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Bathroom Cabinets Storage Ideas. 17 Best Bathroom Storage Options

June 10, 2022 | Updated on: June 10, 2022

small bathroom with storage cabinets

If your bathroom lacks storage space or you find it challenging to squeeze in a couple of cabinets for bathroom storage, then this blog will be helpful for you. Storage bathroom cabinets keep your things organized, clean, free from dust accumulation, and safe from insects. Having at least one- or two-bathroom cabinets storage is enough for a small bathroom to function and serve its purpose for the user.

However, installing storage cabinets for a bathroom is one challenge that most homeowners find themselves in especially if their bathroom is too small. This is exactly what we will tackle in this blog. We understand how important it is to have enough bathroom cabinets for storage and so, we will walk you through the variety of storage cabinets bathroom available for almost any kind of bathroom space and in whatever size. These include bathroom linen storage cabinets and other bathroom storage cabinets furniture.

Bathroom Cabinets

Modern bathroom storage cabinets for example are deemed ideal for limited spaces and most bathroom storage cabinets in Canada are modern or designed to fit contemporary spaces. Stick until the end of this blog because we will list down several bathroom storage cabinet ideas so you can choose the best bathroom cabinets for storage options perfect for your bathroom.

Types of Bathroom Cabinets and Storage Units

double sink bathroom vanity with storage space

There is no one-size-fits-all cabinet design for every bathroom. So, in this segment, we will be presenting you with several bathroom cabinets and storage units you might want to have in your bathroom.

  1. Built-in storage cabinets

A bathroom built-in storage cabinet is a type of cabinet that is custom-built. small bathroom storage cabinets are often built-in because it is a little difficult to find manufactured bathroom storage cabinets for small spaces on the market that will fit in tiny bathrooms. So, if you have a small bathroom, opt for built-in cabinets.

  1. Corner storage cabinets

A corner bathroom storage cabinet is a cabinet that is designed to fit in a corner of a room. We know that most cabinets are rectangular in shape and corner cabinets are a rare find in the market. That is why bathroom corner storage cabinets are often custom-built to fit particular corners of a bathroom. This is also utilized in small bathrooms where only limited space is available for installing cabinetry.

  1. Slim cabinets

Large bathroom storage cabinets are not an option for small bathrooms. However, if you need a huge storage space you can opt for a slim storage bathroom cabinet with several shelves to keep your things. Slim bathroom storage cabinets with doors of different types are available in selected furniture stores. There are cabinets with sliding doors or hinged doors. Moreover, you can also choose a slim recessed bathroom cabinet for storage so that you can easily tuck it in a recessed nook to save space.

  1. Under-sink cabinets

Bathroom cabinets under sink storage are common. They are often manufactured and readily available whether you shop in furniture stores near you or online. Why not construct drawers and cabinets beneath your sink if your bathroom is lacking in storage. You can keep your toiletries, towels, and other stuff in these drawers and retrieve them if you need them.

  1. Decorative cabinets

Decorative bathroom storage cabinets are more than just cabinets. They also serve as a statement-making piece in the interior design of your bathroom. There are plenty of ways to make cabinets decorative. You can either paint them, refinish them, add details like trims and moldings, or update their hardware.

  1. Custom storage cabinets

If the layout of your bathroom is a little complicated with limited spaces to fit in a manufactured storage cabinet, a great solution for that is to opt for custom bathroom storage cabinets. If you hard to find bathroom vanities with matching storage cabinets in mainstream furniture shops, contact a designer and hire a contractor to build a custom cabinet for your bathroom. Custom styles can be paired and matched effortlessly with the rest of the furniture at home.

Bathroom Wall Storage Cabinets

white bathroom with over the toilet storage cabinets

Planning to place your storage cabinets on the walls? Here are some unique and creative ideas you might find helpful.

  1. Over the toilet storage cabinets

Did you know that you can put bathroom storage cabinets over the toilet? Some people think that it is rare or it is a bad design but it the truth is, it is not. In fact, many people are doing it especially if they have really small bathrooms. Bathroom over toilet storage cabinets should be hung approximately 24 inches above the toilet. You can put bathroom cabinets over the toilet storage with doors or make it open shelving.

  1. Wall cabinets

If you don’t have enough floor space for another set of storage, utilize the walls. Wall cabinets for bathroom storage are often used as an added space for storing things like hygiene kits, towels, and other accessories for décor purposes.

Bathroom hanging storage cabinets is a very contemporary approach to installing cabinetry in the bathroom. It makes the design of your bathroom appear visually clean, streamlined, and edgy. If you want to just keep everything simple and modest, then a hanging bathroom storage wall cabinet is the way to go.

Bathroom wall-mounted storage cabinets are the cornerstone of cabinetry, offering a considerable amount of storage space over base cabinets and are perfect for reaching objects while standing. A wall-mounted bathroom storage cabinet can free up floor space and if you decide to go for a bathroom storage cabinets wall mount, your bathroom will be more spacious and easier to move around.

  1. Mirror cabinets

Bathroom storage mirror cabinets are also referred to as Medicine cabinets. They are usually installed over the sink and are a perfect storage solution to keep hygiene and medicine kits at easy access. Bathroom storage cabinets with mirrors make bathrooms look seamless and sleek. Moreover, its dual function makes it ideal for minimalist bathroom designs.

Bathroom Storage Cabinets Floor Standing

Small bathroom with vanity storage

The most common type of cabinets is bathroom storage floor cabinets.  But these cabinets although common, can be visually creative and appealing to the eye as well. It is all just a matter of creativity and knowing how to place it properly within the space. Here are bathroom floor-standing storage cabinets to consider when designing storage for the bathroom.

  1. Tall bathroom linen storage cabinets.

Tall bathroom storage cabinets can be multifunctional. There are segments that you can close while other areas can be open shelving where you can place towels and linens. Bathroom tall storage cabinets are perfect for small and narrow bathrooms. If you want to add extra storage space but are quite unsure what type of cabinet to put to maximize the space, a tall narrow bathroom storage cabinet might be the solution.

  1. Bathroom floor cabinets storage

Floor cabinets are basically all types of stand-alone bathroom storage cabinets. It could be like a rectangular cabinet or a small credenza cabinet. Pick a floor cabinet design that does not look too bulky but rather just blends effortlessly against the backdrop.

Bathroom freestanding storage cabinets or bathroom standing storage cabinets as the name implies is a storage unit that is not attached to the wall or the floor, designed to allow them to be positioned practically anywhere. 

Bathroom with Storage Cabinets Design

luxury styled bathroom with storage cabinets

We’ve already tackled bathroom storage cabinets on the floor and walls but we haven’t touched on the design and creativity aspect. The design of cabinets affects how spacious a room feels as well as the overall visual aesthetics of the bathroom. Let’s take a look at common designs and paint colors for the cabinets in the bathroom.

  1. Dark wooden bathroom storage cabinets

Using wood bathroom storage cabinets changes the ambiance of your bathroom, making the room feel personal and comfortable, regardless of the shade. Bathroom storage cabinets dark wood also creates contrast especially if your wall is painted in white or neutral hues.

  1. Grey cabinets

Grey bathroom storage cabinets floor standing is a common cabinet option for bathrooms since it is adaptable in terms of aesthetics. If your bathroom has a warmer tone, go with a warmer grey and slate gray with a blue undertone if it is painted in a much colder hue.

  1. Black cabinets

Black bathroom storage cabinets are an excellent choice if you want to create a classy look in your kitchen. They help to create a sense of elegance and give depth to a room.

  1. White cabinets

Contemporary bathroom storage cabinets are mostly painted white. White bathroom storage cabinets will just never go out of style. White cabinets may help to open up a bathroom and provide the impression of more space. Also, bathrooms that lack natural light or windows may make the room brighter and larger.

  1. Vintage cabinets

Vintage bathroom wall cabinets for storage are designer pieces. If you want to add a flair of vintage to your traditional or contemporary bathroom space, consider retrofitting your existing cabinets or find vintage cabinets in antique shops and flea markets.

  1. Rustic cabinets

Of course, we can't leave out rustic bathroom storage cabinets because they are everyone's favorite style when going for a farmhouse or classic country feel. Rustic cabinets add warmth and coziness to any area and may turn boring bathrooms into a welcoming and attractive environment.

Most Popular Bathroom Cabinet Materials

If you are looking for a high-end look in your bathroom, you might consider bathroom cabinets made from different materials. Read on to learn more about the most common materials available for bathroom cabinets.

Material Type





Durable material and has a wide range of choices available.

The most popular material used for cabinetry can be easily modified or repaired.


Can warp over time especially when exposed to moisture.


Made of plastic resin and paper layers that are attached to particleboard or plywood.

Cost-effective and easy to maintain.

The laminate can loosen up over time and its surface is hard to repair when damaged by stains and scratches.

Stainless Steel

Made out of veneers glued to wood or furniture-grade particleboard.

Crack and mold resistant and have a contemporary appeal.

Prone to dents and scratches.



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