny bathroom. If you already have an existing cabinet over your toiler or on your bathroom wall, you can paint it black or go for a modernized finish like a matte black bathroom wall cabinet. A bathroom wall cabinet black is an excellent approach for achieving a vintage classical look. Not sure what to paint your cabinet yet? Definitely go with a black wall cabinet for the bathroom or opt for a black floating bathroom cabinet.

  • Black bathroom mirror cabinet

A bathroom is not complete without mirrors. Mirrors in bathrooms are more than just a functional element. Aside from it being an essential object where you can check your look after a bath or when taking off your makeup, mirrors can also be a great decorative element. They can make a tiny room appear larger, bright, and airy. Black bathroom mirrors paired with black bathroom shelves are a must-have feature for a luxury and sophisticated bathroom aesthetic.

  • Black free-standing bathroom cabinet

Another great alternative is a free-standing tall black bathroom cabinet. Similar to side tables, freestanding cabinets stand straight on the floor on their own legs. Black tall bathroom cabinets are an excellent option for adding storage space in a tiny bathroom. This type of furniture is the ideal solution if you are living in a rental space where bathroom renovation is prohibited. Aside from the fact that free-standing cabinets are small and narrow, they are also movable so you can easily switch styles and layouts by simply moving them. To add elements of black décor and furniture in your bathroom, you may paint black bathroom floor cabinet or transform it into a black bathroom linen cabinet. 

Bathroom Cabinets

  • Black cabinet bathroom vanity

Bathrooms are not complete without vanities. Perhaps the most popular way to introduce the color black in a bathroom is through the black vanity bathroom color and design. Black bathroom sink cabinets are having a moment in the interior design scene today. Designers are loving the luxury and opulent vibe that black bathroom vanities offer. You can basically look for black bathroom vanity in Canada and you’ll surely find hundreds if not thousands of bathroom vanity black including black bathroom vanity cabinets. They are everywhere in online stores, furniture retailers, hardware, and other physical stores that sell bathroom fixtures. 

Although a white or wood bathroom vanity can seem like the most popular and common choice, something considerably darker like a modern black bathroom vanity might have a more striking aesthetic effect in your sleek, modern bathroom. A modern black vanity bathroom has plenty of design appeal, especially because spa-inspired black and gold bathroom vanity and those in neutral colors are now ruling the trends list.

  • Bathroom black hardware

If you are a conservative designer and you don’t want to take big risks especially when designing or painting your bathroom in a new color scheme, add colors in subtle elements such as in the form of hardware and fixtures. Black bathroom cabinet hardware for example can stand out in a neutral bathroom color scheme. If you have a white vanity or cabinet, opt for black bathroom cabinet knobs and black bathroom cabinet handles. Mixing black and chrome hardware in bathroom is always a great idea for creating visual interest and personality in a space.

bathroom decor with black tiles candles and plants

Pros and cons of black bathroom appearance

If you have been pondering about a black bathroom, you may be wondering about the pros and cons of using such a color. After all, it can be a very popular option. However, there are a number of things you need to consider before you go this route. 



They can be easily matched with anything.

The color might get dull and fade over time.

They are easy to maintain.

Black surfaces might show dust.

They hide fingerprints and dark stains.

If a toilet surface or vanity is painted in black, the paint scratches will be visible.

They are perfect for achieving a modern and vintage look.

Can make a tiny bathroom look cramped and overcrowded if not properly integrated.

Black bathroom designs

We have tackled black cabinets and black bathroom fixtures. Now, let’s discuss more general designs and concepts for a modern black bathroom. How you play with colors in a bathroom interior affects the feel and ambiance of your bathroom. Small black bathroom design, for example, creates a stylish contemporary appeal while white is more traditional. In this part, we’ll share some black bathroom designs that are perfect for creating a luxury modern black bathroom.

luxury modern black bathroom design

  1. All-black bathroom

While you can mix the color black with a different contrasting color, you can also embrace an all-black bathroom color scheme. An all-black bathroom color scheme is more sleek, streamlined, and coherent. It is best if you have a large spacious modern bathroom. Go for black marble bathroom countertops for a luxury feel. Luxury black marble bathrooms are considered more expensive compared to matte black bathrooms. If you have the right budget, you can definitely go for this style.

  1. Black and white bathroom

A modern black and white bathroom is a timeless color combination that is frequently utilized in bathroom design, and for good reason. Black provides deep contrast and depth, while white maintains the room looking and feeling tidy and new. An endless variety of intriguing designs, from bold, edgy, and modern to sumptuous, traditional, and beautiful, may be created with the subtle, classic combination of black and white modern bathroom.

  1. Grey and black bathroom

Over time, black and grey bathroom ideas have become more and more common. Interior design compositions that employ monochromatic color schemes such as black and grey in the bathroom use a single base color for the space but use a variety of the color's tones, tints, and hues for the accents. This produces an appearance that is both delicate and graceful to the eye while still being highly aggressive and dramatic. Other options include pairing black with darker texture and color as seen in black and wood bathroom designs.

  1. Beige and black bathroom

With beige tiles, neutral colors like black and gray work nicely and don't make a space feel gloomy. Opting for a lighter tile color in your bathroom with black décor and accessories is a perfect way to create contrast. Black and beige bathroom is the ideal color combination in a minimalist and industrial-styled bathroom interior.

  1. Black and gold bathroom

Black paint bathroom accentuated with gold evokes elegance and sophistication. Because the two hues in this color combination are so drastically different from one another, there is a striking contrast between them, which makes it so elegant and lovely. Additionally, the fact that gold is such a powerful hue and must only be used sparingly makes the combo incredibly well-balanced. For a classic, opulent, and eye-catching bathroom interior, come up with a stylish black and gold color palette.


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