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Bathroom vanity lighting. Explore the vanity lighting ideas available

November 19, 2022 | Updated on: November 19, 2022

bathroom vanity lighting over mirror

The vanity in the bathroom can be a focal point of the room’s overall interior design composition. Vanities are a functional element in the bathroom. It is where the sinks, mirrors, and cabinet storage are installed. Vanities are also used when washing the face, putting on make-up, removing make-up, and shaving. Therefore, it is important that vanity areas should be well-designed and well-lighted. 

This blog will serve as your bathroom vanity lighting guide. Here, we will talk about everything you need to know about bathroom vanity lighting in Canada. No bathrooms are identical. Each requires a different design solution in order to be functional, practical, and aesthetically pleasing. There are thousands of bathroom vanity lighting ideas that you can find online. These ideas include over-vanity lighting and modern vanity lighting in Canada. You can take inspiration from these vanity bathroom lighting ideas but also, keep in mind that what works for others may not work for you. 

Take every design advice you read from the internet with a grain of salt and research as much as you can to really know the process and make a good decision when it comes to designing a bathroom. Keep on reading to know more about lighting ideas for bathroom vanity as well as how to pick vanity lighting.

Types of vanity lighting fixtures

quartz bathroom vanity top with underlighting

If you have been to a hardware store to purchase home essentials, may it be a living room accessory or furniture, you probably notice that there are a lot of options to choose from. Sometimes, it is hard to pick when you are presented with many choices. The same goes for choosing the best lighting for the bathroom vanity. There are just a great number of options for vanity lighting for the bathroom. In order to narrow down your choices and pick the right lighting bathroom vanity, you should be familiar with these types and know their features and characteristics. Listed below are the most common vanity lighting fixtures and mirror bathroom vanity lighting ideas.

  • bathroom vanity lighting over mirror

You can find many lighting ideas over a mirror and there are several unique ways to incorporate vanity lighting in the bathroom. But, perhaps one of the most popular lighting fixtures you’ll see in the vanity is vanity lighting over a mirror. Vanity mirror lighting refers to lighting fixtures that are installed at the top of the mirror. This type of lighting for a vanity mirror serves two purposes: accent lighting and task lighting. The best lighting for round vanity mirror is sconces or lighting fixtures that are mounted on the wall and usually placed on either side of the round mirror.

  • Pendant lighting for bathroom vanity

A vanity pendant lighting is a type of lighting fixture that is suspended from the ceiling. This type of lighting is commonly used in dining areas, kitchens, and porches. However, there is also pendant lighting above the bathroom vanity. If you have a high ceiling in your bathroom, this type of light fixture will add style and character to the room. To properly style pendant light in your vanity, look for bathroom vanity pendant lighting ideas and take inspiration from other designers. 

  • Double vanity lighting

Most vanities have double sinks and double mirrors installed. For this kind of vanity, double-sink vanity lighting is essential. A bathroom double vanity lighting has a more elegant appeal because of its symmetrical and proportional visual arrangement. Lighting for double sink vanity requires at least two lighting on top of each sink or mirror. For other double vanity lighting ideas, you can opt for stylish wall scones, light bulbs, or even pendant lights. 

  • Recessed vanity lighting

Recessed lighting above the bathroom vanity is the type of lighting that is installed on the ceiling right above the vanity counter or sink. A bathroom lighting above the vanity equally distributes light throughout the space, thus, making the vanity well-lighted. bathroom vanity recessed lighting is best used in minimalist bathrooms with limited space and low ceiling. 

Bathroom Cabinets

  • Vanity lighting for non-recessed medicine cabinet

If you have a non-recessed medicine cabinet, your recessed lighting placement over the bathroom vanity needs to be configured differently. You might find it a bit challenging to install a lighting fixture over your medicine cabinet or decide what vanity lighting over a non-recessed medicine cabinet you should actually install. The trick is to opt for a bathroom vanity wall lighting that is attached to a lighting track and extended a bit forward to completely light over the mirror of your medicine cabinet.

  • Powder room vanity lighting

Powder rooms are bathrooms and vanity areas in our house that are meant to be used by guests. For this reason, the makeup vanity lighting fixture in the powder room should have a warm white color temperature which is considered suitable lighting for the vanity makeup table. The best vanity lighting for makeup is a light source that equally distributes light in the space and does not cast any unnecessary shadows on the face. Because powder rooms are often used by guests to retouch their makeup and check their appearance in the mirror, you should install the best makeup vanity lighting to make it well-lighted and stylish. 

  • Under vanity lighting

Under vanity lighting in the bathroom refers to the type of lighting that is installed under the vanity or sink. Floating vanities are the types of vanity designs where this type of lighting is incorporated. Under bathroom vanity lighting highlights the furniture and creates visual interest to the floating vanity. LED lighting under the bathroom vanity is the most common type of lighting installed in this area.

  • Off-center vanity lighting solutions

One common problem designers encounter when installing vanity lights in the bathroom is making it off-centred. There are also instances wherein the position of the mirror and the vanity itself is a little bit off the center. To visually fix this, install track lighting over bathroom vanity. Putting vanity side lighting on either side of the mirror will also help fix the problem. Another solution is adding vertical vanity lighting above the mirror to create an illusion and help visually balance everything.

bathroom vanity lighting design ideas

wall lighting in luxury bathroom cabinetry

Designing the lighting for the bathroom vanity is challenging. There are many things to consider including the desired style, the color temperature, and the vanity lighting fixtures themselves. In order to choose the best lighting for vanity, you need to determine first the type of interior style you want to achieve. Doing this will help you narrow down your choices for the best bathroom vanity lighting. Here are several vanity bathroom lighting ideas to incorporate and style your bathroom vanities with.

  1. Contemporary vanity lighting

The most common interior design style for bathroom vanity is the contemporary look. Contemporary interior style is characterized by clean lines and streamlined décor. Wood is a common element that is used as an accent in contemporary houses. For this reason, most people go for wood vanity lighting when styling their contemporary vanities.

  1. Modern vanity lighting

Another interior design style that is somewhat similar to contemporary is modern. Modern focuses on functionality and practicality and modern bathroom vanity lighting ideas also embody that principle. For modern bathrooms, led vanity lighting fixtures are used. bathroom vanity lighting led is a practical lighting solution for a modern bathroom and it also has a streamlined aesthetic appearance.

  1. Farmhouse-style vanity lighting

Farmhouse bathroom interior style is a trend these days. Whether you are living in the countryside or in an apartment or condo unit in the middle of a busy city, you can achieve the farmhouse vibe by incorporating Farmhouse bathroom vanity lighting in your very own bathroom. Farmhouse vanity lighting is characterized by warm white color temperature, globe vanity lighting design, and metal cage wall scones. 

  1. Industrial vanity lighting

Another interior design style that had homeowners swooning over is the industrial bathroom look. To achieve this look, designers often suggest going for black vanity lighting fixtures and vintage sconces, lamps, track lights, and pendant lights.

  1. Rustic bathroom vanity lighting

A rustic bathroom interior design style is a charming interior style that will almost always be on top of the trend. This is commonly seen in modern farmhouse interiors and is characterized by the use of lighting fixtures made of brass or metal, glass pendant lights, and metal-caged lighting fixtures.

  1. small bathroom vanity lighting ideas

The best vanity lighting for small bathrooms is LED strip lights, vertical lighting, track lighting, wall sconces, recessed vanity lights, and flush mount lighting fixtures. A small vanity with lighting that is not too overwhelming will create an illusion of a bigger space. Lighting also affects how a space is perceived which is why it is important to select the light lighting fixtures to use.

Best color temperature for vanity lighting

daylight temperature bathroom lighting mode

In this section we will talk about the best color temperature for vanity lighting. There is no rule that says one temperature only should be used throughout the bathroom. It can actually vary depending on the ambiance you want to create. You also need to know how many lumens for vanity lighting and the right vanity lighting height to achieve the desired effect.

Color temperature



Daylight is considered a general ambient light in the vanity. It illuminates the corners and is the type of lighting temperature that brightens and makes the bathroom look vibrant and comfortable. It is between 5000 to 6000 kelvins.

Bright white

Bright white is slightly warmer than daylight and is used primarily for task lighting and bathroom vanity lighting for low ceilings.

Warm white

Warm white is the color temperature that sets the ambiance. It is far more yellow than bright white and is used for creating accents and visual effects in a space.

Soft white

Soft white is the temperature that is considered ideal to use in the bathroom. It is usually between 2000 to 3000 kelvins.


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