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Bathroom vanities with drawers. Add elegance with the best bathroom vanity with drawers

January 16, 2023 | Updated on: July 20, 2023

grey bathroom vanity with inset drawers single-sink

When renovating a bathroom, the primary consideration, aside from the bathroom fixtures, color scheme, and style, is the storage space and the appropriate size of your bathroom vanity. Bathroom spaces must be convenient and efficient no matter how small and limited the space may be. Moreover, there should be enough storage units in the bathroom to store bathroom essentials. 

We all know that a drawer vanity for the bathroom is one of the most essential pieces of furniture in the bathroom. bathroom vanity drawers offer several benefits. Aside from added style and elegance, it brings to the bathroom, it is also a functional storage space where you can store bathroom essentials ranging from towels to hygiene kits. There seems to be an endless choice of drawers in bathroom vanity styles, but how can you choose and select the right one that will be suitable for your bathroom? Continue reading as we shed light on bathroom vanity drawers, their sizes, design, and hardware ideas.

Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom vanity with drawer sizes

To determine the drawer size that would be appropriate for your bathroom, you need to consider the functionality. What are you going to store in those drawers? How many storage spaces do you need in your bathroom? Is your bathroom big enough to fit standard bathroom vanity drawer dimensions? What should be your vanity drawer depth to make it big enough to store all your bathroom essentials? Answering these questions will help you choose the right drawer size. 

The table below presents the standard drawer sizes available in the market. 



72-inch vanity drawers

A 72-inch vanity drawer is probably one of the biggest drawers you can incorporate in a bathroom. It is best for base drawers in vanity because of its longer dimension.

48-inch vanity with drawers

A 48-inch drawer is the most common drawer size. It is commonly found in dual vanities or vanities that are big enough to accommodate two sinks. These drawers are often positioned side by side to create symmetry in the vanity’s design.

36-inch vanity with drawers

36-inch bathroom vanities with drawers are slightly smaller than 48 inches. They are also installed in dual sink vanities but are typically smaller in size or right enough to fit in a medium-sized bathroom.

30-inch vanity with drawers

A 30-inch bathroom vanity with drawers only is commonly seen in small bathrooms. Vanities like these usually have three layers of drawers or a combination of 1 base cabinet and 30-inch bathroom vanity with drawers on the left side.

24-inch vanity with drawers

This is the smallest type of drawer out there. It is usually for single-sink vanities and has a base cabinet underneath. There are also vanities with 24-inch drawers and no cabinets.


Note that the size of your drawers will depend on what type of existing vanity you have. If you wish to replace your vanity drawers, you can freely do so because bathroom vanity drawer replacement parts are available in the market. You can also customize replacement vanity drawer fronts. Replacing bathroom vanity drawers with either a bathroom vanity with a pull-out drawer or bathroom vanity drawer slides is a budget-friendly way of upgrading a bathroom.

Bathroom vanity set with drawers

wood veneer freestanding vanity all-drawer

Now, let’s talk about the drawer set. Selecting drawer size for bathroom vanity is one thing while choosing the style of vanity drawers in the bathroom is another thing. Both have a significant impact on the overall look of a vanity. The style and functionality of a bathroom vanity cabinet with drawers are defined, among the others, by how many boxes there are. There is a bathroom sink cabinet with drawers without cabinets while there is a combination of both. In this section, we’ll take an in-depth look at drawers for bathroom vanity so you will have an initial idea of how many drawers you can have in a vanity.

Small bathroom vanity with drawers

small bathroom vanities with drawers refer to vanities that can only accommodate a single sink. This is also called a single-sink vanity. Single-sink vanities are perfect for small bathrooms in tiny apartments and condo units. This type of vanity usually has drawers and no cabinets. The most common, perhaps, is a 3-drawer bathroom vanity. A three-drawer bathroom vanity has 24-inch sized drawers. There is a bathroom vanity with 3 drawers that are freestanding, and there are also those that can be mounted on the walls or also commonly referred to as floating vanities.

Another type of vanity that can be categorized as small vanity is the 2-drawer bathroom vanity. As the name implies, a two-drawer bathroom vanity is a vanity with only two drawers. Usually, it is a single-sink vanity but can be a small double-sink vanity. A double-drawer vanity unit has a much larger storage capacity because it usually has a single base cabinet. 

And the smallest one is a single-drawer vanity unit. This drawer is not only the smallest among all and is also narrow. It is best for corner vanities and bathrooms with a minimalist design. A one-drawer vanity usually has one base cabinet, while there are also one-drawer vanities that are wall-mounted or floating.

Bathroom vanity with lots of drawers

A vanity with lots of drawers is basically larger and longer than those with small set drawers. Double bathroom vanities with drawers are usually found in big and luxurious bathrooms. Because there is enough space for a double sink vanity with drawers, the designer or the homeowner can choose to have as many drawers as he or she wants. Of course, the number of drawers would still vary depending on the vanity’s size or the style that the homeowner wants.

The most common drawer count in a large bathroom vanity is the 4-drawer bathroom vanity, 6-drawer bathroom vanity, and 9-drawer bathroom vanity. A 4-drawer cabinet has four upper drawers and two base cabinets. On the other hand, six-drawer vanity has six drawers in a symmetrical design. The design of a 9-drawer vanity, on the other hand, varies. It can be 3 for each row, or it can have six bigger base drawers and three small drawers on the upper part.

Vanity drawer design ideas

all-white bathroom with beaded vanity drawers and cabinets

Let’s go over the different designs of drawers for bathroom vanity. When designing a bathroom, no vanity is labelled as one-size-fits-all. Even a small drawer for the bathroom vanity may not always be suitable for all the bathroom types. It is highly recommended by designers that bathroom vanity drawer fronts should be customized or custom-built. There is no right and wrong when choosing designs, whether you want a simple and standard white bathroom vanity with drawers or an ornate and very detailed one. It all boils down to your preferences as the homeowner. However, remember that vanities take up at least 30% of your bathroom space; therefore, knowing the right one is crucial. Here are different vanity drawer design ideas you can draw inspiration from.

  • Left side drawer bathroom vanity

A left-hand drawer vanity is a bathroom vanity with drawers on the left, while the right side is optimized as one big cabinet. The bathroom vanity left side drawers are usually small in size, 24 – 30 inches. The reason why people opt for bathroom vanities with drawers on the left side is to create variation in the storage spaces and to balance out the style of the vanity. Vanities with left-side drawers usually have the sink installed on the right side, so the plumbing fixtures are hidden in the cabinet.

  • All drawer bathroom vanity

This is a bathroom vanity with drawers only. A bathroom vanity with all drawers tends to have a sleek and streamlined appeal. This makes them suitable for minimalist bathrooms. As we all know, a minimalist bathroom should be free of clutter and should have only the bare essentials. This is why a bathroom vanities drawers only is a perfect choice. You have more storage spaces to keep small items that might be cluttered to the eye. You can also organize your drawers based on the items you place.

In most, bathroom vanity all drawers are double ones. This means that they have dual sinks. A double vanity with drawers only is popular in luxurious mansions and traditional homes. However, there are also smaller vanities that have tiny drawers. The most common would be a 3-drawer bathroom vanity.  

  • Bathroom vanity with u shaped drawer

A bathroom vanity with a U-shaped drawer is a vanity with sink vanity drawers. The U-shaped cut is intended to ensure space for plumbing behind vanity drawers. A bathroom vanity with drawers under the sink helps conceal the vanity’s plumbing fixtures.

All type drawers

  • Bathroom vanity with large drawers

Another vanity design that is considered a favorite by designers is the bathroom vanity with deep drawers. This type of vanity can have as many bathroom vanity storage drawers located on the upper portion or lower base of the vanity. The drawers are large enough to store organizers inside and arrange bathroom essentials and other items accordingly. If you don’t want to have too many drawers, you can opt for this style while not compromising storage size.

  • Bathroom vanity with bottom drawer

A vanity with a drawer on the bottom is a very unique type of vanity. This type of vanity is usually custom-built for a certain purpose. Drawers are much more conveniently accessed when they are located on the upper part of the vanity, also called a bathroom vanity with a top drawer. So, what is the purpose of having them at the bottom? This is where heavier items such as cleaning equipment, bottles, jars, and others are stored.

  • Corner vanity with drawers

More usable space is accessible to you with corner drawers than with most alternative choices. The drawer can be far deeper than a standard drawer since its side is inclined at a 45-degree angle. Corner vanity drawers are perfect for L-shaped vanities. They maximize storage space and are considered a unique feature to have in the bathroom. 

  • Floating vanity with drawers

A floating drawer is a form of a drawer that is mounted on the wall of the bathroom, which creates that floating visual appearance. This type of drawer is suitable for bathrooms with limited space because it gives additional storage in a space where a freestanding vanity would not otherwise be possible. The design is also sleek and modest, giving the bathroom a trendy, clean, and minimalist aesthetic.

Hardware vanity drawer ideas

floating bathroom vanity drawers with double-sink shelf

Vanity drawer hardware is considered the cherry on top of every vanity design. They add elegance to the bathroom, and they define the style. Your choice of hardware matters in the overall scheme of your bathroom design because they affect not just the visual appeal but also the functionality and efficiency of your vanity’s drawers and cabinets. Let’s look at the different types of hardware for vanity drawers. 

  1. Vanity drawer handles

Handles for vanity drawers are the type of hardware that you can hold with one hand to open the drawer. This is perhaps the most common type of hardware used in contemporary bathrooms and kitchens these days. bathroom vanity drawer handles come in different colors, are made of different materials such as wood, metal, or brass, and can have a simple or ornate style. You can find tons of handle designs in hardware stores, both physical and online.

  1. Vanity drawer pulls

The components attached to drawers or doors that allow you to open and close the drawer are called bathroom vanity drawer pulls. They are fastened to the panel face at two spots, making them distinctive. Drawer pulls for bathroom vanity come in a wide variety of styles, dimensions, and designs. Some bathroom cabinet drawer pulls are designed to allow the fingers to hold the hardware, while others allow the use of the entire hand. Because of this, many people favor using pulls on cabinet drawers.

  1. Vanity drawer knobs

To open or close a cabinet door with your fingers, you need a knob, which is a fixture attached at one point to drawers or doors. Like pulls, knobs come in various sizes, styles, and materials. Their one defining characteristic serves as their main distinct feature.


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