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Are floating vanities in style? 10 gorgeous floating bathroom vanity ideas

December 09, 2022 | Updated on: December 09, 2022

minimal style bathroom with white floating vanity

Floating vanity cabinets refer to bathroom vanities that are mounted on the wall of a bathroom in a way that they appear to float in the space. This type of vanity is a hot new trend in interior design, mainly because floating bathroom vanities look sleek, modern, and save up floor space. A wall-mount floating vanity can be made of different types of materials. They can be made of solid wood, laminate, medium-density fiberboard, or even plywood. 

Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom floating vanities are an ideal option if you have a tiny bathroom with limited space for standard-sized vanities. Because they do not touch a floor, bathrooms with floating vanities tend to look more spacious. You can add baskets below the floating bath vanities to fill up that empty space. Or, you can also leave it empty to create the illusion of more space and not make your bathroom look crowded. 

There are many reasons why you should consider getting floating vanities for bathrooms rather than normal vanities. Whether you plan to renovate your bathroom soon or thinking of replacing your old vanity with a new one, this blog will help you know more about bathroom vanities floating. Moreover, you shouldn’t have a problem searching for floating bathroom vanities in Canada because they are at the height of their popularity. You can find many floating vanity Canada stores both online and physically where you can find affordable and quality-made units.

Floating vanity dimensions

floating vanity with drawers and wood countertop in modern bathroom

More and more people are choosing floating vanity for a small bathroom. Mounting a small bathroom floating vanity is indeed a great solution to add extra storage and style to a rather tiny bathroom. However, before you decide to buy a wall-mounted floating vanity, you should be able to know the pros and cons of having one. You should also know the accurate dimensions of the vanity. This will determine whether it is the best choice for you to have a small floating bathroom vanity. 

In this section, we will take a closer look at the details of a floating vanity against a side wall including its standard dimensions. 

  • Standard floating vanity height

The height of your plumbing system will determine your floating bathroom vanity height and how high to install the floating vanity. Unlike typical vanities which are set on the floor, a small bathroom floating vanity is mounted and secured to a wall. You should be able to define how far off the floor should a floating vanity be so you can properly install it. Floating vanity height off the floor, comes in three dimensions. These are 21 inches, 24 inches, and 27 inches. These dimensions are considered the standard height for floating vanity. 

  • Single floating bathroom vanity

The best floating vanities for small bathrooms are a floating vanity with a single sink. Vanities can have multiple sinks depending on how big your bathroom is. However, if you are only renovating a small bathroom, a floating sink vanity with at least one sink will be enough to accommodate you and your needs. Small floating bathroom vanities also come in standard-dimensions; therefore, you can ensure that your small bathroom floating vanity will fit exactly in the available space in your bathroom. 

  • Double sink floating bathroom vanities

If, on the other hand, you have a typically bigger bathroom, a double floating vanity will be ideal for that space. A floating double sink vanity is a type of vanity where you can install two sinks side by side on the counter. This type of floating vanity with a sink usually has a larger counter space, and a large mirror and is often styled or decorated symmetrically.  A double-sink floating vanity is also a good choice especially if there are many of you living in one household. Having a floating vanity vessel sink will be easier for you to style and redecorate all of the bathrooms in the house.

  • Floating vanity base

Another important dimension to consider is the measurement of the floating vanity with sink. The standard size of floating bathroom vanities with tops and with double drawers is 23.75 inches. A floating vanity with no top, on the other hand, is between 19 – 20 inches. If you want to a floating wood vanity with a vessel sink, your vanity counter can be thinner than the standard 4 inches. Floating vanities with vessel sinks are becoming widely popular nowadays because it creates a spa-like atmosphere in the bathroom. Aside from the dimensions of the drawers, the counter materials and details, as well as the type of sink, designers should also take into account the floating vanity backsplash. The backsplash of your vanity should protect the wall while complementing the overall design of your bathroom.

Floating bath vanity styles

large white bathroom with floating vanity shelf and freestanding tub

As many homeowners are opting for floating vanities, manufacturers are also creating different vanity designs and styles to suit in almost all kinds of homes. In this section, we’ll take an in-depth look at the different floating vanities bathroom that you might want to have in your bathroom. 

  1. Modern

The most popular style among floating vanities are modern floating bathroom vanities. In fact, floating modern bathroom vanities are designed to suit simple and tiny bathrooms of most apartment and condo units. A modern floating bathroom vanity has a very simple and straightforward design. A modern floating vanity bathroom usually made of wood and sometimes painted in white. If you have a modern, contemporary, or minimalist bathroom, install a floating modern bathroom vanity. A modern bathroom floating vanity has minimal ornamentations and details. They usually have large drawers and are very easy and convenient to use. 

  1. Glass

A floating glass bathroom vanity is an uncommon type of vanity. However, many people are starting to appreciate this type of vanity because of its unique aesthetic. It is a good vanity choice for creating luxury and grandeur in an otherwise simple bathroom. Glass vanities, however, require daily maintenance and upkeep. You have to regularly clean it to prevent dust, stains, and fingerprints from appearing on its transparent surface. 

  1. Concrete

A floating concrete bathroom vanity is an affordable and practical vanity because this type of vanity is made from recycled materials that are combined and cured together to create a new type of building material that can be used in building small homes as well as government project public buildings. If you are on a tight budget or you are considering creating and industrial-styled bathroom, employing a floating concrete vanity would be a great idea. 

  1. Wood

We all know that most vanities are made of solid wood. Wooden floating vanity is in fact, the most popular type of floating vanity. In minimalist and contemporary bathrooms, designers use floating wood vanity bathroom to add wood accents to the interior. A floating wood bathroom vanity is also a common feature in Scandinavian-styled bathrooms. 

There are several reasons why homeowners prefer wood floating vanity in a bathroom compared to those that are made of glass, concrete, or medium-density fiberboard. First, a bathroom wood floating vanity is durable. It can last for decades and looks aesthetically appealing. Additionally, a modern floating wood vanity adds warmth and vibrance to a rather sterile and all-white bathroom. 

Wood vanities are also made of different types of solid wood. You can choose a modern walnut floating vanity if you want a darker-colored one. If you want a lighter one, opt for a floating oak vanity. A teak floating bathroom vanity on the other hand is for rustic chic or farmhouse-styled bathrooms, while a floating butcher block bathroom vanity is for adding warmth to minimalist or Scandinavian-inspired bathrooms. 

  1. White Vanity

For homeowners who prefer the sleek, all-white bathroom aesthetic, white floating bathroom vanities are the way to go. There ready-to-assemble white bathroom floating vanity that can be bought from manufacturing stores. A floating white vanity is usually made of laminate, plywood, medium-density fiberboard, and other types of materials that are generally lighter and more affordable than solid wood. 

There is also white floating bathroom vanity that is made of solid wood. Go for a white oak floating vanity or a white floating vanity bathroom made of solid wood but is painted or finished with white paint. One disadvantage of a floating vanity white is that it gets dirty easily, therefore, it requires tedious upkeep and maintenance to keep it looking good and clean as new all the time. 

  1. Grey Vanity

Another popular paint color for vanity aside from white is grey. Grey is the middle ground between black and white. If you want to make your bathroom look modern and neutral, opt for a gray floating bathroom vanity. A darker shade will create a wonderfully stark contrast against a white-painted bathroom wall. However, if you only want to create minimal contrast, opt for grey vanities instead. 

  1. Black

A black floating bathroom vanity is great for bathrooms with a minimalist and subtle look. They are great for contemporary, loft, and Scandinavian-styled bathrooms. A matte black floating vanity does not accumulate stains, dirt, and fingerprints easily. They are also easy to maintain and clean compared to high gloss vanities. 

  1. Green

As homeowners are becoming more inclined to create a continuous interior design scheme throughout their houses, they are also finding more creative ways to organize their cabinetries through color. Whether it is the service room, kitchen, or bathroom. That is why there is no questioning why green floating bathroom vanity is becoming trendy. This type of color for bathroom vanities is ideal for creating transitional and modern traditional bathroom interiors. 

  1. Floating vanity with drawer

If you have a typically small bathroom, and you are quite wondering how to squeeze a floating vanity with drawers, your best alternative would be to opt for a custom floating bathroom vanity. A custom floating vanity means you are going to purchase floating bathroom vanity with drawers in parts and assemble it by yourself or with the help of your contractor. 

One advantage of purchasing floating vanity with a drawer is you get to choose how to style it. You can assemble it as a single-drawer floating vanity or a combination of a floating vanity with doors or with drawers. You can also create a compartment for floating vanity with a linen cabinet or a floating vanity with a linen tower. The possibilities are endless with a custom-made floating vanity. 

  1. Floating vanity shelf

A floating shelf vanity refers to a bathroom vanity with shelves rather than drawers. Although there are floating shelf vanity ideas that are a combination of drawers and shelves. This type of floating vanity shelf bathroom is more ideal for small farmhouse bathrooms. You can use the shelf as a place to store towels, baskets, and other decorative items that you might want to add to your bathroom.

Floating vanity vs standard one double sink vessel floating bathroom vanity in black and white bathroom

In order to avoid meeting floating vanity problems along the way, it is important that you know the difference between having a floating vanity vs a standard one. In this section, we did a very brief comparison between the two so that you’ll have a general idea of which vanity is best for your bathroom.

Floating Vanity

Standard Vanity

A bathroom vanity floating has a more modern appearance which makes it ideal for contemporary homes.

Its look is more fit for traditional interiors or transitional ones.

A floating vanity cabinet, however has less storage space compared to freestanding vanities.

It has more storage capacity compared to a floating vanity because it can occupy almost all the base area of a bathroom wall.

It is easy to install a floating vanity unit but it might require the help of a professional to make sure that the plumbing is installed properly.

No installation is required especially if it is a freestanding cabinet. You only have to assemble it and put it in place.

A floating vanity in the bathroom is a great addition to any bathroom and can increase the value of your home.

It does not look as stylish as a floating vanity and may not be considered a great asset or feature if you decide to put your house on sale.



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