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Bathroom sinks and countertops. Explore different vanity tops styles and materials

January 11, 2023 | Updated on: January 11, 2023

granite bathroom vanity countertop with undermount sink

The bathroom, like any other room, should be in sync with the rest of your home’s visual scheme. In this blog, we will discuss the most important component of bathroom cabinetry: the countertop for the bathroom vanity. 

There are so many countertops for bathrooms that you can find. In fact, there are basically countless counter top vanity options, that homeowners often get into an analysis paralysis situation when it comes to selecting the right one for their bathroom.  Choosing the right bath vanity top is not that hard if you figure it out. You only have to know the different features and characteristics of each bath vanity countertop as well as how to properly care for and maintain them. 

Bathroom Cabinets

A vanity with a countertop that is made of natural stone is the most popular nowadays. However, artificial bathroom vanity countertops are also becoming common in apartments and condo units. We will show you a few examples of these countertops for bathroom vanities and give you a little introduction about their features so you can decide whether to choose nature stone countertops for your bathroom vanity or go for artificial bathroom vanity counter tops.

Another important thing to consider when choosing vanity bathroom countertops is the manufacturer. If you are planning to replace a bathroom vanity top on a budget, consider a prefab vanity top. Prefab bathroom vanity countertops can be bought in several hardware stores and even online stores nowadays. People often go for ready-made vanity tops when their bathroom renovation is on a tight schedule. Others who have a flexible renovation schedule often prefer custom bathroom vanity tops. Custom-made bathroom vanity tops, however, are a little costly compared to prefab ones. Continue reading below to more about bathroom sinks and countertops.

Ideas for bathroom vanity tops

wood bathroom vanity with white countertop and vessel sink

The bathroom is the smallest room in the house. However, this does not imply that bathrooms are insignificant in the overall interior design scheme. Here are different bathroom countertops with sink ideas to complement your bathroom design. 

  1. Drop-in bathroom sinks

A drop-in bathroom sink is a type of sink that rests on the bathroom sink vanity top. It is quite similar to the undermount types of bathroom vanity sinks wherein you install it on the cut-out or empty portion of the counter top. A drop-in bathroom sink is best for minimalist and transitional interiors where traditional and modern meet. 

  1. bathroom vanity tops with integrated sink

Other bathroom countertop types you shouldn’t overlook is the bath vanity top with an integrated sink. These types of vanity tops are the most utilized especially for minimalist and modern bathrooms. With an integrated sink, there’s no need for an extra counter slab for the bathroom sink. This not only means you’ll have more usable counter space in the bathroom but also that your vanity will be easier to clean and maintain over time. 

  1. Square sink vanity top

A square sink vanity top as the name implies refers to a type of bathroom counters that is square-shaped. The most common shape for the bathroom vanity top with sink is the one with rounded edges. However, a square bathroom counter with a sink is a great idea. is more practical, efficient and convenient in bathrooms with limited spaces and where the surface counter is hard to squeeze into the tiny room. 

  1. Vanity top with vessel sink

A vanity top with a basin is another word for a vessel vanity countertop with a sink. This type of vanity directly sits on the surface of the counter and usually has a thickness of at least 4 inches. As with a freestanding tub, it is recommended to place the vessel sink a bit far from the wall so you can clean the countertop and backsplash behind it.

  1. Offset sink vanity top

An offset bathroom vanity top is very trendy these days. It gives bathroom spaces that extra chic and stylish appeal. If you have a bigger and wider countertop, look for bathroom vanity countertop ideas for large bathrooms both online and in physical stores. Always bring a measuring tape with you to ensure that every element that will be added to your bathroom is clear and calculated.

  1. Undermount bathroom sink tops

The vanity top with undermount sink offers a sleek, modern design that can enhance any bathroom. These sinks are installed beneath the countertop, eliminating the need for an unsightly lip. This provides seamless integration with other elements of your bathroom décor and makes them easier to keep clean.

The different types of bathroom countertops we get from stores have different characteristics depending on what company or manufacturer is selling them. There are countless bathroom vanity countertop ideas that are emerging online. All you need to do is to decide on the counter design and type of sink that will be comfortable for you.

Single sink vanity top vs double vanity top

unfinished wood vanity with countertop and drop-in bathroom sink

When it comes to bathroom vanity tops, there are a few different options available. One of the most popular choices is between the single sink and double vanity tops. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages depending on your needs, taste, and budget. 

The benefits of single sink vanity 

Double sink vanity advantages

The most common type of vanity we see in the bathroom, is, of course, the one with a single sink bathroom vanity top. This means you have more vanities and sink designs to choose from.

Double bathroom vanity tops add counter space. If you are deciding to opt for double solid surface bathroom vanity tops, assess first whether your bathroom space is big enough for a vanity. 

Because bathrooms are typically small and limited in space, single-sink bathroom vanity with a top is suitable for such a tiny space. 

Double vanity countertops, on the other hand, are ideal for larger bathrooms. Installing dual vanity countertops makes the bathroom look more furnished, symmetrical, and traditional in appearance. 

Single-sink vanity tops are generally more affordable than double ones because they use less material. 

Two sinks allow two people to get ready at the same time, making it ideal for couples or families. 


Seek the help of a professional interior designer so you can make better and more informed decisions regarding the matter.

Bathroom countertops without sink

In the bathroom, there are many ways to incorporate vanity counters. Homeowners often look for ingenious and innovative ways to add bathroom vanity not just for style but also to maximize the counter space in the bathroom. A strategic way to create more space in the bathroom is to opt for long bathroom countertops or L-shaped vanity bathroom tops. In a long vanity counter top, you can incorporate an entire portion of the counter without a sink and use it as a functional or decorative space. In L-shaped bathroom vanity slabs, on the other hand, you can utilize one side of the vanity as a makeup vanity counter while the other side can have a vessel sink.

Best materials for bathroom vanity top

The key to designing a bathroom that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical lies on the designer’s choice of materials. The quality and durability of the materials you incorporate in the bathroom make a great difference. Keep in mind that bathrooms are prone to moisture, bacteria, and dirt. Therefore, bathroom countertops material must be carefully selected to keep the bathroom in good condition for a long period of time. 

The best countertop material for bathrooms is the material that has stood the test of time. Usually, when designers get asked about the best material for bathroom countertops, they will go for natural stone or those made with organic and earthy materials. However, nowadays, where innovation is prevalent and new things and services have sprung up anywhere, it is now easier to find organic bathroom countertops materials alternatives that are as strong and durable as natural ones. In this section, we’ll take a look at the best vanity tops you can choose for your bathroom. It’s a given that people want the best bathroom countertops for their bathrooms. But in order to properly select the best one, you should first know the different bathroom vanity top materials. 

Artificial bathroom vanity top options

wood veneer vanity top with single sink

There are countless types of countertops for bathrooms. The countertops that are made of engineered stone, combined, or synthetic material refer to bathroom vanity countertop materials. These materials are produced by processing a combination of several materials to create a slab. A few examples of synthetic vanity top materials are presented in the table below.

  • Acrylic vanity top

Countertops made of solid-surface materials, such as acrylic vanity countertops, can sometimes mimic the appearance of natural stone while also being durable and adaptable. Acrylic bathroom countertops are reasonably priced, nearly flawless, impact-resistant, and, in the unlikely event where acrylic countertops with sink sustain damage, simple to repair with some fixing.

  • Lucite countertops

Lucite is a type of acrylic that is also available in the market. The difference between acrylic and lucite is that acrylic is use as a general term while lucite is a brand of acrylic. Lucite bathroom vanity is a common acrylic brand used nowadays.

  • Resin vanity top

Compared to natural stone countertops, resin bathroom countertops are more cost-effective and more enduring than kitchen countertops made of plastic laminate. In addition, epoxy resin produces a firm surface with many of the advantageous qualities you expect from natural stone worktops.

  • Laminate vanity top with sink

Kraft paper or particleboard are bonded with plastic to create laminate surfaces. Similar to other laminate surfaces used in tables, the goal of laminate bathroom vanity tops is to provide a look that resembles more sophisticated, solid materials. Laminate bathroom vanity countertops can replicate materials like stone and wood.

  • Engineered composite vanity top

Recycled glass, biodegradable corn and soy products, polyester resin, and other components are used to make engineered composites. They are frequently utilized as countertops in place of natural stones.

Stone top vanities

granite bathroom countertop with rim instead of backsplash

Now, let’s talk about vanity top stone or counter tops that are made of natural stone. Stone is almost always everyone’s first choice when it comes to counter tops. Stones have a more aesthetic look and they can make kitchens appear sophisticated and luxurious. What are common examples of natural stone? Here are the best stone for bathroom vanity commonly utilized in bathrooms.

  • Quartz vanity tops

Quartz countertops for bathroom vanity are not made of 100% quartz. 10% of it is composed of a combination of cement-based binder such as ceramic, granite, marble, and others. The combination of the materials is responsible for creating the aesthetic visual appearance of bathroom vanity quartz countertops. Quartz countertops bathroom vanity stand out for a variety of reasons. Quartz vanity countertops come in a wide range of hues ranging from light colors to darker ones. 

Quartz bathroom countertop can look like marble when it has marble-like veining. Moreover, having quartz bathroom vanity top can make the bathroom look spacious because it has qualities that can brighten up the space. Bathroom sink quartz countertops are also common because they are durable and strong enough to be made into an integrated sink. If you want to have a double vanity with integrated sinks, definitely choose quartz double vanity top.

  • Marble bath vanity top

We can’t possibly talk about vanity tops without ever mentioning marble. Marble is a common countertop material for both kitchen and bathrooms because of its aesthetic qualities and durability. The appearance of a marble bathroom vanity top can make bathrooms look luxurious and stylish. People who want to have a clean aesthetic but doesn’t want an all-white bathroom appeal, opt for marble bathroom vanity countertops. 

There are several advantages of bathroom marble vanity top which makes them a designer’s favorite natural stone. Aside from its aesthetic qualities, it also has the ability to keep a space cool. For this reason, marble countertops for bathroom vanity are a good choice to make bathrooms look and feel spa-like. Marble bathroom sink countertop is also easy to shape and cut so whether you want an integrated sink or a vessel sink in your vanity, you can use the material to add style and detail to your counter tops.

  • Granite vanity countertops

Granite bathroom counter tops are perhaps the second-most popular counter top material next to marble. Granite bath vanity tops are heat-resistant and stain-resistant making them a great material choice to use for bathroom vanities. Another advantage of having a granite double vanity top is their versatility. You can basically use granite bathroom sink tops no matter what your bathroom’s interior style is. In addition to that, granite bathroom vanity countertops are available in a variety of colors and design choices. If you are considering getting a granite top bathroom vanity, take note of its main characteristics, cost, and the required maintenance and care needed to keep a granite bathroom vanity top in good condition.

  • Wood bathroom vanity tops

With the popularity of interior design styles like Scandinavian, minimalism, and contemporary, many people want to incorporate elements of wood effortlessly in their spaces. Wooden bathroom vanity tops are one design feature that is becoming more and more popular in today’s contemporary homes. Wood lends a warm and homey vibe to a space. When deciding to use wood countertops bathroom vanity, consider the pros and cons and maintenance needed to keep the wood surface from accumulating dirt and damage.

  • Concrete bathroom vanity tops

If you are aiming for a simple, versatile, and budget-friendly bathroom renovation, use concrete as a material for your bathroom vanities. Concrete is best suited for industrial and modern interiors. It evokes a sleek, streamlined, and masculine aesthetic that is relevant in luxurious condo units and penthouses. Moreover, an all-concrete bathroom creates a spa-like atmosphere because of its cool color and temperature.


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